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Let’s be really clear about one thing right from the beginning.

You can easily secure the affordable burial insurance with sarcoidosis.

Burial Insurance With Sarcoidosis

And it gets better.

Your coverage will have no waiting period whatsoever!

Choice Mutual has helped many sarcoidosis clients secure low cost final expense insurance that protected them in full immediately. Today, we are going to give you a behind the scenes look at how burial insurance companies respond to sarcoidosis.

In this article, you will learn how insurers underwrite sarcoidosis, what policy options you will have, and how to find the best burial insurance plan.

The Low Down About Burial Insurance With Sarcoidosis

Believe it or not, there are very few burial insurance companies that will even ask about this condition.

If you have sarcoidosis, you will have no issue qualifying for a level death benefit with virtually every insurance company. Your coverage will fully protect you starting on the first day of your policy. In addition, burial insurance companies will offer you their lowest prices.

Oh and don’t forget

At no point will you have to undergo any lab tests or physicals when you apply for a burial insurance plan. In fact, all you will ever do is answer some health questions. In most cases, the insurance company will tell you that you have been accepted in less than 20 minutes.

Doctors don’t actually know what causes sarcoidosis. They suspect it’s an autoimmune disease. What is known is that you can absolutely secure low cost burial insurance with sarcoidosis. That is a fact.

How The Insurance Companies Underwrite Sarcoidosis

Underwriting is the process the burial insurance companies use to determine an applicant’s level of risk. In the end, it allows them to approve or a decline someone based on their level of risk.

Final expense life insurance companies gather information in two ways. With this data, they can determine if you are approved.

  1. Health questions
  2. Prescription history

Burial Insurance With Sarcoidosis

The Health Questions

Every funeral insurance company will have their own health questions. Moreover, every company will accept and decline applicants for different health related reasons.

Here’s the bottom line when it comes to sarcoidosis

It’s extremely uncommon for a burial insurance company to ask if you have sarcoidosis. In effect, this means that most of them are perfectly okay if you do have it.

However, they are a few out there that do ask about and take issue with this condition. For the ones that do, most of them will ask about it in a way similar to this:

Has the Proposed Insured ever received care or treatment for, or been advised by a physician or health care provider to seek treatment for sarcoidosis?

Here’s a good rule to remember

If a burial insurance company does not ask about a health issue you deal with, it means they don’t care about whatever condition(s) they did not ask about.


The reason why burial insurance companies look at your prescription history is to determine which health issues you may have. However, when it comes to sarcoidosis, there are no medications that specifically indicate a person has sarcoidosis.

Most people with sarcoidosis don’t even receive prescription medications. For those that do, it’s usually a prescription for prednisone, methotrexate, or hydroxychloroquine.

Here’s the deal

No matter what there are no medications you could be taking for your sarcoidosis that will prevent you from qualifying for a plan or cause you to have to pay more for your burial insurance.

Policy Options When You Have SarcoidosisBurial Insurance With Sarcoidosis

There are two things you can expect when you have sarcoidosis.

  1. You will have no waiting period. Your coverage will 100% cover you starting on the very first day.
  2. You will qualify for the lowest rates with most companies. Your rate will be equivalent to that of a marathon runner (lowest possible).

The only company we are aware of that penalizes people who have sarcoidosis is Mutual of Omaha. With them, they would charge you a higher premium, and they would impose a two year waiting period on your plan.

Outside of them, you aren’t going to encounter a burial insurance company that cares about this condition.

Do this

Fill out the quote form on this page. The quotes you see are really what you will pay (except with Mutual of Omaha).

How To Find The Best Burial Insurance With Sarcoidosis

If all you deal with is sarcoidosis, you really have your pick of the litter. Ultimately, it’s just a question of which burial insurance company is going to give you the best deal.

So here’s what you need to do

To find the best burial insurance all you have to do is allow an independent agency like Choice Mutual to shop the market for you to find which insurance company has the lowest price.

The function of an independent agency is to match you with whichever burial insurance company suites you best. Agencies like us get paid directly by the insurance

Burial Insurance With Sarcoidosis

companies, so it doesn’t cost you any money to employ our help. Furthermore, your insurance won’t cost more money because you bought it through an agency like us.

You could spend hours upon hours calling 15 different life insurance companies on your own getting quotes.

But why do that when an agency like us can do the same thing in minutes?

Health is a big factor

If you deal with some other health issues outside of sarcoidosis that are pretty major, that could change things. Usually we can find everyone a final expense life insurance company that will accept all their health issues. However, there are indeed some health situations where a person will have to pay more and endure a waiting period of some sort.

Burial Insurance With Sarcoidosis

If you are a person that deals with some major health issues, it’s imperative you work with an independent final expense agency like Choice Mutual. Our knowledge of how each carrier underwrites and our freedom to choose any company we please is what will enables us to always find you the best deal.

For expert help that will save you time and money, give us a call at 1-800-644-2926. You can also fill out the quote form with your phone number and we will call you.