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Royal Neighbors of America final expense insurance is one of the best plans on the market.

They offer aggressively lenient underwriting that will indeed accept most seniors despite high-risk medical conditions (diabetes in particular).

Learn how their coverage works, the cost, pros, and cons, and when you should and shouldn’t buy their policy.


How Does Royal Neighbors Of America Final Expense Insurance Work?

Royal Neighbors final expense life insurance, aka burial insurance or funeral insurance, is a simplified issue whole life policy typically meant to cover your funeral and burial expenses.

The policy pays out a tax-free cash benefit that your beneficiaries can use on anything- not just funeral costs.

That means they can use the money for medical bills, credit card debts, or other outstanding bills.

Also, your beneficiaries may keep the leftover money. Excess funds do not go to the funeral home.

The policy is “simplified issue,” meaning that it does not require a medical exam to qualify.

Qualification entails answering health questions and allowing Royal neighbors to review your prescription medication history.

Royal Neighbors of America has two different health ratings that you may qualify for:

  • SIWL: it stands for “simplified issue whole life.” This is their lowest-price option and has no waiting period. You must be able to honestly answer no to all the health questions in the application to be eligible for this plan.
  • Graded: the graded plan costs about 30-50% more than the SIWL option. It has a partial waiting period. That means if you die in the first 12 months, Royal neighbors will pay out 30% of the death benefit. Death during months 13-24 would result in a payout of 70% of the death benefit. After two years, the total amount is payable. The graded plan will be offered if you have any health issue mentioned in eight or nine of the application.

Royals Neighbors does not directly sell this product.

They solely rely on licensed agencies like Open Care, Family First Life, or Choice Mutual to sell their funeral life insurance policies.


Coverage DetailsSIWLGraded
Policy TypeWhole Life Insurance
Policy DurationLifetime
Fixed PremiumsYes
Builds Cash ValueYes
State AvailabilityAll states except AK, AL, HI, LA, MA, NH, NYOnly CT, FL & ND
New Applicant Age Range50-8050-75
Coverage Options7,00-$30,0007,00-$10,000
Free Built In RidersTerminal illness
Optional RidersAccidental Death (2X the payout for accidental death)
Where to ApplyAgencies licensed to sell Royal Neighbors Life products (you can't buy this plan directly from them)
Phone Number to Apply1-800-644-2926
Medical Exam RequiredNo
2-Year Waiting PeriodNo
(subject to underwriting approval)
1st Year: 30% payout
2nd Year: 70% payout
Application Approval Time10 Minutes
BrochureRoyal Neighbors Final Expense Brochure
Sample ApplicationRoyal Neighbors Final Expense Application


How Much Does Royal Neighbors Funeral Insurance Cost?

The cost of Royal neighbors funeral insurance is based on your age, gender, health, state, tobacco usage (if any), and how much coverage you select.

The table below has some sample final expense prices for their coverage.

All rates shown are monthly premiums for $10,000 in coverage at a non-tobacco rating.


50F: $35.45
M: $41.35
F: $47.95
M: $59.95
55F: $39.25
M: $48.05
F: $52.65
M: $66.55
60F: $39.95
M: $51.85
F: $54.15
M: $71.35
65F: $46.35
M: $60.55
F: $67.15
M: $88.35
70F: $58.25
M: $77.75
F: $88.18
M: $122.65
75F: $81.65
M: $114.85
F: $128.15
M: $175.65
80F: $118.35
M: $160.05


Pros & Cons Of Royal Neighbors Of America Final Expense Life Insurance

The Good
  • The SIWL option has no waiting period
  • Aggressively lax underwriting (much more so than other providers) that is accepting of a variety of risky medical conditions
  • Hands down the best company at insuring people with a history of diabetes
  • No height to weight guidelines which means people who are very obese will still qualify
  • Competitive rates at most ages
  • Quick underwriting that renders approvals within minutes
  • Lifelong coverage that has a fixed premium
  • A well established company that has been in business for over 120 years
  • An a (Excellent) rating with A.M. Best
  • The company has deep philanthropic roots and gives away large amounts of money each year
  • Royal Neighbors of America was the first life insurance company in the USA to offer life insurance to women and children
  • Women led company that heavily focuses on championing women specific issues
The Bad
  • From age 50-59, their rates are unusually high compared to other companies
  • The minimum face amount is $7,000, which is much higher than most carriers
  • There are many states where the product isn’t available
  • No guaranteed acceptance option


Is Royal Neighbors Burial Insurance Worth Buying?

Yes, Royal Neighbors final expense coverage is worth buying if you qualify.

They made our list of the best final expenses companies for a few reasons.

No single insurance company is best for everyone, which is why you must investigate multiple ones to find your best policy. The underwriting, pricing, terms, and conditions are very by the company.

First, their prices are competitive (not for ages 50-59), and their underwriting is the best in the business.

They will accept seniors with medical conditions that most other companies will either decline or offer a two-year waiting period policy.

Plus, the company supports a lot of great causes, and their member benefits are highly valuable.

Their graded plan is sometimes worth it.

Generally, you should only take the graded policy if other companies won’t accept whichever condition caused Royal neighbors to offer you their graded plan.

The table below outlines many typical health issues where you’d still be eligible for no waiting period coverage with Royal Neighbors of America.


Common conditions still eligible for no waiting period coverage:

Bipolar disorder
Blood clots
Blood thinners
Cancer > 2 years ago
Circulatory surgery > 2 years ago
Crohn’s disease
Diabetes (type 1 or 2)
Diabetic neuropathy
Grave’s disease
Heart attack > 2 years ago
Heart surgery > 2 years ago
Hepatitis > 2 years ago
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Home health care
Multiple instances of cancer
Pacemaker (installed > 2 years ago)
Severely overweight
Sleep apnea
Tia mini-strokes


Royal Neighbors Of America Company Background

Royal Neighbors of America is a fraternal organization that started in 1895. Their home office is in Rock Island, Illinois.

They offer a full suite of life insurance products, including senior final expense insurance, traditional whole life, term life, children’s whole life insurance, and annuities.

They currently have an A (Excellent) rating with A.M. Best.

Their contact information is below:

  • Website:
  • Phone number: 1-800-627-4762
  • Mailing address: 230 16th Street, Rock Island, IL 61201