Complete the instant quote form on this page to see actual quotes from many different insurers in your state. If you currently have retinopathy, it’s best to call us at 1-800-644-2926, so we can give you accurate rates. There are companies that will accept this diabetic complication, but some will not.

Diabetes is such a devastating condition for one simple reason. It excels at limiting the delivery of blood to the body. A lack of blood flow can result in all sorts of complications. One of which is diabetic retinopathy. Ultimately, this condition is when diabetes causes damage to the blood vessels of the light-sensitive tissue at the back of your eye (retina). You can see in the image how a healthy eye differs from that of an eye afflicted by retinopathy. It can eventually causes blindness. Burial Insurance With RetinopathyMake no mistake, this is a very serious condition that should not be taken lightly. We have encountered many folks who actually lost their vision due to this malady. Hopefully, you are following your doctor’s orders to slow the progression of this disease, and preserve you eye sight.

Maybe you have hunted for burial insurance with retinopathy before, but maybe you haven’t. If you have, you are probably painfully aware of how difficult it can be to find insurance companies that will accept you let alone offer you affordable prices. If this is your first run at it given this complication, you should that most insurance companies will not respond favorably to this condition.

It’s a well known fact that finding burial insurance for diabetics is daunting task for most people. Taking it a step further, it’s infinitely more difficult to find affordable final expense when your diabetes has caused retinopathy. In fact, the vast majority of insurance companies will flat out not accept you if you have retinopathy. But there’s the good news. You do have options, so keep you head up. In addition, they are better than you might initially assume.


The Truth About Getting Burial Insurance With Retinopathy

It’s absolutely possible to find affordable coverage that does not subject you to any sort of waiting period.

Yes you read that correctly. In fact, this next statement sounds crazy, and you may not believe it at first, but it’s the truth.

In spite of your retinopathy, we have burial insurance companies that will issue you a plan that costs the same as a person who is in perfect health and has no conditions whatsoever.

Crazy right? Well, when you work with Choice Mutual, we make miracles happen. There is a reason why we are the most trusted resource on the web.

Oh and one more thing in case you didn’t already know this or happened to have forgotten…

These burial insurance plans, like all of them, do not require any sort of medical exam. You only answer health questions. That’s it.

Have we got your attention yet?

Dealing with retinopathy can be stressful. Worrying about how you will qualify for burial insurance shouldn’t be something you agonize over. Sit back and relax because this article was custom made for you. We will cover every issue possible as it relates to final expense with retinopathy. We’ll go over how most insurers respond to this condition, and how you can find the best burial policy possible.

Burial Insurance With Retinopathy

What to expect from final expense insurers

First of all, these insurance companies have no way of detecting a retinopathy diagnosis by analyzing your prescription history. Since this condition is not treated with any exclusive medications, all the insurance companies can do is ask you whether or not you have had this complication.

It’s incredibly important that you are honest for obvious reasons. We only tell you this because you don’t need to worry about an insurer finding some prescriptions in your past that could indicate retinopathy. In contrast, when it comes to other diabetic complications like neuropathy, the opposite is true.

In regards to your options with retinopathy, the biggest factor to consider is time. What you should expect, as far as your policy options are concerned, is tied directly to when you last experienced your retinopathy.

You are choices are pretty clear based on where you fit into one of the following two categories:

  1. You had retinopathy, but it was over 24 months ago.
  2. You currently have or have had retinopathy within the last 24 months.


Your choices

Let’s start with number 1 since it’s the easiest to address. If you had retinopathy over 24 months ago, you are for the most part free and clear to choose from any burial insurance company you want. Almost every single application with ask about this condition and they will ask if you have had it within the last two years. To them, it’s just as though you have never had it if it’s been longer than 2 years.

So again, if you had it longer than 24 months ago, you are golden. There are tons of companies that will approve you for immediate coverage, and offer you the lowest rate possible. In fact, use the quote form on this page to see exactly what companies would charge you.

Now, if you have had retinopathy within the last 2 years, your options become a lot more limited. Below is a list of responses most insurance carriers will take if you are in this category.

  • They will decline you
  • They will charge you a higher monthly premium
  • They will impose a two year waiting period
  • They will charge you more and impose a 2 year waiting period (usually this one)

Overwhelmingly, carriers gravitate towards the last option where they charge you more and impose a two year waiting period. Quite frankly, if you try to buy burial insurance through an agency other than us, expect to pay more and suffer through a waiting period.

So here’s the great news.

There are some final expense companies that willingly accept retinopathy with no strings attached. This means you don’t have to pay more money, or endure a waiting period of any kind. Honestly, there are not many companies like this, but there are a couple out there. In our experience, the main issue for most retinopathy patients is they end up talking with final expense agencies that don’t work with the right companies.

For example, Royal Neighbors of America is one company in particular that freely accepts retinopathy clients. With them, you will pay the same price as a fitness model would.Burial Insurance With Retinopathy

That’s madness right?

Well its the absolute truth. We have a wonderful relationship with Royal Neighbors, and are proud to have them for people like you who have retinopathy. Actually, in regards to final expense for diabetics, Royal Neighbors is probably the best there is.


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance With Retinopathy

Technically, anyone with retinopathy can get approved with 98% of final expense companies out there. however, most of them will not give you a good deal. The cold hard truth is that most insurers will charge you more and give you a waiting period because of your retinopathy. Having said that, not all retinopathy patients must accept this as their burial insurance fate. At the end of the day, you came here to find out how to get the best deal.

Well, here is how you get the best deal…

Finding the best burial insurance with retinopathy is done by finding a highly experienced independent brokerage that represents multiple insurance companies. In essence, they will identify all the insurers that accept retinopathy with open arms, so they can compare prices and determine which one is cheapest.

Honestly, it really is that easy. As you can tell, the only work you must do is the work it takes to find an agency that has those qualifications.

Want to know the absolute best part?

You’ve already found an agency like that! Choice Mutual is everything we described and then some.

Here’s the bottom line.

We have helped many people with this diabetic complication, so it’s nothing new to us. We have personal experience getting retinopathy clients first day coverage at an affordable rate. If you have this condition and need a final expense plan, call us immediately. We will take good care of you. You can also fill out the quote form with your phone number, and we will call you.

However, if you for whatever reason choose to go elsewhere, just make sure you are dealing with an agency that matches that description we gave. It’s imperative you if you truly want to get the best deal.


Something important to keep in mind

Obviously this article is talking about retinopathy and all things related to it. At the same time, its very important to remember that burial insurance companies will take your entire health profile into account when you apply. Retinopathy is just one piece of a larger puzzle. There will be other health questions that ask about other conditions.

We are reminding you of this because while we have companies that accept retinopathy, that does not mean you don’t have other health issues that could get in the way.

Make no mistake. We are not trying to discourage you in anyway. We are just being totally up front with you about how final expense insurers qualify people. At the end of the day, we will take the summary of your past and present health conditions into account when we analyze which carriers would best suit you. No matter what, we will find what your best options will be based on the total of your health ailments.

The greatest news is that over 90% of our clients are approved for a plan that has instant protection and comes at the lowest price possible.