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Who Are We?

Choice Mutual is an independent agency that specializes in burial and final expense insurance. Our business model revolves around exemplary performance in the following two categories:

  • To help educate, counsel, and advise anyone who is searching for burial insurance
  • To help everyone get the absolute lowest price possible on their final expense insurance

With us, you can have a licensed agent assist you while you remain in the comfort of your own home. They can answer all your questions, give you quotes, and help you design a plan. You will never experience any high-pressure sales tactics with us.

That is not how we operate.

Every agent here must exude respect and dignity. These are two non-negotiable requirements.

about choice mutual

A burial insurance policy provides instant and lasting peace mind. You will commonly hear burial insurance referred to as final expense or funeral insurance. With these plans, you can feel confident knowing your funeral expenses will not burden your family.

There are literally dozens of insurance companies to choose from.

The million dollar question everyone has is: “How do I get the best and cheapest final expense policy for me?”

The answer is actually quite simple.

Getting the lowest rate is achieved by finding which insurance company views your health and lifestyle most favorably. This is where Choice Mutual comes in to save you time and money.

Remember, our allegiance is to you. We are not bound to ANY insurance company. We will carefully survey all your options, and identify the most competitive carrier for you. Then its just a matter of getting you approved. In fact, we can get you qualified with no money up front.

Unique Qualifications in the Burial Insurance Market

  1. Our far-reaching experience means we know which insurer will view your health most positively
  2. Being independent, we can choose whichever company suites you best
  3. We are eternally committed to doing what is best for you

When you put this all together, its an overload of value. The net result is peace of mind at the lowest price possible. Could you even ask for more?

Resources to Get Yourself and Family Prepared

Burial Insurance Done Differently

The senior market has always been frequently and unfairly subjected to brash sales tactics. Sadly it happens with all sorts of products and services. Historically, burial insurance has been sold face to face within your home.

Typically a pushy salesman enters your home with a firm resolve to stay until you sign on the dotted line. If you are like most people we speak with, this process is downright uncomfortable.

Our resolution is to do things differently.

With us, you get to speak with a professional licensed agent who is not out just to make a sale. We recognize everyone buys at their own pace, and we honor that.

Your agent will answer all your questions, address any of your concerns, and compare dozens of funeral insurance policies from many different insurers to see which one will give you the best value.

Best of all, you get to conveniently do this from the comfort of your own home! We operate entirely over the phone, internet, email, and regular mail. You decide which medium you are comfortable with.

Respect is at the heart of our sales process. You have our promise that we will never pressure you to buy. With Choice Mutual, you will be in control. You will decide on your own terms if and when you buy.

Remember, our allegiance is to you, and we want to ensure you are comfortable at every stage of the buying process. At the end of the day, when you are ready we will ensure you pay the least amount possible for your final expense insurance plan.


Our Founder

Anthony Martin was first licensed in 2010. He founded Choice Mutual in 2013. He has always possessed unconditional integrity and honesty in every circumstance.

Unfortunately, these are scarce characteristics in the world today. This is true, particularly in the financial services industry. Anthony knew his character and work ethic would take him to high places in the life insurance business.

When first licensed, he was undecided about what specific type of life insurance to sell. Furthermore, he didn’t know which company would be the best for him. All he was certain of was that he would work in the life insurance industry. He whole heartily believes in the value life insurance provides.

Eager to get started, he chose the first job offer available and went to work. His very first position selling life insurance was with American Income Life.

Unfortunately, that first position required the ultimate time sacrifice. Anthony ended up working an average of 110 hours per week. Being newly married, this presented a huge anthony martindilemma.

On one hand, he was craving to build a career. On the other hand, he wanted to experience life with his new wife Christelle. Sadly, working 110 hours per week didn’t leave time for both.

It wasn’t long before Anthony began to look for a more suitable opportunity.

Later that year, he took a new position with a local agency that had recently opened. They only sold burial insurance, and they did it exclusively over the phone.

This new process of helping customers from the comfort of their own home was very foreign. Anthony had no prior experience selling something over the phone. However, it was very intriguing and he was very willing to try.

If you ask him, Anthony will emphatically tell you sales is serving. It’s not pushing.

Most importantly, Anthony believes a person in sales must have a product or service of real value. Otherwise, its a con job. With that statement, the truly successful salesman of the world all have one thing in common. They are all master connectors.

They faithfully connect their clients to a product or service that facilitates the customers planned goal. Anthony has always been committed to this sales approach.

As it would turn out, his consultive service oriented sales style was a real hit over phone. People were truly elated with Anthony’s impartial no pressure approach. Sitting on their couch, his clients were able to obtain an affordable burial insurance policy.

Best of all, they felt at peace about their purchase. All Anthony did was answer their questions and give them some helpful guidance. They decided to buy. Anthony didn’t try or have to sell them.

Anthony quickly became the top sales agent in the company, and never let it go. His success created a model for others to follow. Many other agents used this blueprint to realize their own achievement. It wasn’t long before the company began to take on new agents. After one year of top sales performance, he moved up to General Sales Manager where he helped grow overall sales by more than 500%.

It wasn’t long before it was clear to Anthony that there was an unseen void in the market. People were obviously eager to secure burial insurance through an amicable hassle free process. Furthermore, they were willing do it over the phone under the right conditions. This epiphany so to speak, is what lead to the creation of Choice Mutual.

Despite enjoying wild success in sales management, his entrepreneurial spirit eventually got the best of him. He left his position to start up his own company. From the very start, his game plan for Choice Mutual was simple.

It was to always put the customer’s interests first. He knew Choice Mutual would be successful if it could faithfully execute three fundamental trade principals:

  1. Give each customer respectful service by employing a truly hassle free consultive sales approach centered around education and advisement
  2. Give each customer truly impartial service by helping them acquire their burial insurance policy from whichever insurance company suites them best
  3. Give each customer the opportunity to buy on their terms and at their own pace

Why Choose Choice Mutual?

Think about how you would like to buy.

Ask yourself: “What must a company do to make me feel comfortable enough to move forward and get qualified for my final expense plan?”

Your answer to that question will tell you who you should buy from.

Make no mistake about it; there are many providers of final expense life insurance. What company you buy your policy from is extremely important, for it will most likely determine how good of a deal you get.

Understand that insurance companies make their rates public. For example, a policy from Mutual of Omaha will cost you the same amount with us as it would with any other agency.

However, the real key to you getting the lowest price possible is done by KNOWING which insurer looks at your specific health summary as the least risky.

Someone would have to have be completely familiar with the underwriting guidelines from all the top insurers in order to be able to confidently determine which of them would cost you the least. Simply put, we have this knowledge. We have over five years experience exclusively in the final expense market, and have helped thousands of families get protected.

Just because you contact us does not mean we feel entitled to you as a customer. We will work hard to earn your business and find you the cheapest price on a burial insurance policy.

If you want an expert final expense advocate that acts on your behalf rather than the insurance companies, give us a shot. We won’t let you down.

Just fill out the quote form and an agent will contact you as soon as possible.