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Here Are Real Burial Insurance Rates for 57 Year Olds + Tips To Finding The Best Policy

Written by Anthony Martin | Last updated: June 14, 2019

Burial Insurance Rates for 57 Year Olds

Searching for 57 year old final expense premiums?

Well look no more because you found them!

You’ll see real quotes and more in this article.

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These Are Real Burial Insurance Rates For 57 Year Olds

In the table below you will find the 57 year old funeral insurance prices.

You may or may not know this, but the average cost of burial insurance is typically around $50.00Burial Insurance Rates for 57 Year Olds per month for $10,000 in life coverage.

Fortunately for you, premiums at this age are much lower than that depending on how much coverage you want.

Please make sure you take the following points into consideration as you view these quotes.

  • There is no guarantee that you will be approved for these prices. They are real quotes, but everyone must apply and be accepted.
  • If you happen to be female and live in Montana, you should ignore the female prices. Because of state laws, you will pay whatever rate men pay.
  • Do you vape, chew, smoke a pipe or use some other form of tobacco that is not a cigarette? If so, there are carriers that will approve you for non tobacco pricing. Ask your Choice Mutual agent if this is possible for you.
  • You can buy any amount of protection you want. You aren’t limited to just these face amounts.
  • Regardless of what plan you apply for or how much coverage you buy, your final rate will never change ever. You could live to be 110 and your price would still be the same as it was when you started your policy.


GENDER & RATING$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000
Female No Waiting Period$16.63 $30.06 $43.48 $56.91
Female Tobacco & No Waiting Period$21.96$40.72$59.47$78.23
Female Guaranteed Acceptance$20.30$39.69$59.08$78.47
Male No Waiting Period$20.55 $37.91 $55.26 $72.61
Male Tobacco No Waiting Period$27.37$51.53$75.69$99.86
Male Guaranteed Acceptance$25.25$49.59$73.93$98.27


Final Expense Policy Details

The most important thing to understand about burial insurance (also known as “final expense” or “funeral insurance”) is that it’s life insurance.

a life insurance application

A final expense life insurance plan is merely a relaxed underwriting whole life insurance policy with small coverage amount options.

The primary reason people buy these plans is to ensure funeral and burial expenses are taken care of, so a financial burden is not left behind.

All whole life plans work as follows:

  • Permanent coverage lasts a lifetime (can’t expire at any age).
  • Prices are fixed for the life of the policy and can’t rise with age.
  • Death benefits guaranteed to never decrease.

All life insurance (regardless of the type of plan) will one day result in a tax free cash payment to a beneficiary.

Technically the money can be used for anything. Honestly, your family could take the money and go have a great time in Las Vegas.

Obviously nobody does that, but you get our point. There are never any restrictions how the money is used.

If the proceeds of the policy exceeds your final expenses, the leftover money would get to stay with your family. The remaining money won’t automatically go the funeral home.


This Is How You Find The Best Burial Policy

There are literally dozens of life insurance companies that sell final expense insurance.

It begs the question, how do you know which one is best for YOU?

Burial Insurance Rates for 57 Year Olds

Here’s how you do it.

To get the best final expense insurance policy, you must consult with a qualified independent insurance agency that specializes in final expense insurance agency.

That’s it. You find a good agency that is properly equipped and let them go the work for you.

Too easy? You probably wants some details.

Here’s why we make this recommendation…

First, you cannot buy coverage directly from the insurance companies. They all sell the burial insurance plans through agents.

If you called them and asked to sign up, they would simply refer you to a licensed agent.

Don’t believe us? Call any of them and ask. You’ll see we aren’t putting you on.

The one exception to this rule pertains to guaranteed acceptance policies. These are plans with no health questions.

Those kinds of policies are sold directly by insurance companies and by agents.

However, if you want immediate protection that has no waiting period, you can only get kind of coverage through an agent.


You have to find the right type of agent

So accept that you will be working with an agent. But it’s the kind of agent you work with that determines how good of a deal you’ll get.

In the world of insurance, there are “captive” agents and “independent” agents.two agents shaking hands

Captive agents can only represent one insurance company and no other. For example, State Farm is captive company.

If you consult with one of their agents, they can only offer you State Farm insurance.

Just the opposite, independent agents are free to represent multiple insurance companies (as many as they want).

Their role is to act as an advisor and match clients with whichever insurance company is best for their client.

It’s critically important you work with an independent agent.

And not just any independent agent. Look for one with the following qualities:

  • Represents 10 or more insurance companies.
  • Specializes in final expense insurance (not a jack of all trades).
  • Has at least 1 year or more of experience with the final expense industry.

If you can an agent that fits that profile, just tell them about your budget, your health, and your goals.

They will sort through all the various final expense life insurance companies on the market to see which one will offer you the best rate.

Simple right?

Oh and remember, you’ll never have to pay an agent for their services. They bring clients to the insurance companies, so the insurance companies pay the agents.

It’s a win win all around 😎.


Choice Mutual Can Help

First, we do have all the qualities mentioned above.

We are independent and represent over 15 carriers. In addition, we only sell final expense insurance and have been doing so for many years.

Our agents are friendly and here to answer your questions and make expert recommendations.

All we do is burial insurance, so you can trust that you’re dealing with extremely knowledgeable agents that know this type of insurance inside and out.

Give us a call at 1-800-644-2926 and see just how good we are. We won’t let you down!


Choice Mutual is an independent agency licensed in all 50 states including DC. We work with over 20 highly rated final expense life insurance companies, so that we can compare offers from all of them to find you the best deal.

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Barbara Bennett

So I’m a 57 year old non-smoker. I only want enough insurance to bury me. Nothing else. So let’s say $10,000. if I were to live to 77, I would pay approximately $32 a month for the next 20 years for a total cost of $7,680. If I live to 87, I’d have spent $11,520 for a $10,000 policy?

July 9, 2017 at 1:25 am
    Choice Mutual

    Hi Barbara,

    At 57 we show that Mutual of Omaha would give you the best rate. For $10,000 in coverage they would charge $30.06 per month which is $337.70 annually. After 30 years when you are 87 you would have paid a total of $10,131 in premiums.

    A couple things to understand. First, the insurance company is on the hook for $10,000 starting on day one. Furthermore, the insurance company holds the risk of losing a ton of money for all of those 30 years. If you were to pass away during that time, they are out a ton of money. If you do live to be 87, the insurance company does stand to come out ahead every so slightly.

    If you are looking for a permanent life insurance policy where you are guaranteed to never give the insurance company premiums that are equal to or less than the total death benefit, that does not exist. Think about it for a moment. Why would any insurance company voluntarily engage in a contract where they have to pay a death claim no matter what (because the policy is permanent) and they will never receive premiums that eventually match what they will pay out? They wouldn’t sign up for a losing proposition. That just wouldn’t make sense.

    Now you could take out a term life policy where you will never come remotely close to paying in what the policy will pay out. The caveat to a term life policy (such as AARP or Globe life) is that the policy will expire (usually around 80). In that scenario, the insurance company is betting that you outlive the policy, and the client is hoping they don’t. From a statistical perspective, the insurance company wins a vast majority of the time.

    Ultimately, with permanent whole life burial insurance plans like these, you are paying for instant and lasting peace of mind. At some point the insurance company does stand to make a profit, but not for many years. So they key question to ask yourself centers around what’s most important to you.

    Do you think it’s worth it to pay monthly for coverage that instantly ensures your family isn’t burdened with burial costs even though the insurance company will 30 years later make a little money?

    Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out with any more questions.

    Have an awesome day!

    July 9, 2017 at 4:41 pm
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