The quote tool on this page will show you real prices from lots of highly rated burial insurance companies. If you have experienced a heart attack, please call us for accurate quotes. There are many things to consider, but we will let you know which company is your best option given your heart attack.

For some reason, lots of folks are under the impression that affordable burial insurance after a heart attack doesn’t exist. Well, we are here to tell you that this is in fact a falsehood. The reality is, there are affordable final expense life insurance options for even if you have had a heart attack.

Over the years, we have successfully assisted many people secure a funeral insurance policy after a heart attack. Furthermore, it didn’t mean they had to pay outrageous prices either. The key to finding the best burial insurance policy after a heart attack is by finding which final expense company looks at your health most favorably. We helped them, and we can help you too. We are going to outline precisely how you can obtain some affordable burial insurance after a heart attack.

So in this article, we are going to show you just how final expense insurance companies respond to heart attacks, what options you have, and how you can find the absolute best and most affordable policy.


The Straight Truth About Burial Insurance After A Heart Attack

The direct truth is that no matter when you had your last heart attack, there are always affordable options for you. At the end of the day, when you had your last heart attack is the single most significant factor that will ultimately determine how burial insurance companies will respond to you. But no matter when you had your last heart attack, you won’t be forced to pay super high prices.

If you had your last heart attack over 12 months ago, you essentially have nothing to worry about. We have access to insurance carriers that will give you a full benefit and the lowest price possible. In essence, you would treated the same as a person who has never had a heart attack in your life! On the other hand, if you have had a heart attack within the last 12 months, you will unequivocally have to endure a waiting period. There is no company on the market that will issue you a full immediate benefit given that your heart attack was within the last year. This is a reality you will have to accept unfortunately.

Here is some really refreshing news.

No matter what, you will never have to take a physical or medical exam. You won’t have to provide your most recent EKG results or stress tests. With burial insurance, there are only health questions (sometimes there are none).

At Choice Mutual, our job is to shop the market for you and place you with the best and least expensive carrier possible. With that, we would absolutely need to speak with you about the circumstances surrounding your heart attack. Once we have some details about you, we can confidently provide you with accurate quotes from the most suitable carrier.

Rest easy knowing that you can secure a policy with pre-xisting health issues is possible.


Heart attack underwritingBurial Insurance After A Heart Attack

In the case of heart attacks, there are a few things final expense insurance companies will be on the lookout for. The exact circumstances surrounding your individual situation will ultimately determine how carriers react to you. Furthermore, we will need the details of your particular run in with the heart attack, so we can properly advise on your best course of action. Below are the questions we will ask you.

  1. How many heart attacks have you had?
  2. When was your last one?
  3. What medications were prescribed to you specifically because of the heart attack?
  4. Have you filled a prescription for any nitro pills within the last 2 years (even if you don’t actually take them)?
  5. Have you had any chest pains since the heart attack?
  6. Did you have any sort of surgery (like a bypass or stent placement) because of the heart attack? If so, when?
  7. Have been consistently filling all your prescriptions since your last heart attack?
  8. What other medications do you take?
  9. What other health conditions do you deal with?

With all this information, we can absolutely recommend which carrier out there would give you the best deal.


What information the insurers use to qualify you

Every funeral insurance policy that has underwriting (meaning there are health questions), will want to know about heart attacks in some way. They will use various health questions, and they will be on the lookout for certain medications.

The first and most important step is how you respond to the health questions. It’s incredibly important that you are honest about this. If you are unclear about the dates and it’s close, do something to find out for sure. The last thing you want is to give a false answer. When it comes to heart attacks, the questions will almost always appear in one of two ways:

  • Have you had, been diagnosed with, or been treated for a heart attack within the last 2 years?
  • Have you had, been diagnosed with, or been treated for a heart attack within the last 1 year?

In most cases, burial insurance companies will mostly ask about heart attacks within the last 2 years. However, there are a select few that only look back one year.


If Your Heart Attack Was Over 24 Months Ago

In this circumstance, its basically as though you never had it. Essentially, 98% of the final expense life insurance companies will view you a prospect in perfect health. You essentially have you pick of the litter at this point. You will easily get an immediate benefit with no waiting period whatsoever, and you will have the lowest payment possible.


If Your Heart Attack Was Over 12 Months Ago But Within The Last 24 Months

In this situation, there are definitely carriers that will offer you their lowest price and immediate protection. Hopefully, you don’t have any other health issues that would prevent you from qualifying. As we stated earlier, there are not a ton of companies that only look back 12 months, but they are out there. We will try out best to get you approved with one of them.


If Your Heart Attack Was Within The Last 12 Months

First and foremost, if this is you, you cannot avoid a waiting period. Furthermore, your best and cheapest option is to go with a guaranteed issue no health question policy with Gerber Life. Below are the rates for men and women. Once you get a full 12 months under your belt, we could apply with for a plan with another insurance company that has health questions to lower your rate and get you an immediate benefit.

Insider Tip: Do not do nothing until you have hit the 12 month mark. You have no way of knowing if you will have another heart attack or another health issue altogether. Get the guaranteed issue policy now, so that you have it secured in case your health prevents you from getting coverage down the line. You need to start chipping away at the waiting period as soon as possible.

**Remember, these prices only apply if you have had a heart attack within the last 12 months**

Gerber Life Guaranteed Acceptance Burial Insurance- Female


Gerber Life Guaranteed Acceptance Burial Insurance- Male



Medications Associated With A Heart Attack

There are very few medications that would specifically suggest a person had a heart attack. In most cases, people are given blood thinners like Clopidogrel, Plavix, or Ticlid. However, those can also be prescribed for situations other than a heart attack. The insurance companies will analyze your medication history. If you were prescribed medications like those just mentioned, it will suggest to some companies that you have had a heart attack within the time frame they asked about. When they pull your prescription history, they will analyze the following:

  • When the medication was first prescribed
  • How regularly it is being filled
  • Have there been in gaps in the filling of the prescription

Here’s the deal.

If you are on those kinds of medications, or any other blood thinner for that matter, it does not matter when you starting taking them. We have companies that will work with you either way. Remember, we would gather details from you up front, and recommend the proper insurer after knowing everything about you.


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance After A Heart Attack

As you can sort of see from above, when you had your heart attack is the biggest attribute that determines your options and how good they will be. With that, regardless of when you had your last heart attack, you need to know which burial policy will be best and cheapest for you. When it’s all said and done, the cheapest one is the best right?

Well, we certainly thing whichever carrier provides the lowest cost burial policy is the best (assuming immediate coverage is an option). With that, finding that company is not something you alone do. Instead, you need to find a professional and lean on their expertise to find it for you. It’s no different than going to the doctor. You rely on them to diagnose your conditions and recommend the proper treatment. Well, the same is true with burial insurance after a heart attack. If you follow this formula, you will find yourself in good hands no matter what.

To find the best burial insurance after a heart attack, you absolutely must work with an independent brokerage like Choice Mutual that has access to lots of different final expense companies. In the end, the broker will assess your situation, and compare rates to see which carrier is best and cheapest for your individual situation.

Burial Insurance After A Heart Attack

Truthfully, the only work you need to do is whatever it takes to find the agency that is ultimately going to help you. However, since you have found us already, that part is already done! We have helped thousands of families, and many of them had a heart attack in their past. We can help you too.