Final Expense Insurance

Want To See Burial Insurance Rates for 54 Year Olds? Here They Are.

Burial Insurance Rates for 54 Year Olds

Looking for what final expense costs for a 54 year old?

That’s what you’ll get in today’s article!

You are going to see actual 54 year old burial insurance prices.

Along with that, we’ll explain the fine print of these policies and tips to getting the best rate possible.

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Sample Burial Insurance Rates For 54 Year Olds

In this section you will see real age 54 funeral insurance quotes online. Now, these are real prices that we got from the insurance companies.

But please read these bullet points before you view these prices.

  • You must be approved by underwriting for these rates. We make no guarantees that you will qualify for the prices shown.
  • Both male and female will pay male rates in the state of Montana (due to a state regulation).
  • If you happen to use forms of tobacco or nicotine other than cigarettes, you may be eligible for non tobacco prices.
  • You are not relegated to just $5k, $10k, $15k, or $20k face amount options. You can buy more or less or amounts in between. Actually, you have any amount of coverage as you want!
  • All quotes shown would remain fixed for life and would not change once your policy is approved. Rates cannot increase as you age.


GENDER & RATING$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000
Female No Waiting Period$15.33 $27.47 $39.60 $51.73
Female Tobacco & No Waiting Period$19.69$36.73$53.77$70.11
Female Guaranteed Acceptance$17.42$33.92$50.42$66.92
Male No Waiting Period$18.41 $33.61 $48.81 $64.01
Male Tobacco No Waiting Period$23.99$44.77$65.55$86.33
Male Guaranteed Acceptance$22.64$44.37$66.09$87.82


Burial Insurance Fine Print

Final expense policies are super simple to understand. Here’s how straightforward they are…

  • Monthly rates can never increase.
  • Death benefits are guaranteed to never decrease
  • Policy is guaranteed to never expire at age any.

In the end, these plans are just simple whole life insurance policies that have super lenient underwriting.

Burial Insurance Rates for 54 Year Olds

They want seniors with health issues to still be able to qualify (which they do).

Most plans just require you to answer some basic health related questions to qualify. There is never a medical exam required.

There are some plans that have no health questions, but those cost more and all have a two year waiting period before you’re covered.

Upon the passing of the insured, the insurance company will cut a tax free check to your family.

This gives them the funds needed to take care of your final expenses. If there happens to be money leftover, it will stay with your family.

Whether you need insurance to cover a cremation or burial, final expense policies get the job done.

Luckily for you, funeral insurance in your 50’s won’t cost much at all. You can lock in a really low rate that won’t be possible later in life.


Here’s How Expensive Funerals Really Are

It’s expensive to bring someone into this world, and it’s expensive to take them out.

In fact, a funeral can easily be one of the biggest financial expenditures someone will face in life.

Burial Insurance Rates for 54 Year Olds

Here’s how much it can be according to the National Funeral Directors Association.

  1. A typical traditional burial service can cost anywhere between $8,000-$12,000.
  2. Cremation services can cost anywhere between $3,000-$6,000

Can you say Ouch!

Either way you go, these are not small numbers.

If a family had to suddenly come up with this amount of cash with no prior notice, you can only imagine how much of a financial burden it would be.

And the costs continually rise just like the price of everything else.

Since you are only 54 years old, you are in a special position to secure very low prices on a final expense plan.

You can become immediately protected and have the peace of mind knowing your family will never have to pay for your funeral expenses.


Getting The Best Rate

We cannot stress this enough.Burial Insurance Rates for 54 Year Olds

If you want burial insurance, you need to work with an independent broker that can shop all the companies for you. In the short and long run, you will save a lots of money and time.

If you work with an agent that has only 1 or 2 companies to choose from, there is a really good chance you’re going to overpay.

Only a broker with many companies to choose from can shop the market for you to ensure you get the best deal possible.

There are dozens of burial insurance plans out there.

The only real question is… Which one is best for you?

Be careful of stuff you see in the mail and on TV.

Companies like Globe Life, AARP,  and Colonial Penn will all try to sell you fake burial insurance plans or ones that are super expensive.

Additionally, offers for funeral insurance through the mail are usually no health question guaranteed issue policies.

These are usually a very bad option for most people.

They have their place, but most people can get a better policy by going with a company that does ask some health questions.

We are here to help with this stuff, so call us if you want some expert no pressure assistance.

We have literally helped thousands of families, and would love the chance to earn your business.

To begin, just fill out the quote form, and a licensed Choice Mutual agent will contact you shortly.