Affordable Burial Insurance In Dothan Alabama

Written by Choice Mutual | Last updated: September 21, 2016

Burial Insurance In Dothan Alabama

Take a quick moment to fill out the quote form on this page, and you will see quotes from multiple final expense companies that operate in Dothan Alabama. The list will be sorted for you from cheapest to most expensive. You will notice, they are all pretty close. Nevertheless, it just makes sense to go with whichever company is the absolute lowest.

Known as the peanut capital of the world, Dothan is where over half of all USA peanuts are grown. The city even hosts a national peanut day to celebrate this fact. Dothan is lauded for its very low cost of living, persistent southern charm, extremely friendly caring people, and a wealth of culture. In addition, it’s not far aware from the Gulf Coast beaches if you want to get cool off.


Current Funeral Costs From Providers In Dothan

Service TypeAverage PriceLowest Price
Traditional Burial$7,555$5,725
Cremation Memorial$4,249$2,475
Direct Cremation$1,850$1,535


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance In Dothan Alabama

You might be wondering how you find the best burial insurance anywhere, let alone in Dothan. Truthfully, we have encountered many Dothan residents who had this very same question. Unfortunately, there are a ton of misleading advertisements out there when it comes to burial insurance, especially in Alabama. The net effect of that is distrust and confusion.

Fortunately for you, you are on our website right now. We won’t mislead you or deceive in you in any way. In reality, burial insurance is quite simple. Furthermore, finding the best plan for you is also quite simple. We are going to share with you exactly what you must do to find the best and least expensive final expense policy for you.

Above all else, you must work with a very experienced independent burial insurance agency like Choice Mutual. Obviously, we are biased in that we recommend you work with us. However, if you choose not to, just make sure you find an agency that has been doing final expense for quite some time, and they are independent. If you do, you will most certainly get yourself a competitive burial insurance plan that you can feel good about.

The net benefit of working with an independent agency is their ability to shop around for you. Everyone knows they need to compare prices before they buy something. This is not a new concept. Well, working with an independent agency that represents many insurance companies is doing just that.

Here’s the deal. You can’t call an insurer directly and get quotes. If you do, they will simply refer you to an agent or agency. You will then speak with that one person who will give you one quote for one insurance company. You would have to repeat this tedious process dozens of times to match what an independent agency can do for you in minutes.

We realize it sounds just too easy, but it’s the truth. The whole concept behind why an agency is independent is specifically to have the freedom to do what’s best for each client. Trust us when we say, this is critically important to how you can get the best final expense policy.


What’s Extraordinary About Burial Insurance

Burial insurance plans are very much different than traditional life insurance. These key points of differentiation are on purpose and serve you in an invaluable way. The insurance companies deliberately designed burial insurance plans knowing who would be applying for them and why. The net result is unbeatable peace of mind knowing your funeral costs are taken care of if you pass away. Never again will you have to worry about your family experiencing a financial burden by your funeral costs. Burial insurance makes this possible. Here are some of the key ways final expense insurance stands out among the rest:

  1. The benefit minimums are ultra low. You can purchase as little or as much as you want.
  2. The premiums are fixed forever. There is no chance your payments can increase.
  3. The underwriting is incredibly lax. This is the single greatest benefit. This lax underwriting enables everyone to qualify in spite of serious health issues.
  4. The policy can’t expire or be cancelled by the insurance company.

These plans are super simple to understand. There is no fine print you need to be leery of. They never change and they will be with you for the rest of your life. Because of their underwriting, everyone is able to secure affordable coverage regardless of their health. In fact, the vast majority of final expense policy holders are approved for coverage that has no waiting period whatsoever.


The reason why Choice Mutual Leads the way

You have plenty of options out there when it comes to buying burial insurance. The obvious question to ask now is, why Choice Mutual? It’s a valid question, so let’s answer it. Below are the three reasons why you should allow us to earn your business.Burial Insurance In Dothan Alabama

  1. This is all we do, and we have a ton of experience doing it. The effect of this is a complete understanding of how all the various insurance companies underwrite these burial insurance plans. This is why we are able to secure immediate protection for most of our clients. Without this knowledge, we could never serve our clients in this way.
  2. We are an independent agency that works with all the top insurers that operate in Alabama. Not every company offers burial insurance in Dothan Alabama. We know which ones do, and we work with them. Our job is super simple. We shop and compare prices from all these companies, and isolate which one is going to give you the best deal.
  3. Our mission is YOU. We have no sweetheart deals with insurance companies. We are eternally committed to placing you with the company that is going to best suit your individual situation.


Act now

The absolute worst thing you can do is wait if you are without coverage currently. First, if something does happen to you, your family will be on the hook for your funeral costs. Are you OK with that happening? We hope not.

The other thing to consider is the cost. At some point, you will acquire burial insurance. You will either do it now, or you will do it later on. The key thing to understand is that waiting will 100% make your insurance cost more.

As you know, life insurance costs more as you get older. In addition, your health plays a major role in regards to the cost. If your health takes a turn for the worst, it could causes your premiums to jump significantly depending on the nature of your condition. Additionally, you could be subject to a waiting period.

We have seen it happen so many times. People decide to wait for various reasons, and their health changed. This has dire effect on the cost, and in some cases caused a waiting period to be imposed on their policy.

The bottom line is this. Do it now. You will be protected, and it will cheaper now than it will ever be.


Choice Mutual works with all the top burial insurance companies throughout the nation to secure you the best price possible.

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