Final Expense Insurance

Choice Planning

Welcome to Choice Planning!

All Choice Mutual customers enjoy free lifetime access to this service. You must purchase a final expense life insurance policy through Choice Mutual in order to access to this system.

We built this free funeral planning platform so you can completely pre-design how you want your funeral carried out.

The final expense life insurance policy we helped you acquire ensures your family won’t have to bear a financial burden. You’ll use this free pre-planning too to ensure your family won’t have to endure an emotional burden because they won’t be forced to make complicated decisions one of the worst days of their life.

You can design and specify the exact type of service you’d like down to every last detail. Be as specific or as vague as you please.
Once you outline the basics of your funeral preferences, you can download a PDF copy of your plan and/or email it to as many recipients as you please.

We all know people change overtime. If you change your preferences down the line, that’s okay because you can update you plan any time you wish!

When we get notified of your passing, we will forward your most recent copy of your plan to your beneficiaries in case they don’t already have it.