You can get no waiting period burial insurance with chronic kidney disease (CKD) so long as it’s not due to diabetes and there has been no dialysis.

If there is no diabetes or renal failure, multiple companies offer immediate and partial coverage in the first two years.

Learn about all your options with CKD, the underwriting requirements, the cost, and the best companies.

How Does Final Expense Life Insurance Work?

Burial insurance is a type of whole life insurance with very small face value options and does not require a medical exam.

Many agents and companies will also refer to burial insurance as funeral insurance or final expense insurance.

The policy proceeds are typically earmarked for funeral costs but can technically be used for anything.

That means your loved ones may spend the money on cremation costs, burial costs, credit card debts, legal fees, medical bills, or anything else.

Most providers offer up to $50,000 in coverage to seniors 50-85. But you might find companies that deviate from those numbers up or down.

All forms of whole life insurance have fixed premiums and coverage guaranteed never to decrease.

The policy lasts forever and will build cash value.


Burial Insurance Options With Chronic Kidney Disease

With burial life insurance for seniors, there are two basic types of plans that you can purchase.

On the one hand, there are plans with health questions. Eligibility for those depends on your health history.

If approved, they can have partial or complete coverage starting when you make your first payment.

On the other hand, there are plans with no health questions. They are commonly called guaranteed acceptance because you cannot be denied due to pre-existing conditions.

The main drawback of guaranteed issue policies is the two-year waiting period.

Any non-accidental death in the first two years will result in a refund of your premiums plus interest (typically 10%).

When it comes to chronic kidney disease, your options are tied to the following factors:

  • Do you have diabetes
  • Which stage is the CKD
  • Any dialysis usage
  • Any transplant recommendations (ever)

Below is a breakdown of all your options based on the many variables that come into play.


Chronic kidney disease due to diabetes

Getting no waiting period burial insurance with diabetes is easy, but not if there is kidney damage.

It does not matter which stage of CKD you have. If you have CKD because of diabetes, you will have to endure a two-year waiting period.

You’ll need to buy a modified whole life policy which always has a waiting period and a higher cost.

No final expense insurance company offers full or partial coverage to someone with diabetic nephropathy (CKD from diabetes).


Stage 1-4 CKD

Assuming you don’t have diabetes, some final expense companies offer partial and full immediate coverage.

Truthfully, only a few carriers, like Transamerica or Foresters Financial, offer full day-one coverage to seniors with CKD.

There are many more partial waiting period options like Prosperity Life Group.

Keep in mind that your other health conditions are a factor too. For example, suppose you had a heart attack yesterday, and you have CKD.

You wouldn’t qualify for no waiting period coverage due to the recent heart attack.


Stage 5 CKD (renal failure)

If your kidney disease has progressed to the point of renal failure, a guaranteed issue life insurance policy is your only option.

Those have no health questions and a two-year waiting period (which is unavoidable at this point).



If you’ve received dialysis treatment within the last 12 months (even for an acute kidney issue), a two-year waiting period plan is your only option.

Every application health questionnaire will mention dialysis. A yes answer to that question is always a decline.

You’ll need to buy a guaranteed issue policy which has a waiting period. It’s your only path to a new policy once you’re on dialysis.


Kidney transplant

If you’ve ever had or been advised to have a kidney transplant, a two-year waiting period final expense policy is your only option.

No company in the nation will offer anyone with a transplant (any organ) no waiting period coverage.


Best Final Expense Insurance Companies For People With Kidney Disease

Below are the best funeral insurance companies to explore if you have kidney disease.

Which one is best for you depends on the aforementioned factors.



Founding Year: 1904
A.M. Best
Brochure Sample Policy Sample Application

Hands down, Transamerica is the best option because they offer no waiting period coverage and the lowest prices for people with CKD.


Foresters Financial

Founding Year: 1874
A.M. Best
Brochure Sample Policy Sample Application

Like Transamerica, Foresters Financial also offers no waiting period coverage for people with kidney disease. Their prices are a bit higher than Transamerica.

If, for some reason, you cannot qualify with Transamerica, then seek out Foresters Financial as the next best option.


Prosperity Life Group

Founding Year: 1938
A.M. Best
Brochure Sample Policy Sample Application

Prosperity Life Group offers a partial waiting period to people with CKD.

Only go with them if you cannot qualify for immediate coverage with Transamerica or Foresters Financial.



Founding Year: 1919
A.M. Best
Brochure Sample Policy Sample Application

AIG only offers a guaranteed issue policy that has no health questions. For that reason, there is a two-year waiting period.

Only go with AIG if you’re on dialysis or your CKD was caused by diabetes.


How Much Does Burial Insurance Cost With CKD?

Below are some sample final expense insurance quotes.

There are prices for plans with and without health questions.

Remember that these are estimates. Your price will be determined by your age, gender, overall health history, state, tobacco usage (if any), and how much coverage you want.

Age & Gender$5,000$10,000
Female age 40$12$21
Female age 45$13$23
Female age 50$14$24
Female age 55$15$28
Female age 60$18$33
Female age 65$22$41
Female age 70$28$53
Female age 75$37$71
Female age 80$50$98
Female age 85$70$136
Female age 89$131N/A
Male age 40$14$25
Male age 45$15$27
Male age 50$17$31
Male age 55$20$36
Male age 60$23$43
Male age 65$29$54
Male age 70$37$70
Male age 75$50$97
Male age 80$69$135
Male age 85$91$178
Male age 89$180N/A
Source for monthly prices: Choice Mutual quote calculator. Rates valid as of 05/08/2024.


How Choice Mutual Can Help

If you have CKD, you can only get no-waiting period coverage by working with an agency like Choice Mutual.

Final expense insurance companies that offer immediate coverage do not sell their policies in-house. They exclusively rely on agencies to sell their life insurance products.

Regardless of your health history (but especially if you have CKD), an independent agency that works with dozens of companies will always be able to find you the best policy compared to trying to contact an insurance company directly.

In our case, we would assess your health history, budget, and needs to determine what each company would offer you.

Then we recommend the best option.

Our services are free, and there are no extra charges because you bought through an agency.

Call us at 1-800-644-2926.

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