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Anthony Martin is the Founder and CEO of Choice Mutual, an online life insurance agency specializing in final expense insurance. He has been a licensed life insurance agent since 2010. Currently, he holds an active insurance license in all 50 US states, including DC.

For 99% of his life insurance career, he has sold only final expense insurance. After personally selling thousands of policies, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of this business. There is virtually no question about this product that he cannot answer. If you are a consumer who needs guidance when it comes to final expense coverage, he is the guy who has the answers you need.

When he created Choice Mutual, his goal was simple. It was to provide consumers with an online resource that provides an in-depth & behind-the-scenes understanding of how final expense insurance works. The website exists to give consumers access to accurate information that only a seasoned agent could possess.

He created all the content on the Choice Mutual website. In addition. Anthony routinely updates existing posts and creates new articles to inform customers further.

He is an official member of the Forbes Finance Council, an invitation-only group of professionals with a proven track record of success.

Anthony also writes content for Forbes about life insurance, success, and internet marketing. In addition, he is regularly consulted as a source for many high-profile online publications.


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