LGBTQ seniors are a fast-growing demographic of about 3 million people over the age of 50 who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, or questioning. Across the nation, there’s a growing number of issues the community faces when it comes to housing, financial aid, health, and more.

We’ve created a list of organizations and research dedicated to helping the aging community and educating caregivers to ensure that the twilight years of LGBTQ older adults receive the help and care they deserve.

Aging Resources

Here’s a comprehensive list of general facts, figures, and answers to frequently asked questions on aging for LGBTQ seniors.

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National Resource Center on LGBTQ+ Aging

This national organization commits to education, care, and support for LGBTQ seniors as well as their families and care partners.

LGBT Aging Facts

SAGE is a national LGBT senior center and advocacy and services organization that commits time and resources to queer seniors. This list collects facts from reports about the over 3 million LGBT adults over 50 and the challenges this demographic faces. You can also check out this PDF from SAGE with similar facts and information.


This is the landing page for the LGBT pride section of the AARP. This page offers various news articles and new information specific to senior LGBT community members.

GLAD Know Your Rights: Aging

The GLBTQ Legal Associates & Defenders organization focuses on a specific subset of issues to ensure that LGBTQ elders never need to go back into the closet and are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

LGBT National Senior Hotline

This national hotline is an anonymous and confidential safe space where senior callers can speak up about different issues and concerns related to what they and other LGBT seniors face.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Aging

The American Psychological Association has put together a page about a growing population’s unique needs and disparities: the LGBT elder community.

LGBT Aging

Members of the Williams Institute School of Law put together a report that reviews the current research on LGBT older adults to address the needs of LGBT seniors, whether they’re aging in place or living in a community.

LGBT Programming for Older Adults

Iona is an organization dedicated to navigating the challenges of caring for and supporting an older adult. They have specific LGBT-inclusive programming, including peer-led support groups and improving/creating services dedicated to helping the community.

Inclusive Questions for Older Adults

This LGBT elder initiative is a detailed look at the needs, data, and common misconceptions about LGBT senior citizens so caregivers can ensure they are giving appropriate care, especially when honoring significant relationships.

What Does the Future Hold for LGBTQ Seniors?

IN Magazine wrote an article detailing how current LGBTQ seniors deal with health care providers and retirement facilities and whether or not to go back in the closet rather than face discrimination.

Health Care Resources

Seniors in the LGBTQ+ community face unique challenges when it comes to accessing fair and equitable healthcare and life insurance. These resources explore healthcare options for the community.

LGBTQ+ Health

This list from MedlinePlus, a subsidiary of the National Library of Medicine, summarizes research and issues related to the LGBTQ+ community, especially LGBTQ+ older adults.

GLMA Provider Directory

The GLMA is a national organization committed to ensuring health equity for the community. They’ve put together a directory for providers in their network that are LGBTQ-friendly to ensure quality health care.

HIV among people aged 50 or older

An average of one in six new HIV diagnoses are in the 50+ community, especially in those who are part of the LGBT community. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has included an overview and infographic about diagnosing and preventing HIV.

10 Things Every LGBT Older Adult Should Know About HIV/AIDS

The SAGE Health Series and Diverse Elders Coalition created a pamphlet with ten facts about HIV and AIDS since it is a rising health concern in the 50+ LGBT community demographic.

Funders for LGBT Issues: Health

Funders for LGBT Issues is a network of over 75 foundations, corporations, and institutions dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of the aging LGBTQ community.

Housing Resources

Use these resources as an introduction to options for housing assistance, life in retirement, and assisted living for LGBTQ seniors.

LGBT Elders

This page is a message from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development about elder advocacy and finding appropriate and safe housing for LGBT seniors.

Affordable Housing for LGBTQ Seniors

Shelterforce wrote an article about LGBTQ senior housing and how difficult it can currently be, but how different organizations have spent the last few years going above and beyond to change that so there are more LGBTQ-friendly properties to choose from.

LGBTQ Senior Housing and Assisted Living

This housing locator details everything an individual or couple needs to know about searching for LGBTQ assisted living and senior housing. You can even search a city, ZIP code, or county to find the perfect senior living option for you.

LGBTQ Retirement Communities

Senior Living put together information for LGBTQ+ senior citizens that go over nursing homes and cities that are best for the community. When you input your ZIP code, it will help you find housing communities near you that are LGBT-friendly.

Financial Resources

For assistance with financial and food security, explore the following resources from LGBTQ-focused organizations.

MAZON: LGBTQ Older Adults

MAZON is an organization dedicated to addressing and removing barriers to food security among LGBTQ older adults.

Coalition for Aging LGBT Services

The Coalition for Aging LGBT is an organization dedicated to improving and protecting the quality of life for older LGBT adults for health, housing, advocacy, financial security, and social services.

Community Resources

Queer elders are important role models to the wider community, but building community is just as important to seniors as it is to younger LGBTQ people. Check out these community resources for more information.

Prime Timers Worldwide

Prime Timers Worldwide is a community dedicated to bringing together older gay or bisexual men for friendship, personal growth, and support.

CenterLink LGBT Community-Building Programs

The Community of LGBT Centers offers programs focused on support, technical assistance, training, and networking opportunities for the elder LGBT community.

Additional Links

For more information that’s helpful to LGBTQ seniors, check out these additional legal, veteran, and caregiver resources below.

Lambda Legal: Know Your Rights as a Transgender Person

Lambda Legal is dedicated to knowing laws that protect LGBT people. This page is specific to the elder transgender community.

Benefits for LGBT Service Members

The Department of Veterans Affairs has specific information about benefits for LGBT service members, including specific life insurance benefits and assistance programs for those who fought in the Vietnam War.

Special Concerns of LGBT Caregivers

The Family Caregiver Alliance has created a landing page full of information for LGBT caregivers of older adults and caring for senior members of the LGBT community to ensure that everybody is given quality care in their twilight years.

Funeral Planning

LGBTQ seniors have an extensive history of community-building that serves as a model for other people in how to stick together. Part of planning ahead means making sure that your community knows what to do to take care of your needs as you age — and this includes looking ahead to plan your funeral, too.

Plan ahead with burial insurance for LGBTQ seniors to cover your arrangements. This will give you the peace of mind to spend more time with your community now when it counts.

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