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Finding affordable burial insurance in the Arkansas is easier than you might initially think. Walmart may have been founded in this state, but you won’t find the insurance there.

Here’s the truth

Securing the best rate on a final expense life insurance policy all comes down to identifying the right company to help you find it. It’s very similar to having your doctor treat you for a medical issue. You rely on their expertise to ensure you get treated properly.

Well it’s the same with burial insurance. It’s very simple, and today we are going to break it all down for you. We will show you some pertinent information about The Bear State, and tips to find the best funeral insurance policy.

The Leading Causes Of Death In 2013

RankCause of DeathTotal Deaths
1Heart Disease7,377
3Lower Respiratory Disease (COPD & Emphysema)2,090
6Alzheimer's Disease918

That list has some pretty serious health conditions.

Here’s the deal

We can help anyone with any of those health conditions secure coverage!

This is possible because we work with so many final expense companies that all have unique underwriting. For the majority of our clients, we can find them a company that offers them full first day coverage. For the rest, we have multiple guaranteed issue companies that guarantee coverage no matter what.


Average Life Span In Arkansas

Sadly Arkansas ranks among the lowest in the nation for life expectancy. They are currently ranked #46, and the average Arkansas citizen lives to be 76 years old.

Source: List of U.S. states by life expectancy


Free Look In AR

The department of insurance mandates that consumers have the opportunity to test drive any life insurance policy. This period of time is called the free look period. In Arksansas the free look period lasts 10 days.

During this time, you will can return any life insurance policy for any reason, and the insurer must refund any premiums paid.

Also, keep in mind that after a free look period you can still cancel a life insurance policy. No insurer can lock you into a policy for any period of time. The only difference would be you would not receive a refund of any premiums paid.

Check with the Arkansas department of insurance for more info on this matter.


How Final Expense Insurance Offers Unparalleled Peace Of Mind

Lots of people start off by asking us how final expense life insurance works. It’s a valid question, so let’s set the record straight.

These policies are incredibly easy to understand.

  • The policy cannot expire no matter how old you become
  • The death benefit cannot decrease
  • The face value options are as low as $2,000
  • The monthly payments can’t increase for any reason
  • The underwriting is unbelievably lax

Unquestionably, the most notable feature to burial insurance plans is the underwriting. Because they are designed for seniors, the underwriting is built to accept folks with major health issues.

This means seniors with serious health issues can secure a policy and obtain peace of mind knowing that if someone happens, their funeral costs will be taken care of.

You won’t find that with any other form of life insurance.


A Simple Formula To Find The Best Burial Insurance In Arkansas

There is no single person who wants to overspend unnecessarily for any product or service. This is especially true when it comes to burial insurance.

The best burial policy has the following three qualities:

  • The policy is provided by a financially secure insurance company
  • It protects you as soon as possible
  • It’s cost is lower than what other companies charge

Given that, finding the best final expense life insurance policy boils down to one thing.

What agency you work with to find your policy will make or break how good of a deal you get.

Here are the two main qualifications you must look for when you decide which agent or agency you work with to help you find your burial insurance.

  • They must be independent and represent lots of final expense life insurance companies. This is unquestionably the most important factor. Do not work with an agency that only has access to a 1-3 companies. When you only have a few choices, you simply can’t be sure you are getting the most competitive deal.
  • They must have ample experience specifically in the funeral insurance market.

Hopefully, you allow us to earn your business to help you find the best burial insurance in Arkansas. However, if you decide to go elsewhere just make sure you look for an agency with those qualifications. Doing so will ensure you get a good price on your burial policy.

Burial Insurance In Arkansas

Why You Should Work With Choice Mutual

You can find lots of companies that will sell you a burial insurance plan. However, all sites are not created equally.

You may not know this yet, but we are best equipped to help you find the peace of mind you are looking for. Below are the three biggest reasons why.

  1. We have access to many different burial insurance companies because we are independent. Our freedom to choose is the biggest reason why we can always ensure we get you a rock bottom deal.
  2. Our focus is you and you alone. We are not partial to any insurance company. Our entire business model revolves around ensuring we serve your interest. Our goal with each person is to help you find a plan whereby no other agent or agency will be able to come in after us and offer you a better deal.
  3. We only sell final expense life insurance, and have been doing so for years. You can feel confident that we are true experts in this space. After thousands of applications, we are masters of how each carrier underwrites. This knowledge ensures that we can find you which companies will look at your health the best which means getting approved at the lowest rate possible.

You can look around for a company that has all these qualities, but outside of us it’s going to be slim pickings out there. We don’t pressure anyone. We give you the information you are looking for, and let you make up your own mind.