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With God all things are possible” What an amazing state motto!

If you live in Ohio and are looking for some funeral insurance, you came to the right place.

Just as all things are possible through God, all final expense insurance is possible through Choice Mutual!

In all seriousness, we can definitely help you with this.

We put together this article to assist any Ohio resident who is looking for burial insurance.

In this article, you learn of some important state specific data, a basic overview of how burial insurance works, how to find the best policy, and how we can help you with this like no other company can.

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  1. The Leading Causes Of Mortality In Ohio
  2. Ohio Life Expectancy
  3. OH Free Look Period
  4. How A Burial Life Policy Works
  5. How To Find The Best Funeral Insurance In Ohio
  6. Why Choice Mutual Is Best Equipped To Save You Money

Burial Insurance In Ohio

The Leading Causes Of Mortality In Ohio

RankCause of DeathTotal Deaths
1Heart Disease26,878
3Lower Respiratory Disease (COPD & Emphysema)7,007
6Alzheimer's Disease3,789

Here’s the thing to remember when you look at the health issues on that list.

We can cover anyone in spite of any of those health conditions!

Furthermore, there’s a really good chance we can find you a funeral insurance company that will offer you immediate coverage that has no waiting period.

Because we work with so many companies, we can usually find a company that accepts all your health issues. This is why so many of our clients have no waiting period.


Ohio Life Expectancy

According to Wikipedia, OH currently ranks number 38 in the nation for life expectancy. The average Ohio resident lives to be 77.8 years old.

You might be thinking…

Does the average age in Ohio affect the price of final expense insurance?

No it does not. The price burial insurance is the same in Ohio is equal to all the other states (except Montana because they have unisex rates).

You won’t pay more because you live in OH.

We only show you this number to put things in perspective. Whether you are close to that age, above or below it, you need to take action now to secure your funeral. The cost can only rise with time. Not to mention, if you have no coverage  now, your family is at risk of having to bear the burden of your final expenses.

Source: List of U.S. states by life expectancy

OH Free Look Period

Ohio is very rare because it has no free look period. However, most insurers will give you the opportunity to review your contract and decide if it is something you want to keep.

For what it’s worth, the free look period is a length of time where anyone can refuse an insurance contract for any reason, and receive a full refund of any monies paid.

Burial Insurance In Ohio

It’s important to note that anyone can cancel an insurance contract outside of the free look period in any state. However, if you do cancel an insurance policy outside of the free look period, you won’t receive a refund of any premiums paid.

You should consult the Ohio department of insurance for more information on the free look period.


How A Burial Life Policy Works

At the end of the day, burial insurance is life insurance. It’s just a specific type of life insurance that is meant specifically to pay for your final expenses.

You will also hear the terms “funeral insurance” and “final expense insurance” used as synonyms along with burial insurance. All three labels refer to the same kind of life insurance.

Lots of websites have misinformation on this issue which is unfortunate because burial insurance is actually a very simple product.

Burial Insurance In Ohio

Here’s the deal

Burial insurance is always a simplified issue whole life policy that has a small face value and very limited underwriting.

These plans are super simple. They come with the following benefits:

  • Fixed monthly premiums
  • Policy will never expire at any age
  • Benefits will never decrease

That’s all there is to these plans. When you pass away, they pay cash directly to your beneficiary(s) which gives them the funds to cover your final expenses.


Super Lax Underwriting

Without question, the most notable feature to these plans is the underwriting. To say they have relaxed underwriting is an understatement.

Here’s the bottom line

The insurance companies designed these plans to absorb the risk of many major health issues that typically come with age.

For this reason, the overwhelming majority of clients can secure a plan that affords them coverage with no waiting period.

Burial Insurance In Ohio

In the event you have some very dire illness such as Alzheimer’s or HIV, there are even plans that have no underwriting whatsoever.

These plans are called guaranteed issue life insurance plans. They have no health questions, and the insurance company does not check your medical history.

As you can see, traditional life insurance policies simply cannot match the relaxed underwriting of final expense insurance. The health issued accepted by burial insurance plans would lead to flat declines with traditional life insurance.


How To Find The Best Funeral Insurance In Ohio

The trick to finding the best Ohio funeral policy done by comparing offers from multiple final expense insurance companies.

But here’s the kicker

You won’t be calling dozens of companies getting quotes.

So here’s what you need to do…

To find the best burial insurance in Ohio all you need to do is contact an independent final expense agency that represents a bunch of burial insurance companies. Tell them all about your health so they can run quotes from all the companies they represent. Their goal will be to give you multiple quotes so you can see which insurance company has the best deal for you.

Simple right?

The key thing to understand about an independent agency is they are not married to any particular insurance company. The whole reason why they work with so many companies is specifically so they can match each client with whichever company is truly best for them.

Obviously, we highly recommend you call us because we are independent and we work with over 20 burial insurance companies.

However, if you do go elsewhere, just make sure they work with at least 10 different funeral insurance companies.

Burial Insurance In Ohio

Why Choice Mutual Is Best Equipped To Save You Money

It’s no secret that consumers looking for funeral life insurance have many options in regards to who they buy from.

So here’s the deal

Not all websites and/or agencies are created equally. The truth is, which company you select to help you with this will ultimately dictate how good of a deal you will get.

Here’s why working with us will land you the best policy at the best price.

  1. We are independent and always will be. Because of our independent status, we are free to compare offers from all the insurance companies we represent. Presently, we work with over 20. We have no allegiance to any of them in particular. All we care about is matching each client with whichever company is best for them.
  2. Our goal is you. We believe in placing you with whichever carrier happens to suit your individual situation the best.
  3. All we do is burial insurance, and we’ve been doing it for years. It’s our belief that it’s better for the customer if we are masters of one thing instead of being marginal at many. Our vast experience means we know the underwriting for each company. This knowledge is integral in knowing which carriers will approve you, and which one will give you the best deal.

If you are looking for Ohio final expense insurance, give us a call at 1-800-644-2926. We won’t let you down.