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Having a tumor can make finding affordable final expense life insurance next to impossible.

Or wait, is that just a myth???

In fact, it is!

Just because you have or have had a tumor, it does not mean that you can’t find low cost funeral insurance to ensure your final bills are taken care of.

At Choice Mutual, we have successfully helped many clients who had tumors secure a burial policy that didn’t break the bank. Honestly, there is actually a burial insurance company that is perfectly fine with you having a tumor even if it’s in the brain!

Today, we are going to give you a behind the scenes look at how having a tumor plays a role in the burial insurance process.

This article will show you exactly how insurance companies could react to tumors, what options you will have, and most importantly how to find the best burial insurance after a tumor.


The Low Down On Burial Insurance After A Tumor

Tumors are one of those things that every funeral insurance company will ask about. What’s important to remember are the circumstances surrounding your tumor. The exact details regarding your tumor will ultimate decide what options you have available to you along with the cost.

The truth is, there is no scenario with a tumor that could prevent you from finding affordable coverage. For starters, there are lots of companies that willing accept folks who have non cancerous tumors. To them, having the tumor is the same as not having it. It’s important to remember that any tumor that is cancerous will cause a person to pay more if it was recent. However if it was years ago, there is a good chance it won’t have an impact any longer. The details surrounding the tumor are key. The specifics decide what impact, if any, your tumor will have. Just remember, everyone can get burial insurance coverage. In the end, we will help you figure it all out.

Oh and don’t forget

No matter what the circumstances are surrounding your tumor, you will not have to provide doctor records or take a medical exam. With final expense life insurance, there are always only health questions. In fact, in some cases Burial Insurance After A Tumorthere are none!

Being diagnosed with a tumor can be a scary thing especially if it’s not benign. Just remember to sleep easy knowing that having a tumor won’t prevent you from qualifying for an affordable burial insurance plan.


Tumor Underwriting

To understand how insurance companies respond to tumors, it’s important to separate the tumor category into two. Which category you fall into, will heavily determine what to expect. Those two categories are:

  • Non cancerous tumors
  • Cancerous tumors


Cancerous Tumors

If you have experienced a tumor that tested positive for cancer, you should read our in depth guide on burial insurance with cancer. Ultimately, having cancer completely supersedes any kind of tumor which is why reading that article is best.

Burial Insurance After A Tumor

Non Cancerous Tumors

In order to get the best rates and qualify for instant protection, you have to apply for a burial insurance plan that has underwriting. This just simply means the insurance company will ask you health questions and analyze your prescription history. Underwritten plans will give you access to the lowest rates along with coverage that goes into full effect on the very first day.

There are indeed plans that have no health questions or any underwriting whatsoever. These are called guaranteed issue plans. While that may sound appealing, these plans are not the best option for most people.

As a rule, you should always try to qualify for a burial insurance plan that has underwriting before you resort to a guaranteed acceptance final expense policy.


The Health Questions

You will very likely only see the word “tumor” asked about in one very specific circumstance. In general, final expense companies almost always only care about brain tumors. You will usually see them ask about brain tumors such as in the question below.

  • In the last 2 (could be 3) years, have you had, been diagnosed with, been treated for, or taken medication for a brain tumor?

If you say yes to that question, you will be subject to whatever penalties the insurer has according to their guidelines. You will not see final expense companies ask about tumors within a time frame that is less than 2 years. If they ask about tumors, they will look back at least 2 years or more.


Don’t Forget About Cancer In The Health Questions

Tumors, as we all know, are very commonly cancerous. We pray that your tumor was not. It’s important to remember this because every final expense application will ask about cancer in some way.

If your tumor, regardless of where it was located, tested positive for cancer, you would need to say yes to the cancer question. As mentioned, if you did have a cancerous tumor, please check our article on final expense insurance with cancer.


Expectations After A Non Cancerous Tumor

First and foremost, we will again remind you the content in this section only applies to non cancerous tumors. There are two types to be concerned with.

  • Brain tumors
  • A tumor anywhere outside of the brain

The vast majority of funeral insurance companies will specifically ask about brain tumors. Moreover, most of them will place you into a higher risk category if you have had a brain tumor (depends on when you had it).


You Had A Tumor That Was Not In The Brain

You will absolutely have NO issue qualifying for first day coverage. In addition, you will qualify for pretty much every life insurance company’s lowest price they offer. In case it’s not obvious by now, burial insurance companies simply DO NOT care about tumors that are not in the brain.


Burial Insurance After A Tumor

You Had A Brain Tumor Within The Last 2 Years

There are two possible outcomes here.

A) First,  there is actually one company that is perfectly fine with brain tumors. With them, you could have a brain tumor at the time of the application, and they will still give you a level death benefit. This means your coverage would start in full on day one of your policy. In addition, you would pay the least amount possible.

It’s very important to note that there is only one burial insurance company that is completely fine with brain tumors. Hopefully you aren’t ineligible with them due to some other health condition they take issue with.

B) If you are ineligible with the carrier that accepts brain tumors, you will find that nearly every company will place you into their “modified” category due to the brain tumor within the last 2 years. This means two things. First, you will pay more money (about 40-80% more). In addition, you will have at least a two year waiting period.

Honestly, if you don’t qualify with one of the carriers that accepts brain tumors, your best and cheapest option would be to take out a guaranteed issue policy with Gerber Life. It would unquestionably be a lot less expensive than some modified plan.


You Had A Brain Tumor Over 2 Years Ago, But Within The Last 3 Years

As a reminder, there are companies that take brain tumors level. Having said that, in this circumstance there is this little one year window. It’s been more than 2 years, but less than 3 since your tumor. At this point, your options begin to open up.

There are a decent amount of funeral insurance companies that only ask about brain tumors within the last 2 years. Since it’s been at least that long for you, you can honestly answer no to that question. You now become eligible for their level benefit. This means instant coverage and the lowest price possible.


Your Brain Tumor Was Over 3 Years Ago

At this point, you have won the game. It’s virtually unheard of for a burial insurance company to ask about brain tumors beyond the 3 year mark. If you fall into this category, you will easily qualify for an immediate benefit low cost burial policy with dozens of carriers.


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance After A Tumor Burial Insurance After A Tumor

It’s probably pretty obvious by now that there are many health related variables to take into account. Hopefully, you are not overwhelmed by the various factors that need to be considered.

Here’s the bottom line

You need to put your trust in a qualified advisor that has the knowledge and tools to help you find the best plan. Much like you trust your doctor to give you the treatments to get you well, it’s the same with burial insurance.

To find the best burial insurance after a tumor, you absolutely must allow an independent agency that represents multiple insurance companies to help you. In addition, the company must be highly experienced, so they are ultra familiar with the underwriting with each insurance company.

Pretty simple right?

many people we speak with make the mistake of thinking they need to make 20 phone calls so they can feel like they found the best deal. Why go through all that work when a single call to a company like Choice Mutual can do the same thing and then some.

Here’s the deal

If you have, now or in the past, had a tumor, let us help you. We can absolutely save you a ton of time and money. We are already intimately familiar with the underwriting with each company. We can very quickly assess your situation and let you know which insurance company will view your health the best. That will be the company that gives you the best deal.