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Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 63 Year Olds

Written by Anthony Martin | Last updated: August 20, 2017

If you want some really customized quotes from many different carriers, use our simple quote tool that’s on this page. It fast and easy, and you will see prices from lots of burial insurance companies. If you have some serious health issues, its best to just call us at 1-800-644-2926. Then we can give you firm prices from companies we know will approve you given your health issues.

Did you know that Mickey Mantle was just 63 years old when he passed away? The legendary ball player died from a disease that had spread from his liver to most of his other vital organs. 63 is far too young to die and we Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 63 Year Oldscertainly hope you live much longer than this. Thankfully, most people do! However, it’s never too early to start planning for the inevitable. At 63 you can get some really good rates on some burial insurance. For a modest monthly amount, you can ensure that if something does happen to you, your family will not be burdened by your final expenses. Take a look at some of the sample burial insurance rates for 63 year olds. See for yourself just how affordable final expense insurance can be.

Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 63 Year Olds

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Get the best price on burial insurance

To get the best price on your burial insurance, there is just one thing you must do. You must consult with an independent burial insurance agency that is highly experienced. We would recommend you let us help you because we are independent and we do have access to all the top burial insurance companies in the nation.

Only an independent agency is able to freely compare prices from many different burial insurance companies. In effect, they can identify which final expense insurance company will give you the best price. It’s really that simple.

On the other hand, there are companies that are not independent. They are considered captive companies because they only represent 1 insurance company. Lots of big well known companies are like this. For example, AARP, Colonial Penn, and Lincoln Heritage are just some the more well known ones to name a few. There are plenty of others out there that do not work with multiple burial insurance companies, so be careful.

In the end, you must investigate who you are potentially going to work with. You need to get familiar with their operation. This way, you can assess if they are an experienced independent agency or not. If you want to make it extremely easy on yourself, just call us. We only deal with burial insurance and we have been doing so for the last five years. We have lots of final expense companies too, so we can shop around for you to find out which one will give you a plan at the lowest cost.


The real value of a burial insurance plan

With burial insurance you can instantly ensure your funeral expenses are covered. As a result, you can have instant peace of mind knowing that you funeral expenses will not become a financial burden on your family.

Burial insurance plans are simplified issue whole life insurance plans. Because of this, they cannot ever expire no matter how old you get. Furthermore, the monthly payments are fixed for life, and the benefits can’t decrease. You will find that burial insurance has a simplified application process. This means the application does not involve a physical or medical exam.

These plans have been designed to accept many major health conditions, so everyone is able to secure coverage. The insurance companies realize that it’s only natural to develop some health issues as you age. With this in mind, everyone can get into a new burial insurance plan and attain that peace of mind they are searching for. On the flip side, traditional life insurance policies have must more strict health underwriting. What burial insurance plans accept, traditional life insurance declines.

Last but not least, final expense insurance gives you the ability to buy as little or as much as you want. Traditional life policies require you to buy minimum amounts of coverage of $25,000-$50,000. With burial insurance, you can buy as little as $1,000 in coverage if you like. In contrast, you can buy $30k, $40k, or $50 thousand if you desire. For some people, they only need a little bit of coverage. If that sounds like you, final expense will take care of you perfectly.

Just make sure you do not put this off. Unfortunately, many people choose to wait thinking they will save money. You can see from this article about burial insurance at age 64 that waiting a year won’t make much of a different in the price. However, what you may not be considering is your health and how it can change. Your health plays a huge role in the price of your final expense insurance. Do not assume because you are healthy today that you will be tomorrow. All too often, we have seen folks wait days or weeks and their health changed for the worse. If you want to be protected, do it ASAP while you know you can medically qualify.

Keep your eyes out for common burial insurance pitfalls

There are many traps out there that you need to be aware of. It’s sad that we have to tell you this because most of this stuff should not be happening. With that, make sure you keep an eye out for the following. We dont’ want to see you greatly overpay for your burial insurance. Or worse, see you sign up for a fake burial insurance plan.

  1. AARP– You know who they are. They present themselves a senior advocate group. Unfortunately, the life insurance they will try to sell you is very often fake burial insurance. They will usually sell you their term life insurance. Basically, the monthly payment increases as you age, and the policy ultimately expires at the age of 80.
  2. Globe Life– Like AARP, they too will try to sell you fake burial insurance. Their life insurance policy increases in price as you age, and it too expires one day.
  3. Offers through the mail– Almost every single burial insurance offer through the mail is whats called guaranteed issue burial insurance. Basically, guaranteed issue policies have no health questions, and they do not check medical history in any way. This sounds great and all, but it comes at a cost. There is a mandatory two year waiting period and these policies are much more expensive. The bottom line about guaranteed issue burial insurance is this. The vast majority of people can easily get cheaper coverage that has no waiting period whatsoever. Guaranteed issue burial insurance is necessary in certain situations, but it’s rare. Do not apply for these offers through the mail without talking with us first!
  4. TV ads– Like offers through the mail, final expense plans sold on TV are usually one of two things. First, they are often fake burial insurance. Usually, they are trying to sell you a policy that expires at a certain age, but they are passing it off as burial insurance. Secondly, TV ads very often sell guaranteed issue burial insurance. As discussed above, these are not a good option for the overwhelming majority of applicants. You can and should try to get a burial insurance plan that has health questions. Doing so will result in you paying less and avoiding an unnecessary waiting period. At Choice Mutual, over 90% of our clients are able to secure a plan that goes into effect on the very first day!


Final expense insurance done right

If you are looking for burial insurance, don’t take any risks. Give us a call or fill out the quote form on this page, and we will call you shortly. Either way let us go to work for you, so you can get the best deal possible. We only deal with final expense insurance, so you can feel confident that you have experts working on your behalf. In the end, we will compare prices from many companies to find which one will give you the best price. We have already helped thousands of families, and would love to earn your business too.


Choice Mutual is an independent agency licensed in all 50 states including DC. We work with over 20 highly rated final expense life insurance companies, so that we can compare offers from all of them to find you the best deal.

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