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Who Is Family First Life?

Family First Life, aka “FFL,” is one of the largest insurance agencies in the USA.

They are licensed, in all states, to sell life insurance, health insurance, Medicare products, and annuities.

The primary products they market are final expense insurance and “mortgage protection insurance.”

Family First Life is not an insurance company that underwrites its own products. They are an insurance broker that partners with dozens of insurance providers such as Mutual of Omaha, John Hancock, AIG, and many more.

Because they freely represent multiple insurers, they can match each client with whichever product best suits their needs.

Their website does not allow you to quote or buy insurance entirely online.

To get a quote or buy insurance through a Family First Life agency, you must either physically meet one of their agents or speak to them verbally via telephone.

To learn more about who they are, visit the about section of their website.


Family First Life Insurance Products

Family First Life has an extensive product selection because they contract with dozens of insurance companies.

That said, they focus on four main types of insurance.


Final expense insurance

Final expense life insurance (aka “burial insurance” or “funeral insurance”) is a small whole life policy that doesn’t require an exam.

Coverage options are very small, typically $2,000-$50,000, so you can buy just enough to pay cremation costs or burial costs.

Burial insurance for seniors is life insurance (see life insurance vs. burial insurance), so the net result of the policy is a cash payout directly to your loved ones.

They can spend that money with no restrictions.


Mortgage protection

Mortgage protection insurance is a marketing expression that typically describes a term life insurance policy.

If you die while the policy is in force, it will pay out so your loved ones can pay off the remaining mortgage balance.


Indexed universal life

Indexed universal life is a type of permanent life insurance that is often used to supplement retirement. The money in the cash value account grows every time you make payments.

It also earns interest based on the insurance company’s stock market index. You can withdraw the cash and spend it with no restrictions at any time.


Fixed index annuities

A fixed index annuity offers ironclad guarantees that your principal will never decrease. The upside gains are reduced since the principal is fully protected.

For the risk-averse, a fixed income annuity offers a secure way to park your money for retirement.


Family First Life Pros And Cons

Every business has its pluses and minuses. Family First Life is no exception to that rule.

The Good
  • Vast array of carriers to choose from
  • Hundreds of field offices if you prefer to meet in person (and live close to one)
  • Many insurance products to choose from
  • The company donates to many charitable causes
  • Extensive track record for developing highly successful agents, which is indicative of product expertise and quality training
  • Works with many reputable and stable insurance carriers
The Bad
  • No licensing information on their website
  • Their website does not provide online quotes
  • No dedicated customer service phone number
  • Very little online information about their experience with customers


Insurance Companies That Family First Life Offers

According to the FFL website, they represent the following final expense life insurance companies:

It’s unknown if this list is complete or if there are other carriers simply not shown on their website.


How Much Does Insurance From Family First Life Cost?

The price of an insurance policy depends on the type of coverage, age, gender, health, lifestyle, tobacco usage, and how much coverage you want.

You’d need to speak with one of their sales representatives to get quotes for their universal life, health products, or annuities.

Below are some quotes for final expense insurance since that is one of the most popular products they sell.

The prices shown are for $10,000 in whole life final expense coverage.

The insurance carriers quoted are Mutual of Omaha Living Promise whole life insurance, Americo Eagle (level), Aetna’s Accendo (preferred).

AgeMutual of Omaha company logoAmerico company logoAetna company logo


Third-Party Ratings

Insurance agencies like Open Care, TruStage, National Family Assurance, and Family First Life don’t have ratings from A.M. Best.

A.M. Best only assigns ratings to insurance carriers- not brokers.

That said, there is evidence of Family First Life ratings from other relevant entities.

One of the significant shortcomings of Family First Life is the absence of direct consumer feedback.

Frankly, virtually all their online reviews are from their licensed sales agents, not the customers who buy the insurance.

For consumer feedback, here is the little that exists as of 11/27/2023:


Company Background Information

Family First Life is an insurance marketing organization (“IMO”) started in 2013 by Shawn Meaike.

In October 2019, Family First Life was acquired by Integrity Marketing Group.

Post-acquisition, Shawn Meaike is still the president and CEO of Family First Life.

Their home office is based in Uncasville, Connecticut. As of 11/27/2023, they have over 124 affiliate offices and thousands of licensed agencies spread throughout the nation.

FFL sales agents are all independent contractors who technically work for themselves rather than Family First Life.

Family First Life donates to over 30 organizations. Per their website, they have donated over $1,000,000 to various charities such as Make a Wish and DreamCenter.

You can get in contact with Family First Life directly or via their social channels:


Frequently Asked Questions


Family First Life is a legitimately licensed insurance agency authorized to sell insurance nationwide. Each sales agent holds the proper state license to sell their insurance products.

Family First Life is an insurance marketing organization that has agents and offices throughout the nation. They sell life insurance, health and Medicare products, and annuities.

There are two ways to buy insurance from Family First Life. First, you can speak to one of their sales agents who can fully process the application over the phone. If you prefer to do business in person, the other option would be to meet with one of their agents physically.

Family First Life contracts with top insurance companies such as Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, Transamerica, John Hancock, and many more. Their insurance partners offer some of the most competitive products in the nation for burial insurance, mortgage protection, and annuities.

Choice Mutual often cites third-party websites to provide context and verification for specific claims made in our work. We only link to authoritative websites that are known to provide accurate information. You can learn more about our editorial standards, which guides our mission of delivering factual and impartial content.

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