If you have CHF, please call us at 1-800-644-2926 for an accurate quote. With this condition, you options are very limited. Thankfully, there are options, but we would need to speak with you before we can confidently advise you regarding which company will be your best choice.

Most folks with congestive heart failure will find themselves getting consistently declined from lots of different insurance companies. While it’s true that having CHF makes it harder, we are proud to tell you that you can still secure affordable final expense life insurance. If you have had extreme difficulty in the past finding funeral insurance because of your CHF, it’s only because you have yet to deal with a professional brokerage like Choice Mutual.

Our history is riddled with many satisfied congestive heart failure clients who were able to obtain a burial policy that didn’t break the bank. With that, we are going to explain exactly how we helped them solve this problem, so they could obtain the peace of mind they were seeking.

In today’s article, you will learn exactly how burial insurance companies react to CHF, what kind of policy options you will have (with prices), and how YOU can find the best final expense plan possible.


Here’s The God Honest Truth About Burial Insurance With Congestive Heart Failure

First and foremost, you need to know that no matter what, you can get coverage. Regardless of what your health condition is, we can insure you. Furthermore, you won’t be forced into paying extremely high prices compared to a healthy individual. Sure you will pay more, but it won’t mean its a ton more.

When you have CHF, the best case scenario is a funeral insurance policy that will partially cover you during the first two years. Quite honestly, you should have the expectation that you will have to endure a full two year waiting period. The truth is congestive heart failure is a very serious condition that 95% of insurers will decline altogether. With that, we do have companies that will absolutely accept you with a full two year waiting period along with a modest price increase. Additionally, we also have a company that will approve some CHF people for a partial immediate benefit. This is great news because it means you would indeed be covered for a decent percentage of your death benefit on the first day of your policy. Regardless of the outcome, we can get your covered guaranteed.

The key thing is for us to gather details about you, so we can determine what you are in fact eligible for. Like we said, there is no possibility we can’t get your affordable coverage somewhere. Our job is to find the best options for you, and let you decide what you feel is appropriate for you and your family.

But wait it gets better

No matter what, you will not have to take a medical exam, and we will not need you to provide any medical records. There will only be some questions about your health.

If you have congestive heart failure, and have been shopping for burial insurance, you probably know all too well how difficult it can be. Hopefully, you give us the chance to earn you business because we have helped many others just like you get approved for a policy.


Your Best Options When You Have Congestive Heart Failure

Actually, this is quite simple. You might have thought it would be all complicated, but in reality it’s very straightforward. There are only 2 final expense companies you need to be concerned with. These two represent your best and cheapest options among all the carriers out there. However, you may have a choice to make. The two companies are Assurity and Gerber Life.

You have to decide: Do you want to pay a slight bit more for some form of immediate protection or do you just want the absolute cheapest price?

Here’s the deal on these two companies.

With Assurity, you could potentially qualify for their Graded plan. With this plan, they will pay out 40% of your death benefit if you die within the first year. If you pass away during the second year, they will pay out 75% of your death benefit.

With Gerber Life its super simple. They have a guaranteed issue no health question policy. There are no questions or medical checks. They merely issue the policy to everyone no matter what. It comes with a full two year waiting period. If you pass during this time, they will refund 110% of your premiums.

Below are some sample prices for Gerber Life and for Assurity’s Graded plan. As you can see, Assurity does cost a little bit more. Obviously, the benefit is some instant protection. YOU have to decide which is most valuable to you and your family.

Gerber Life Guaranteed Acceptance Burial Insurance- Female


Gerber Life Guaranteed Acceptance Burial Insurance- Male


Assurity's Graded Burial Insurance- Female Non Tobacco


Assurity's Graded Burial Insurance- Male Non Tobacco


Do you want the cheapest cost, or is it worth it to pay a little more for immediate coverage?

Please remember that Assurity’s graded plan will without a doubt accept CHF. With that, they do have other knockout conditions that may prevent you from qualifying. Do not stress on that because we will absolutely let you know if your health would enable you to get approved with Assurity if you desire to.


Final Expense Underwriting For CHF

For any underwritten burial insurance plan, there is no company that will not specifically ask about congestive heart failure on their application. Furthermore, most of them will also be on the lookout for certain medications that would suggest a person has CHF.

For most health conditions, final expense companies will ask about your encounter with them within the last 1, 2 or 3 years. In the case of CHF, they will always ask if you have ever in your life had or been treated for CHF. The reason is simple. CHF is permanent, and cannot be cured. If you ever get it, it’s guaranteed to be with you for the rest of your life no matter what.


What We Will Need To Know About You

Like we said, our job is to gather information about you, so that we can give you an honest recommendation. Our goal is to find you the best options possible given your individual situation. With that, here are the questions will ask you about your congestive heart failure.

  1. How long have you had it?
  2. What are all the medications you are taking?
  3. What other health conditions have you dealt with?

Once we know this stuff, we can know with virtual certainly what company will offer you the best deal.

Burial Insurance With Congestive Heart Failure

How They Respond To Heart Failure

Every company is a bit different in how they respond to heart failure. With that, there are only a few possible reactions they could have. At the end of the day, we would place you with whatever carrier responds the BEST.


A) They Will Flat Out Decline You

This is by far the most common response companies will employ. Most companies will have heart failure in their list of knockout conditions.


B) They Will Offer You A Return Of Premium Plan

In this scenario, the insurance company does not have heart failure in their knockout questions. You will actually see heart failure appear right after the decline questions.  You saying yes means they will only offer you their highest rated plan. Most companies will call this their “Modified Plan” or they will call it their “Return of Premium Plan”. Basically, they are going to charge you a MUCH higher premium, and give you a full 2-3 year waiting period. Some companies will make you wait 2 years and some will make you wait 3. At the end of the day, nobody should ever accept one of these plans because Gerber Life is going to be cheaper 100% of the time (mentioned above in this article).


C) They Will Offer You Partial Coverage

First and foremost, you must understand that this is ULTRA rare. In fact we are only aware of 1 company (Assurity) that offers any form of immediate protection to someone with CHF. Essentially, you will pay a higher premium compared to a healthy individual (15-40% more), and part of your benefit (40%) will pay out if you die within the first year. During the second year of your policy, your payout would increase to 75% . If you can qualify with a company that offers this plan, you should absolutely jump on it. Having some form of immediate protection when you have congestive heart failure is super important, and very hard to come by.


Notice that there is no company that will offer you a full immediate benefit and at the lowest price possible? That's because it does not exist. Please do not read this and think that we are trying to pull the wool over your eyes. If you have CHF, you are going to pay more money compared to a healthy person, and you will have to accept a full or partial waiting period. There is no way you could possibly avoid this.


CHF Medications

There aren’t that many medications that are used solely for the purpose of treating CHF. There are indeed some, but in most cases a doctor will prescribe multiple medications to treat your condition. What we see most often is someone taking a water pill of some kind along with some other heart/blood pressure medications. Below are pills meant only to treat heart failure. If you are on any of these, or have been, expect insurance companies to look at you as a CHF patient.

  • BiDil
  • Eplerenone
  • Inamrinone
  • Inspra
  • Milrinone
  • Natrecor
  • Primacor

These medications below will strongly suggest CHF to a lot burial insurance companies. Remember, every company is a little bit different with their underwriting. With that, if you are or have been on any of these, expect many (not all) final expense carriers to view you as a heart failure patient.

  • Bumetanide (Bumex)
  • Demadex
  • Edecrin (Sodium Edecrin)
  • Ethacrynic Acid
  • Torsemide


Last but not least are prescriptions combinations that will ultimately suggest heart failure to some funeral insurance companies. The medication combos will always contain at least one water pill like Lasix, Furosemide, or Hydrochlorothiazide. Then they will look to see if you are on other serious blood pressure/heart medications like Coreg, Carvidelol, Metoprolol, Divoan, Lisinopril, or Lopressor. In the end, if you do not have CHF, you should not be alarmed if you are indeed on some or many of these. We have companies that do not go have a prescription combination protocol to determine if a person has CHF. Just know, that some burial insurance companies determine heart failure in this way.


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance With Congestive Heart Failure

Honestly, we have already showed you which two companies are your best options. The only question now is which one is it going to be. For that, we need to speak with you. Our job is to assess your entire health situation so we can accurately predict which company will approve you and give you the best deal. Whether you have heart failure or not, finding the best final expense insurance always comes down to you doing one thing.

To find the best burial insurance with congestive heart failure you must work with a highly experienced independent agency like Choice Mutual. In the end, a company like us will shop the market and compare rates to see which company will truly be your best and lowest cost option. Please don’t minimize the importance of experience. As you can tell in this article, every health condition presents it own set of challenges. Only through vast experience can an agency confidently know which carrier is best for each individual person.

If you have congestive heart failure, please call us and let us help you. We gave it to you straight in this article, and we will do the same when we speak with you. Use our toll free Burial Insurance With Congestive Heart Failurenumber which is 1-800-644-2926. You can also let us call you by filling out the quote form. Be sure to include your best contact phone number.

Please take immediate action even if you choose not to work with us. Since you have CHF, you will have to endure some sort of waiting period no matter what. You need to start chipping away at it as soon as possible.