If you are just looking for some instant burial insurance quotes, use the quote form on this page. If you have kidney disease, it’s best to call us, so we can give you accurate rates. Not every company will work with you, but some will. We will find the best ones for you.

I have kidney disease. Can you help me find some affordable burial insurance?

We have been asked this question more times than we can count. Truthfully, finding good low cost final expense insurance with chronic kidney disease can be very difficult. However, it’s only challenging when you work with a company other than Choice mutual!

We have ample experience helping folks with kidney disease secure the best and lowest cost final expense insurance on the market. Today, we are going to give you an in depth look at what it’s like to buy funeral insurance with kidney disease.


In this piece, we will show you precisely how burial life insurance companies could react to kidney disease, what kind of expectations you should have, and how to find the best burial policy.


Here’s The Deal Regarding Burial Insurance With Kidney Disease

It’s probably no surprise that every funeral insurance company will inquire about kidney disease. The key thing to remember is that all these life insurance companies respond to health conditions in their own way.

When it comes to kidney disease, you can absolutely secure a full immediate benefit with some burial insurance companies. No matter what, you will have to pay a slightly higher premium compared to someone who has no health issues, but you can definitely secure instant coverage. If you have end stage kidney disease and are on dialysis, we can get you a new policy that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Albeit, you will be subject to a waiting period, but at least you can get coverage.

Want some more good news?

Burial insurance plans are simplified issue so you will never have to endure a stranger in your home to complete the application. You will only have to answer some health questions. In some cases, you won’t even have to do that!

Chronic kidney disease is an incurable condition that will be with you for the rest of your life. Hopefully your situation is not to the point where you need a dialysis and a transplant. Regardless of the details of your individual situation, we can help you get coverage. We may even be able to get you full coverage that protects you from day one.

Burial Insurance With Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease Underwriting

When you go to apply for your burial insurance, you will be answering some questions about your health. In the background, the insurance company will be checking your prescription history.

Both the health questionnaire and your medication history will be used to determine if you are eligible for coverage with a given company. There are final expense life policies that have no health questions, but those are only a good idea in certain situations. We will touch more on this later in the article.

When it comes to burial insurance and kidney disease, it makes sense to divide it up into the two following sections:

This fork in the road occurs because your options are very different depending on which category you fall in. Feel free to click on either one to jump to whatever section applies to you.

Burial Insurance With Kidney Disease


Pre End Stage Kidney Disease

If you are in this category, your kidney disease is in one of the following stages:

  • Stage 1: Your GFR is 90 or greater
  • Stage 2: Your GFR is 60-89
  • Stage 3: Your GFR is 30-59
  • Stage 4: Your GFR is 15-29

Regardless of which of these four  stages you are in, you still have  plenty of options with various burial insurance companies.


The Health Questions

There is no burial insurance company that will not ask about kidney disease. Just to be clear, you may see some companies use the words “kidney disease” or “chronic kidney disease”. It does not matter which way they write it. Burial Insurance With Kidney DiseaseBoth mean the same thing. If you have kidney disease, you need to say yes whether they ask about “kidney disease” or “chronic kidney disease”.

Here are some common ways you will see funeral insurance companies ask about kidney disease:

  • Have you ever had, been diagnosed with, been treated for, or been advised to have treatment for kidney disease?
  • In the last 24 months, have you had or been treated for chronic kidney disease?

You will notice that most burial insurance companies will not attach a specific time period to their question that asks about kidney disease. In most cases, the question will ask you if you have ever in your life had it.

They do this because kidney disease cannot be cured. Once you get it, you always have it. This is why most carriers will merely ask if you’ve had it at any point in your life.


Medications For Kidney Disease

Below are a list of medications that are often used to treat various stages of kidney disease. If you are taking any of these for renal failure, just go to the renal failure section of this article. Burial Insurance With Kidney Disease

On the other hand, if you have not gone into kidney failure, these pills will cause the insurance companies to place you into whatever category they have for non renal failure kidney disease applicants.

  • Aranesp
  • Calcijex
  • Calcitriol
  • Calcium Acetate
  • Carnitor
  • Cystagon
  • Eliphos
  • Fosrenol
  • Hectoral
  • Levocarnitine
  • Omontys
  • Phoslo
  • Renagel
  • Renvela
  • Rocaltrol
  • Sensipar
  • Zemplar


How Insurers Respond To Non Renal Failure Kidney Disease Applicants

First and foremost, the exact nature of your entire health profile will ultimately determine what options are available to you. With that, below is a list of possible outcomes you could encounter due to your CKD.

Please note, there is no way we could ever tell you exactly what company you should go with or what precisely you should expect. We can’t do that because there is so much we don’t know about you. Every burial insurance company will assess your health in multiple ways.

Every element of your health will ultimately come into play in regards to what plan is best for you. Having said all of that, below is a comprehensive list of how final expense life insurance companies respond to kidney disease applicants.


1) They outright decline you

It’s true. There are some burial insurance companies that not accept applicants who have CKD. It doesn’t really matter though since there are many that will.


2) They charge you more money and they make you wait 2 years

In this scenario the insurance company is essentially placing you in their highest risk category they have. Most life insurance companies will call this their “modified” plan. Basically, the insurance costs about 40-80% more per month, and the policy will not pay a death benefit if you die within the first 24 months. If you were to die within this time, they would give you back all your money plus 10% interest.

Nobody should ever accept a modified plan from any insurance company. There is no reason to pay this much money. You could get a significantly cheaper price by taking out a guaranteed life plan. It would be the same policy, only it would cost 30-50% less than a modified plan would. We go into more detail about guaranteed issue plans in end stage kidney disease section.


3) They charge you a bit more and but offer you limited coverage during the first 24 months

In this situation, you are going to pay anywhere from 30-60% more, and they will stipulate that you policy will pay a portion of the death benefit when it starts. Most insurance carriers will call this their “graded” plan.

Basically, a graded plan pays out anywhere from 30-40% of your death benefit during the first year. During the second year, the death benefit payout is 70-80%.

A graded plan might be your best option. It just depends on the details of your entire health profile.


4) They merely charge you bit more money Burial Insurance With Kidney Disease

With this setup, you are simply going to pay anywhere from 30-60% more money because of your kidney disease. The key thing to remember here is that your death benefit is fully intact right away. With this sort of plan, your death benefit would pay out in full starting on day one.

We have companies that offer this amazing value. If you qualify with a company that does this, jump on it because it will be your best choice. If for some reason you cannot qualify with a company that offers this kind of plan to you, a graded plan would be your next best option.


When You Have Kidney Disease, You Will Pay More Money

Burial Insurance With Kidney DiseaseDid you notice that every single one of those responses we listed included a higher premium? Unfortunately, if you have kidney disease, you are going to pay a higher monthly premium with every single burial insurance company no matter what. There is no company that will charge an applicant with CKD the same amount as a person in perfect health. It just doesn’t exist.


End Stage Kidney Disease

If you fall into this category, you are in stage 5 of chronic kidney disease. Your GFR is below 15.

First of all, we are sorry that you in this situation. We pray that a transplant comes through for you as soon as possible. Thankfully, dialysis can keep people alive for a very long time. Please just never skip a dialysis appointment!

If you are in this situation, your options are crystal clear. There are no other health variables that need to be  considered. We can make a conclusive assessment based of this information alone However, before we go any further, there is a cold hard truth you must accept.

You cannot get coverage with any insurer on this planet that will protect you at all during the first 2 years.

Here’s the deal

Every single burial insurance company will have a knockout section in their health questionnaire. Any of the following will constitute a knockout with every company:

  • End stage kidney disease
  • Renal failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Kidney transplant
  • Awaiting kidney transplant
  • Dialysis

Please don’t make this mistake

All too often we encounter good people who feel as though we are putting them on. They tell us they will just keep looking until they find a policy that covers them immediately.

Please don’t think we are lying to you. We cannot gain anything by being dishonest. You will not find a policy that covers you during the first two years. It simply does not exist.

Burial Insurance With Kidney Disease

Here’s Your Only Option When You’re On Dialysis

Given your condition, your only option is to take out a life insurance policy that has no health questions or medical checks of any sort.  They are called guaranteed issue or guaranteed acceptance. The issuing insurance company will literally just issue the policy blind without asking a single question regarding your health.

There are key things to remember with these kinds of plans.

  1. They cost more
  2. They do not payout a death benefit during the first 24 months of the policy

Remember this

These plans with every insurance company are all the same. There’s dozens of companies that offer them. The only difference is what they charge you for the insurance. Presently, the two cheapest companies are Gerber Life and Mutual of Omaha.

There is no other guaranteed issue burial insurance plan from any other carrier that comes remotely close to the pricing of Gerber or Mutual of Omaha.

We can help you set one of these up. Just give us a call, and we will do the rest.


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance With Kidney Disease

By now it’s probably painfully clear that having CKD will play a pretty major role when it comes to qualifying for burial insurance.

Here’s the deal

You need to put your faith in a company that has the experience and tools to help you figure out what plan is best for you. It’s no different than relying on your doctor to recommend the right treatment for whatever ailments you have. Follow this formula, and you will find the best final expense insurance.

To find the best burial insurance with kidney disease, you absolutely must work with a very experienced independent final expense agency that has free access to many different insurance companies. An agency like this will assess your entire health situation and determine which companies will best suit you. Then it’s just a matter of sorting the quotes from each company to see who is going to give you the best deal.

Where do you find a company like this?

We got you covered already. You are on our website right now, so you don’t even need to go searching. Choice Mutual is an independent agency and we have tons of experience helping folks with CKD. If you will allow us to earn your business, we will surely save you time and money.Burial Insurance With Kidney Disease

We will begin by gathering information about your regarding your health. Once we know that stuff, we will sort through all the companies we represent. Our goal is to find you all the carriers that offer immediate coverage to applicants with CKD. Once we have that list, we will sort it by price to see who is the cheapest. It’s that simple.

Call us at 1-800-644-2926 or fill out the quote form on this page with your phone number. If you do, we will contact you shortly.