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We think you will agree with us when we say that having sleep apnea will mean your burial insurance will be really expensive…

Actually, that’s crazy and it happens to be wrong!

Fortunately, this is a commonly held misconception that is completely false. Sleep apnea will not mean you high prices on your final expense insurance, and it will not mean you will have a two year waiting period.

Over the years, many Choice Mutual customers had sleep apnea. We were able to easily secure them the lowest rates on their burial insurance, and ensure they were protected from day one. We will show you how we helped them, so you can realize the path to your own peace of mind.

This article will show you how funeral insurance companies react to sleep apnea, what choices you will have, and finally how you can find the best burial insurance with sleep apnea.


The Reality About Burial Insurance With Sleep Apnea

It’s quite common for most burial insurance companies to mention sleep apnea one way or another in their health questionnaires. However, how they refer to it is what counts.

Here’s the real deal.

The truth is, sleep apnea is NOT an issue for the majority of final expense life insurance companies. While some companies will have adverse underwriting for sleep apnea (they charge you more), most will not. In fact, most insurance carriers will allow oxygen use when it is specifically for sleep apnea. In the end, you will easily qualify for a level death benefit with a variety of companies. This means your protection will be immediate, and you will be eligible for the lowest rates with each company.

But wait, there’s more!

What about those pesky medical exams some life insurance companies have you take? Well with burial insurance, there will be nothing but health questions. Nobody will ever have to come out to your home and draw blood and take a urine sample.

Sleep apnea may make getting a good night’s sleep challenging, but it won’t impede your ability to find the most affordable burial insurance. In all honesty, having sleep apnea is essentially just like not having it. In most cases, it has no effect whatsoever! It’s simply not a risk factor to the majority of insurance companies.


Sleep Apnea Underwriting

First of all, there are different types of sleep apnea as listed below.

  • Central Sleep Apnea: Occurs when your brain does not send the proper signals to the muscles that control your breathing.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea: This is when the threat muscles relax. This is by far the most common form.
  • Complex Sleep Apnea Syndrome (Treatment-Emergent Central Sleep Apnea): Occurs when a person has both of the above forms of sleep apnea.

Best Burial Insurance With Sleep Apnea

No matter which type of sleep apnea you have, it makes no difference. With burial insurance companies, it’s very simple. You either have sleep apnea (any type) or you don’t. It’s a simple yes or no answer.

When it comes down to it, burial insurance companies will either ask and care about sleep apnea, or they won’t. The main way you will know is by looking at the health questionnaire from any given funeral insurance company. It’s in here that you will see if the carrier is not fond of sleep apnea.


Health Questions

In most cases, you will see an insurance company mention sleep apnea in the following ways.

  • In the last 2 years have you had, been diagnosed with, or been treated for sleep apnea?
  • In the last 12 months, have used oxygen equipment to assist with breaking (excluding use for sleep apnea)?

We have hinted at this a couple times now, so you may already know this. It incredibly rare that you will ever see an insurance company ask about sleep apnea. The reality is, the vast majority of funeral insurance companies are perfectly fine with an applicant who has sleep apnea.


Oxygen And/Or CPAP Usage

Best Burial Insurance With Sleep Apnea

Every single burial insurance company will ask if you use oxygen equipment to assist with breathing. If you say yes to this question, you are ineligible for coverage altogether.

However, the one exception is for sleep apnea. In most cases, the carriers will specifically mention that sleep apnea is the one circumstance where they are accepting of oxygen use.  Below is an example of how they usually word this exception when they ask about oxygen use.

“Within the last 12 months, have you used, or been advised to use, oxygen equipment to assist with breathing (excluding use for sleep apnea)?”

If for sleep apnea, you use oxygen or a CPAP machine, you can still qualify for a level death benefit. 

Please remember, if you use oxygen for any reason other than for sleep apnea, your only option is a guaranteed issue life insurance policy. These kinds of plans have no health questions or medical checks. They cost more money, and they don’t pay out any benefits during the first two years.

Surprisingly, they aren’t even all that expensive either. Usually, they are 15-50% more money compared to what a healthy person would pay. Thankfully they are available since they are your ONLY option.


What You Should Expect

If you were dealing with a lesser agency, sleep apnea might cause you to pay more money for your burial policy. However, an agency like Choice Mutual can easily ensure you qualify for immediate coverage, and you pay the lowest cost possible.

Ultimately, having sleep apnea is just like not having it as it pertains to acquiring final expense life insurance. That may sound odd, but it’s the truth. The reason we say that is because there are so many insurance carriers that simply do not care if you have sleep apnea.


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance With Sleep Apnea

We won’t beat a dead horse any longer by reminding you that sleep apnea won’t cause any problems. With that, you finding the best and lowest cost burial insurance is very simple. Make no mistake, the best burial insurance is merely the one that protects you the soonest and cost the least.

To find the best burial insurance with sleep apnea, you must work with an independent final expense agency that can freely choose from multiple insurance companies to find you which one offers you the best deal.

At the end of the day, an independent broker like Choice Mutual will compare rates from lots of companies to see who wins the quote war. If you ever deal with an agent or agency that only has one or two companies, you will very likely over pay because they can’t shop around for you.

Best Burial Insurance With Sleep Apnea

If you are looking for burial insurance, let us do the heavy lifting for you. We will surely find you which insurance company is going to best suit you and offer you the best deal.

To get started, please fill out the quote form with your best contact number, and we will call you shortly. You can also call us at 1-800-644-2926.