Final Expense Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Does the insurance cost more because we buy through you?


An insurance companys’ rates are identical no matter who you purchase from. For example, Mutual of Omaha living promise final expense coverage is the same price whether you buy from us or another agent. It’s impossible for the rates to be different.

It does not matter what insurance product you’re shopping for. The price will be the same no matter who you talk with. There is no negotiation when it comes to insurance pricing.


How does Choice Mutual make money?

Choice Mutual is an independent insurance agency (A.K.A “broker”). We are not an insurance company. If we help you get a policy, you will see the issuing insurance company’s name on the cover of the policy and on your bank statement. We simply represent multiple insurance companies on your behalf.

Please know that your insurance does not cost more because we helped you.

In fact, there is a 99% chance that you’ll be paying less for your final expense coverage because we helped you.

When we sell an insurance policy, the issuing insurance company pays us a commission (our sales agents are paid on salary not commission). The insurance companies pay us money because without us they would not have a customer. This is why our services are always provided at no cost to you.

You may already know this, but all insurance operates this way. For example, you probably have car insurance right now. When you bought the policy, the agent (whether you spoke to them or not) got paid a commission.

When you buy insurance (does not matter what kind) some agent somewhere will be compensated for their involvement.


Are your licensed agents working on a salary or commission?

All our licensed sales agents are paid a base salary and do not get paid a commission for each policy they sell.

We pay our agents a salary for two main reasons.

  1. A salary ensures they always make a recommendation that is in the best interest of the client rather than their pocketbook. No matter how much coverage you buy or whether you buy or not, our agents are going receive their salary.
  2. We want our agents to experience financial security, so they never have to stress about paying their bills. We believe this leads to happier more productive agents which leads to better results for our employees and clients alike.


Does an agent need to come to our home?

Unless you’re in New York, absolutely not!

We are a national agency that assists everyone entirely over the phone, email, and regular mail.

At no point will a Choice Mutual agent have to come into your home.

From the privacy of your own home, we will answer all your questions, give you quotes, make recommendations, and help you get approved without ever having personally met with you.

Once your application is approved, you’ll get a printed policy mailed out to you that will arrive in less than two weeks.

If  and only if you live in New York, we will have to arrange an agent to physically meet with you to process the application. This is required due to state regulations that other states do not have.


Are you licensed?

Yes of course we are. We have a life license in all 50 U.S. states including Washington DC. You can view them all here.


How are you different from other providers of final expense life insurance?

The main difference between us and other people who sell final expense coverage is that we have a ton of companies to choose from. This all but ensures we can find you the best price possible.

We are an independent agency that represents over 15 different insurance companies. In the end, we simply recommend whichever carrier is going to give you the best deal.

Our freedom to shop lots of companies is the secret sauce. Life insurance companies compete with one another in two ways. Price and underwriting.

For example, one company may be perfectly fine with applicants who have diabetes, but another company may not.

Now if you have diabetes and you’re dealing with an agent who only has one company, what happens if that company is not fond of diabetic applicants? You’re up a creek without a paddle as the saying goes.

However, when you deal with us, we would simply pivot and put you with a carrier that looks favorably at diabetic applicants.

See how powerful that is?

Contrast this with most other agencies or companies and you’ll find they either represent only one insurance company or a few at most.

With them, they have very limited options which usually translates into you paying more than you need to and/or enduring a waiting period when it could have been avoided.

Another major factor that sets us apart from the rest is the fact that we only do final expense insurance. We sell no other kind of insurance.

You can trust that you’re dealing with through and through experts when you talk to one of our agents.

Finally, our website is unquestionably a resource like no other. You cannot find another final expense website that offers in depth product information like we do.

We show everyone how each carrier underwrites, instant quotes, coverage limits, where it’s available, pros & cons and much more.

We have built this site to give you a behind the scenes understanding (that only an agent could know) of final expense insurance. Also, we offer everyone the ability to run instant quotes so they can see actual prices from dozens of companies at the click of a button.


Couldn’t I just bypass you and go directly to the insurance company to save money?


First, final expense insurance is sold via agencies such as Choice Mutual. You cannot buy these plans directly from the insurer.

The only exception to that rule is a guaranteed acceptance policy. These are plans with no health questions. Some insurance companies offer these plans directly from them or via agencies.

For example, AIG Direct sells their guaranteed issue policy directly from them. They also sell it through agencies like us.

Whether you buy through us or directly from them, the policy is identical in every way including pricing. There is no discount by dealing directly with them.


You get paid commission when we buy which sounds like a conflict of interest. Why should we trust you’re doing what’s best for the customer?

You’re right that it could be a conflict of interest. We could absolutely place you with insurance companies that aren’t necessarily best for you simply because we get paid more.

That said, you’re going to have to trust us when it comes to this matter. Our entire mission is to serve you first. We know that if we consistently put the needs of the customer first, we will flourish.

This is why our sales agents are paid a base salary rather than being paid a commission on each sale.

We setup this pay structure so they can always do what’s right for the customer. Money never has to come between that commitment. Whether you buy a policy or not, our agents are still going to get paid.

This ensures that our agents will never have to choose between what’s right for or what makes them money

Another thing to keep in mind is the whole reason why we represent so many different final expense companies is specifically to be able to recommend which one is best for each customer.

If all we did was place customers with whichever insurer pays us the biggest commission, we would only have one or two companies. There would be no need for us to represent so many (we have over 15).

Also consider this. If we weren’t truly serving the customer, would people leave us reviews like one shown below.

There are literally hundreds of 5-star reviews online from very satisfied customers.

We submit to you that it would be impossible to have people say these things about us if we weren’t serving their interests first.

But decide for yourself.

If you think we just put folks with whichever insurance company pays us the most, then we recommend you not do business with us. Heck, if that’s how you feel why would you work with us?

However, if what we are saying makes sense, give us a chance to earn your business and we’ll back up our words with action. Then you’ll see for yourself.


Are the rates on your website lower than what I could get elsewhere?

Yes and no.

The rates for any given insurance product must be the same no matter who sells the policy. For example, a Living Promise final expense policy from Mutual of Omaha cannot be priced different no matter who sells it. Whether you buy from us or another agent, the rate will be identical.

All insurance rates are filed and regulated by each state’s department of insurance. Once an insurance company submits their rates to each DOI, they cannot deviate from them.

This is why insurance pricing is homogeneous no matter where you buy from.

That said, Choice Mutual gives you the best chance possible at securing the lowest rate because we shop and compare prices from multiple insurers to identify which one would offer you the best deal.


Can you get me a cheaper price on funeral expense coverage?

Yes and no.

As noted in the question just above this one, all insurance rates are identical no matter who you buy from.

For example, the price Aetna charges for their final expense coverage is identical whether you buy from us or another agency. By law, the rate cannot be different.

That said, we shop 15+ companies so we can get you the best deal possible.

Remember, we have more companies (a lot more) that anyone else. That’s why we can surely deliver you the best deal every time.


How do I buy coverage through you?

There’s a few different ways to go about it.

The best thing to do is just to call us at 1-800-644-2926. One of our agents will answer any questions you have and get familiar with your needs.

Then they’ll ask you some questions about your health so they can determine which companies would accept you. From there, they’ll figure out which one is going to offer you the best plan.

At that point, they’ll give you the recommendation and help you get approved if you’re still ready to move forward. Once your application is approved, you’ll get a printed policy in the mail within two weeks from the insurance carrier.

Another way you could do this would be to run quotes on our site. After you see the prices, you can hit a button to apply whereby you’ll type in a few more pieces of information.

After that, one of our agents would call you to walk you through the rest of the application process.

As you can see, all roads lead to talking with one of our agents.

Don’t worry, they ‘re friendly and never pushy. If you need time to think about it before moving forward, that’s okay. You decide on your own time when and if you buy.


Why do we have to talk to an agent?

In short, it’s because the insurance companies require it.

As agents, we have to abide by all insurance companies rules and regulations. One thing we must always do is ask each applicant the health questions.

In addition we must fill out a producer report testifying that we followed through with that requirement.

Below is an example of an actual producer report an insurance company has us fill out on each application.

Even for polices that have no health questions, we still have to read you certain disclosures.

Just know this.

You can buy final expense coverage without ever talking to an agent. However, that’s only possible via guaranteed acceptance plans (no health question policies).

Those all have a two year waiting period before you’re covered and cost much more.

If you want immediate coverage at the lowest rate possible, you cannot get that without speaking with an agent.

Just so you know…

Dealing with one of our agents isn’t like dealing with a car salesman. All our agents do is answer your questions and let you know which company is best for you along with helping you do your application if you want to get covered.

Nobody at Choice Mutual is going to try to sell you anything. That’s not how we operate.

We are here to inform, recommend and assist. Everything happens at your direction and pace.