What You Need To Know About Funeral Costs

The funeral cost figures in the calculator above are average prices derived from the cited sources.

Keep in mind that your funeral may cost more or less depending on the type of funeral you prefer, the choices you make, and where you live.

When interacting with a funeral home, be sure to take advantage of the FTC Funeral Rule, which grants you the following rights:

  • Obtain prices via telephone.
  • See a written price list often called a “General Price List (GPL).”
  • Buy only the services and products you want. You do not have to accept prepacked options that might be presented to you.
  • Obtain casket prices in writing before seeing the caskets.
  • See a price list for burial containers.
  • See an invoice for all the products and services you will receive before paying.
  • Forgo embalming if you choose to.
  • The right to buy a casket or urn from a third party.
  • Using an alternative container instead of a casket when opting for cremation.

There are many ways to pay for a funeral, such as life insurance, a pre-paid burial, or putting money into a savings account. Regardless of how you pay, plan your funeral now so your family does not have to while in a grieving state.

*This final expense calculator is for educational and illustrative purposes only. The values presented are not guaranteed. Consult with your desired funeral provider for accurate price estimates based on your preferences.