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Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 69 Year Olds

Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 69 Year Olds

Use the quote form on this page to see real quotes from many of the top burial insurance companies in your state. You will see a list of burial insurance plans starting with whichever company is cheapest.

Did you know that at age 69, Canadian Ed Whitlock of Milton, Ontario, Canada,  became the oldest person to run a standard marathon in  under three hours.  He completed it in 2 hours, 52 minutes and 47 seconds. That is quite sample burial insurance rates for 69 year oldsimpressive at any age! The marathon that is life is a long one that you still have many years left to run. However, that doesn’t mean you can prepare for the end of it whenever the good Lord should call you home. Burial insurance will ensure that when that day comes, all your expenses are taken care of. See how affordable it is even at age 69. Check out these sample burial insurance rates for 69 year olds to see for yourself. There is never a better time than today to prepare for something. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.


Sample Burial Insurance Rates for 69 Year Olds

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Getting Low Rates On Your Final Expense Insurance

First and foremost, you must buy your plan from an independent agency that specializes in final expense. This is the single most significant step you can take to ensure you get low rates on your burial insurance. If you do nothing else, this alone will help you the most. We hate to beat a dead horse, but its beyond critically important that you do this. Keep on reading to learn why this is the case.

An independent final expense agency is able to freely represent any insurance company it wants. In effect, this leads to a huge pool of burial insurance companies to choose from. The net result is comparison shopping for you. When you work with an independent final expense agency, they compare all the prices from the different companies. Then they will simply select which one will give you the best value. It’s that simple.

On the other hand, if you work with a non independent agency, they have no options. They would only have one insurance company to choose from. With only one option, there is almost no chance that one company is going to be your best option. In the end, you would be paying more than you needed, and likely have an inferior product. Remember, when multiple companies compete for YOUR business, you win in every way.

Last, the agency must be independent, but it must also be one that specializes in final expense. This is also very important because the underwriting among all the different companies is not the same. One of the big keys to finding which of all these companies is best for you is knowing which ones will accept all your health conditions with open arms. This takes much time and experience to learn.

Please keep in mind that if you want a burial insurance plan, you should take immediate action. The price won’t go up too much once you turn 70. You can see the final expense prices for a 70 year here. What you are probably not considering is how your health can really cause your rates to jump. Furthermore, certain health events or conditions can cause you to endure unavoidable waiting periods. Please heed the warning of the unforuante people who waiting and experienced a bad change in their health. Do this now if you know you want it.


Guaranteed acceptance burial insurance

These policies that ask no health questions whatsoever are very popular, but they are very likely not your best choice. At first, you might think that no health questions and no medical checks is the best thing since sliced bread. Many people are very attracted to the concept of guaranteed approval and a super hassle free application process. While these are true statements, what these guaranteed issue burial insurance companies fail to inform you is what you could really be getting that is far superior.

First of all, when you get a guaranteed issue plan, there are two big penalties you incur as a result. The first big drawback is the mandatory two year waiting period. This cannot be avoided. Since the insurance companies do not ask health questions or check your medical history in any way, they must impose this waiting period to protect themselves.

The second big penalty you incur is a more expensive monthly payment. Because the insurance companies are taking on a much higher level of risk with these policies, they have to charge more. That is just how insurance works. The higher the risk, the higher the cost.

What you are giving up

Now let’s talk about what you are giving up by going directly to a guaranteed issue burial insurance plan. If you decide to not try and get a plan that has underwriting (health questions), here are the two big benefits you are going to forego:

  1. Much lower monthly premiums
  2. Immediate benefit with no waiting period

Ultimately, a burial insurance plan that asks health questions and checks your medical history will be cheaper than a guaranteed issue final expense plan. Furthermore, a final expense insurance plan that has underwriting will result in immediate protection that has no waiting period. All around, a burial insurance plan is vastly superior in terms of the net benefit to you, your pocketbook, and your family.

In general, you should always try to get a final expense insurance plan that has some health questions first. You should exhaust this route until its decided that you cannot qualify for an underwritten plan. Then and only then should you move forward with a guaranteed issue plan. In that case, look at Gerber Life. They have an excellent and very cheap guaranteed issue plan. We can help you get one with Gerber if necessary. In all honestly, an agent at Choice Mutual could easily and quickly tell you if you will or will not qualify for a burial insurance plan that has underwriting. Give us a call. We are here to assist.


Let choice mutual do the work for you

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, we are in independent final expense agency. We have access to dozens of top rated burial insurance companies. If you let us do the work for you, you will save time and money. We will carefully survey your individual situation and identify which insurance company will give you the best deal. We have helped thousands of families so our knowledge of all the different insurance companies is second to none. If you need some burial insurance, give us a call and let us earn your business. You will be glad that you did. Call us at 1-800-644-2926. You can also fill out the quote form on this page and let us call you.