For context, final expense insurance companies treat COPD, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis equally.

Learn what you can qualify for, the cost, how to avoid a waiting period, and the best companies.

Best COPD Burial Insurance Companies

Below are the best funeral insurance companies that will approve a COPD patient for a policy with no waiting period. Which one is best likely depends on your age and other health issues.

Using this quoting tool, you can compare quotes from each of these companies, but it’s best to call us at 1-800-644-2926 for an accurate price estimate.

Insurance CompanyCoverage & New
Applicant Age Limits
COPD Details
Aetna company logoCoverage:
Age Range:
• No oxygen equipment
• Tobacco use is acceptable
Aflac company logoCoverage:
Age Range:
• No oxygen equipment
• Tobacco use is acceptable
Aflac company logoCoverage:
Age Range:
• No oxygen equipment
• Tobacco use is acceptable
• No hospitalization within the last 12 months
Transamerica company logoCoverage:
Age Range:
• Oxygen equipment is okay
• Tobacco use is acceptable
Foresters Financial company logoCoverage:
Age Range:
• No oxygen equipment
• Tobacco use is acceptable
Liberty Bankers Life company logoCoverage:
Age Range:
• No oxygen equipment
• Tobacco use is not acceptable
• No hospitalization within the last 12 months
Aflac company logoCoverage:
Age Range:
• Oxygen equipment is okay
• Tobacco use is acceptable
• 2 or more hospitalizations within the last 24 months is a decline


Final Expense Insurance Options When You Have COPD Or Emphysema

Some final expense policies have health questions, and some do not. There are critical differences between each option that you must understand.

Plans with no health questions are guaranteed acceptance because you cannot be denied due to previous health issues. Remember that all guaranteed issue final expense policies have a two-year waiting period. If you die during the waiting period, the insurance company will refund your money plus interest.

On the flip side, plans with health questions can insure you immediately (no waiting period). But getting no waiting period burial insurance is something you must qualify for.

You must apply with a company that asks health questions (no exam necessary) and subsequently be approved.

Fortunately, many companies will still approve someone for a no-waiting period policy when they have COPD.

Plans with health questions typically have different health ratings that you might qualify for. Below is an outline of the various health ratings offered by companies and what they mean.

  • Level/preferred: This plan would be the company’s least expensive option and will have no waiting period. Besides the tobacco question, you must be able to say no to all the health questions on an application to qualify for this rate classification. While rare, there are some providers that will approve a COPD applicant for a preferred rating.
  • Standard: This plan would have no waiting period but costs more than a level/preferred plan. A standard rating will only be offered if you have specific health issues mentioned in an application. For people with COPD, a standard rating is common.
  • Graded: This plan partially insures you during the first two years. Typically, it would pay 30%-40% of the death benefit during the first 12 months and 50%-70% during months 13-24. In addition to the partial coverage element, the cost will be higher than a level/preferred plan. Some companies will offer a graded program if you have specific health issues (usually chronic conditions) mentioned in an application. Multiple companies will offer a graded plan to someone who has COPD.
  • Modified: This will always be the carrier’s most expensive option. Typically, a modified whole life plan is only offered when you have very dire health issues. In addition to the higher cost, it will always have a two-year waiting period. If you die during the waiting period, your beneficiaries will only get a refund of your premiums. A modified plan is usually unnecessary for someone with COPD because many providers will offer a preferred or standard rating.


What If You Have Oxygen Equipment To Assist With Breathing?

If you have oxygen equipment (whether you use it or not), it’s very difficult to avoid a waiting period.

That’s true whether you have COPD or not, and it does not matter why the oxygen was prescribed (there are other reasons other than COPD).

There are only two providers (CICA Life and Transamerica) in the nation that will potentially offer an immediate coverage plan to someone who has oxygen equipment.

If you have oxygen equipment and want a no waiting period burial policy, call us at 1-800-644-2926. You cannot buy these products online or directly from the insurer. You must buy through an agency like Choice Mutual.


How Much Does Burial Insurance With Emphysema Cost?

The monthly final expense rates shown below are ones you can qualify for with COPD.

However, remember that your exact age, gender, overall health, tobacco usage, and the coverage you want determine the net price.

AGEFemale $10,000
Male $10,000
Female $20,000


How Does Burial Insurance Work?

Burial insurance is a no-exam required whole life insurance policy meant to cover your end-of-life expenses.

These plans are typically available to seniors 50-85 and up to $50,000 in coverage.

However, some carriers may offer more or less coverage and accept applicants younger than 50 and older than 85.

Burial insurance can sometimes be referred to as final expense, end-of-life, or funeral insurance.

Since these plans are whole life insurance, the rates never increase, and the coverage lasts forever.

In addition, cash value will build up over time that you can borrow from.

Ultimately, the policy pays out cash directly to your beneficiaries.

There are no restrictions on how they spend the money. That means they can pay for funeral costs, medical bills, debts, or other bills.

Also, they get to keep any remaining money they don’t use for your final expenses.


How Choice Mutual Can Help

No matter what your health issues are, Choice Mutual can help you find the best final expense policy.

We are an independent agency that represents nearly 20 different insurance companies.

That’s especially helpful when you have high-risk conditions such as COPD.

Most companies will offer a two-year waiting period because of COPD. But we have many that will provide you with first-day coverage.

Ultimately, we objectively compare each provider to find the best deal for each client.

Working with us costs nothing, and our agents are always respectful.

Call us at 1-800-644-2926.