Choice Mutual wants to help you make the right life insurance choices. We strive to give you highly detailed, well-informed, and transparent information so you can make an informed buying decision for yourself and your loved ones.

You decide whom you do business with, and quite frankly, you have many options. So why should you trust Choice Mutual? We have hundreds of 5-star reviews across multiple platforms, an A+ rating with the BBB, and many other noteworthy accomplishments. But those are all secondary to the content we provide.

We give you the information that no other website will. We show you actual pricing and allow you to compare multiple insurance companies side by side. You can see sample policies, the applications, pros and cons of each company, and much more. Simply put, this is the only website on the internet that provides incredibly in-depth, unbiased information about final expense life insurance. Our agents all work on salary. You can trust that their advice isn’t motivated by personal monetary gain.


Editorial Process

Anthony Martin, the Founder and CEO, is responsible for all the content on The information he presents is a derivative of personal experience, industry data, and professional opinion.

Occasionally, he consults with experts to provide insight into a topic outside his expertise. When third-party experts are consulted, we thoroughly validate their professional experience. Our goal is to ensure they are fully qualified to provide expert commentary on the topic.

Before publishing any article, Anthony personally reviews the content multiple times. He also compensates third-party expert sources to ensure the accuracy of said content.

Choice Mutual has not and would not use artificial intelligence to create, modify, or influence any of the content on this website.

Sources and citations

Content appearing on Choice Mutual may include data from the following sources:

  • Third-party websites: We regularly link to articles on external websites to provide further clarification and validation for the topic at hand. We will also consult third-party websites for research purposes, such as review articles. For example, we analyzed the Colonial Penn website to learn about their products.
  • Third-party experts: Occassionaly, we consult with professionals not employed by Choice Mutual. We do this when we need input about a topic we feel we lack adequate competency.
  • Internal company data: Choice Mutual has helped thousands of customers and placed billions of dollars in life insurance coverage. We occasionally cite internal statistics, given our vast experience in this industry. Also, on occasion, we will conduct consumer surveys and mention the said survey(s) results in certain pieces of content.
  • Insurance industry data: Data from industry-related groups such as the Insurance Information Institute (III), National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), and Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA) will sometimes be cited to supplement our commentary.

Regardless of the source being used to provide further reference to a piece of content, we will always correctly give proper credit to the contributing author.

Subject matter

We write about subjects related to insurance, seniors, or the end-of-life industry. We write each article to address, in-depth, a particular topic so consumers can obtain unbiased information.


Fact Checked

At the top of each article, there is a “Fact checked” badge. It indicates that we employ third-party licensed agents who are also experts in reviewing our content for accuracy.


Customer Reviews

Various portions of our website will display actual reviews from Choice Mutual customers. We subscribe to a review service through a company called Trustpilot. After each customer interaction, we invite them to leave us a review of their experience. Be it good or bad, all customer reviews are visible on the website. Choice Mutual cannot edit customer reviews or dictate which ones are and are not published.


Updating, Correcting, And Deleting Articles

We regularly review and update existing articles. It’s common for insurance carriers to change their rates, applications, and underwriting. Also, we often alter articles for clarity or to provide a better user experience.

Human beings write our content, which means it’s subject to the occasional mishap. While rare, we do make mistakes. When we become aware of an error, we promptly update the content to remove the erroneous information. If you find an error on our site, please contact us immediately.

While this is uncommon, we have and will in the future delete articles. Content deletion happens for a variety of reasons. In general, it’s done because the content is either A) no longer relevant, B) for a product that doesn’t exist, or C) redundant.


How Does Choice Mutual Make Money?

Choice Mutual is an independent insurance agency. We represent over 15 different insurance companies. Every time we help clients buy a policy with one of our carrier partners, they pay us a commission. Without us, they would have no customers.

It’s essential to know that you do not pay a higher monthly price or a fee of any kind when we assist you. Truthfully, most insurance is not sold directly by the insurer. Well over 90% of all insurance is sold through licensed agencies such as Choice Mutual.

Insurance rates are filed with each Department of Insurance for each state. Insurance companies cannot deviate from these prices. Hence, rates can’t be different whether you buy through an agency like us or directly from the insurer (which is rarely possible).

The main advantage of Choice Mutual is that you:

  1. Get expert help from friendly agents who will answer all your questions.
  2. We compare all the top-rated carriers to ensure you get the best policy for the lowest rates.
  3. Assist you with the application from start to finish.
  4. Get 5-star ongoing service after your policy is issued.

All the benefits of working with us come at no extra cost.