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Burial Insurance For The Blind

Don’t think you can get quality affordable burial insurance when you are blind?


Yes you can, and we’ll prove it to you.

While most companies indeed will shy aware from insuring blind applicants, there are a couple that will not.

Today, we are going to explain how final expense companies underwrite this condition, show you what kind of options you will have, and give you an easy to use formula to find the best policy.

The Truth About Burial Insurance For The Blind

Lots of blind clients came to us frustrated after they began searching for final expense life insurance. Unfortunately, most companies just aren’t equipped to serve those who cannot see.

The truth is people who are blind can still secure a policy that protects them in full immediately, and comes at the lowest cost offered by the insurance company. Being blind does not mean having to endure a waiting period by default or having to pay super high prices. Some insurance companies do impose those penalties, but there are thankfully some (not many) that do not.

And here’s some more amazing news

The nature of funeral life insurance is that it’s all done on a simplified basis. This means there’s no medical exam involved. Furthermore, at no point will you have to fill out any paperwork.

The insurance companies have processes where you can completely apply with just your voice! This has been revolutionary for blind folks.

While not being able to see changes your life dramatically, it does not mean you cannot secure affordable burial insurance. We have a long list of satisfied blind clients who can attest to that statement.

Blindness & Underwriting

As you are probably aware, underwriting is the nothing more than the process the insurance company uses to evaluate risk. When it comes to burial insurance plans, they utilize three steps to do this.

  1. They ask health questions
  2. They evaluate prescription history
  3. They analyze MIB for any relevant records

Once they have this information, they can come to a decision regarding your eligibility.

It’s important to note that some companies offer burial policies that actually have no underwriting whatsoever. However, these are not in the best interest of most folks. We will talk more about this later in this article.

Burial Insurance For The Blind

The Health Questions

Every plan that has underwriting (with every company) will have a series of health related questions. You must answer these as part of the application.

Every final expense life insurance company will have their own questions they ask.

While most insurance companies tend to ask about the same health issues, no two companies have the same exact questions.

Here’s the most important thing to understand about health questions

Final expense life insurance companies only ask about the conditions they care about. That means if they don’t ask about something, they are more than okay with it.

For example, you will never see a burial insurance company ask if you have high blood pressure.

Why is that you may ask? It’s because they don’t care if you have high blood pressure which is why they don’t ask about it.

Here’s something else to know about health questions

If you ever say yes to any question, it will mean one of the following conditions is true:

  1. You will pay a higher premium.
  2. You will pay a higher premium and have to endure a partial or full waiting period.

Burial Insurance For The Blind

Blindness In The Health Questions

You will not find a single funeral insurance company that asks about blindness in their health questionnaire.

So what does this mean?

Because they don’t ask about it, it means they don’t care that you are blind.

But not so fast.

While blindness itself is something they are more than cool with, there are other health questions that may pose a problem…

Namely are questions that ask about:

  • Home health care
  • Needing assistance with daily activities of living

These kinds of health questions will be present on 98% of burial insurance applications. Below you can see two common ways the insurance companies might ask about these issues.

Are you currently receiving home health care?

Do you require assistance from anyone with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, or taking medication?

It’s not at all uncommon for folks who are blind to need help with all sorts of daily activities. Yes there are some blind people who are truly independent and need help from nobody for anything. However, they are definitely in the minority.

Here’s the bottom line with these health questions

Any company that asks those kinds of health questions, they flat out decline you if you say yes. If you are blind and need help from anyone with anything in your daily life, you cannot get coverage from the vast majority of final expense life insurance companies 🙁

Rejoice because here’s the good news

Thankfully, there are some (very very few) final expense companies that do not ask if you are on home health care or if you need help from anyone with your daily activities of living.

With a company like that, you are just as eligible as a person who can see and is in perfect health.

Medications & MIB File

There are no medications that are designed specifically for blindness. For this reason, an insurance has no way of knowing if you are blind or not by simply looking at your prescription history.

In regards to MIB, they won’t have any records of you indicating that you are blind. Even if they did, it wouldn’t matter because no company cares about blindness.

Neither your prescription history nor MIB file will come into play when you apply for burial insurance for the blind.

Policy Options And Best Companies For The Blind

The first thing you must understand about your option is this:

Your entire health history will come into play not just your lack of vision.

Having said that, this section will isolate blindness. We aren’t going to touch on any other health issues that may affect your eligibility.

Furthermore, we are going to break this up into two sections. The first section will be “being blind and totally independent”. The second one will “being blind and needing assistance with daily activities”.

Being Blind And Totally IndependentBurial Insurance For The Blind

This one is really simple. If all you deal with is a lack of vision, you essentially have your pick of the litter. Every single final expense life insurance company will accept you without hesitation.

Remember, they don’t ask about blindness, so this is not a risk factor they care about.

You will qualify for 100% instant coverage. In addition, you will qualify for the lowest rate possible with every company. You will pay the same rate as a marathon runner.

Being Blind And Needing Help With Daily Activities

If you are in this situation, your options are severely limited. Thankfully, the doors aren’t all closed, but most of them are.

Here’s the deal

You have options in this situation:

  1. Apply with a company that does not ask if you need help with any daily activities
  2. Take out a guaranteed issue policy

Both scenarios will result in your getting coverage. However, the first option is significantly better than the second.

So which company does not ask if you need help with ADL’s?Burial Insurance For The Blind

The only company we are aware of is Royal Neighbors of America. Their health questionnaire is devoid of anything related to home health care, or assistance with daily activities.

You can secure full immediate coverage with them and get the lowest rate they offer. You won’t be subject to any penalties in any way.

What if you don’t qualify with Royal Neighbors?

Royal neighbors has a variety of health questions. Some of them are for conditions that if you have, make you totally ineligible for coverage with them. If you are in that situation, your only option is to purchase a guaranteed issue life insurance policy.

You might be wondering…

Why is guaranteed issue your only option when RNA is off the table?

It’s because every other burial insurance company will ask if a person needs help with their ADL’s. A yes answer with them is a knockout. They would flat decline you for any coverage.

A guaranteed acceptance policy has no underwriting of any kind. If you meet the age requirements, and you are of sound mind to enter into a legal contract, you qualify.

The caveat to these no health question policies is twofold:

  1. The premiums are higher
  2. There is a two year waiting period before the policy pays any benefits

A GI policy would be your last resort. Hopefully, you qualify with Royal Neighbors.

If you do have to resort to a guaranteed issue policy, the three cheapest companies on the market right now are Gerber Life, AIG, and Mutual of Omaha. We work with all of them by the way.

Burial Insurance For The Blind

All three of those companies win the price war for different ages, so which one is cheapest for you just depends on your current age.

Proven Steps To Find The Best Burial Policy

The single biggest mistake people make when shopping for burial insurance is they think it’s something they alone can accomplish.

What people commonly misunderstand about insurance is that you can’t go directly to burial insurance company and apply. If you contact them, they will defer you to contact an agent or agency.

So here’s the surest way to get the lowest rate…

To get the best burial insurance for the blind you have to buy through an agency that represents lots of insurance companies. More specifically, you need to work with an agency that has access to Royal Neighbors of America.

An independent agency like Choice Mutual can freely choose from all the insurance companies we represent. Ultimately, a company like us will shop around and compare offers from a bunch of insurance companies to find you the best deal.

The services of an independent agency are totally free, so it won’t cost you a dime. Furthermore, it does not mean you pay extra money each month on your insurance.

Burial Insurance For The Blind