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Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 65 Year Olds

Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 65 Year Olds

We encourage everyone to use our quick and easy burial insurance quote tool on this page. It will show you real quotes from many of the top burial insurance companies in the nation.

Did you know the jazz musician Miles Davis was only 65 years old when he performed his final live album? 65 is a big year for most people. You become eligible for Medicare, and hopefully you are currently, or are looking to Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 65 Year Oldsretire soon. Additionally, it’s a great time to get burial insurance before you let too many more years slip by. In this article, you will see some sample burial insurance rates for 65 year olds. You can see just how affordable final expense insurance is even at the age of 65. It’s never too soon to ensure you funeral and burial costs are all taken care of.


The best place to find cheap burial insurance

If you are looking to get the cheapest burial insurance possible, it’s best to contact one our independent burial insurance agents. They will answer all your questions and address your concerns. We work with many of the top burial insurance companies in the nation. Your Choice Mutual agent will shop and compare burial insurance prices from all the different companies to find which one has the best value for you.

Make sure you are totally up front and thorough about your health history. This will give your agent the information they need to properly help you. Every final expense life insurance company will inquire about your healthy. It’s a major factor in how burial insurance is priced. With that, every burial insurance company has different underwriting. Your agent will identify which companies (if any) will accept all your health conditions. The end result will be you have a burial insurance policy that has no waiting period whatsoever.

There are some situations where we truly cannot get you instant coverage. There are some medical situations where a waiting period is simply unavoidable. However, it’s incredibly rare for this to happen. In fact, over 90% of our customers are able to successfully qualify for a plan that has no waiting period. We can achieve this result because of our vast experience in this space, and because we independently represent many different burial insurance companies.

Why you should get a final expense insurance plan

Burial insurance is lifelong plan that will ensure your funeral expenses are never left to your family to pay. Almost every single person who comes to us is eagerly looking attain peace of mind. They want to know that if and when something happens to them that their funeral bills will not become a financial burden on their family. This is where burial insurance really shines. You can have instant protection and know your funeral expenses are covered. If you do not have any sort of plan to pay for your final expenses, burial insurance will provide an instant and permanent medium that will pay for your funeral expenses.

Take a moment and consider the what your family will be going through when you pass away. In all honesty, it’s going to be the most difficult time of their lives.  They will be going through the ringer emotionally. Very often it’s difficult for family members to plan the funeral in this stressful time because of the  emotional stress. If you were pile on the stress of having to pay for an expensive funeral themselves, it becomes too much to deal with.

Remember, an average funeral can cost over $8000. This is a huge bill that most people cannot afford to pay. This is especially true when they have just days to come up with this money. Even if you elect to not buy burial insurance, you really need to do something to ensure your final expenses are taken care of. You will never know just how much your family will appreciate it.


Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 65 Year Olds

Below are some prices for burial insurance at age 65. Please note that these are not exact prices. However, they are pretty close to what most people pay. If you deal with some serious health issues, it’s best to call us at 1-80-644-2926. We will quickly diagnose your situation and give you accurate prices.

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If you want to get burial insurance, make sure you get yourself approved as soon as possible. We say this because your health is subject to change at any moment, and its a major factor in the price for final expense insurance. You getting older by a year won’t make much of a difference in the price. For example, take a quick look at this article about burial insurance costs for a 66 year old to see for yourself. Health however, is extremely volatile and should not be expected to never change. In reality, its just a matter of when your health will change.

If you are medically able to qualify for burial insurance that has no waiting period, do so immediately. Don’t take the chance of letting it slip away.


Benefits of final expense insurance

Final expense offers you instant and permanent peace of mind. You can feel confident that your funeral bills will be paid for in the event of your death. Here are some key features of a final expense policy.

  • No physical or medical exams
  • No money up front needed to get approved
  • The policy will never expire
  • The benefits cannot ever decrease
  • The policy cannot be cancelled by the company for any reason as long as you make your payments
  • Full day 1 immediate coverage with no waiting period for the majority of applicants
  • The payments are fixed and can’t ever increase
  • Very relaxed underwriting so applicants with health issues still qualify

We are different

First of all, Choice Mutual specializes in burial insurance. We do not focus on or attempt to market for other kinds of insurance. This is all we do. We believe that a jack of all trades is a master of none. Our vision entails offering superior service to whomever needs final expense insurance. To do that, we must focus on, live, breathe, and eat this business.

Our qualifications are unique and unmatched elsewhere. There are three important elements that make us uniquely qualified to help you in a way no other company can.

  1. Our independent status allows us to choose whichever insurance company is best for you. We have no special affiliation with any particular company, and no special agreement to use one company of the next. Our only concern is which company is best for YOU.
  2. Our extensive experience in this space means we have very likely already dealt with someone in your situation many times before. At this point, we have pretty much seen it all after helping thousands of families.
  3. We have mastered the underwriting from many different burial insurance companies. This knowledge enables us to accurately know which company will accept your health conditions. This is key when we recommend a carrier. It’s what helps us get almost every applicant first day coverage with absolutely no waiting period.

If you need burial insurance for yourself or someone else, allow us to earn you business. We are here to help. Contacting us is no obligation to buy. Whatever you need help with, give us a call. You can call our toll free number at 1-800-644-2926, or fill out the quote form that’s on this page and let us call you.