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Welcome to Peace Of Mind

Welcome to Choice Mutual. Our specialty is burial insurance. We are an independent agency, and we work for YOU. We do not work for the insurance companies! We shop all the top burial insurance companies to find you which one will give you the best value. Our mission is incredibly simple. It’s to ensure you pay the least amount for your burial insurance. If you have been looking for a final expense life insurance policy, welcome home.


Burial Insurance & Final Expense Plans

These policies are designed specifically to cover end of life expenses. They pay cash directly to your family for your burial or cremation service. Any left over money stays in your family. The face amounts are usually in the range of $2,000-$35,000. You will also hear burial insurance go by the name funeral insurance, or final expense insurance. They never require physical or medical exams, and the underwriting is very liberal. They were designed to accept most health issues. In fact, there’s even guaranteed issue life insurance available that have absolutely no underwriting ever!

For these reasons, burial insurance for seniors is much easier to qualify for than traditional life insurance. At the end of the day, final expense offers unparalleled peace of mind knowing your funeral expenses will not become a financial burden for your loved ones.


Why Get A Burial Insurance Policy

When you pass away your loved ones will face the most difficult emotional and financial challenges. Honestly, most of us would rather undergo a root canal than talk about death. However taking a little time preparing for your end-of-life will spare your loved ones. The dual agony of coping with your loss while trying to somehow pay for your funeral would be a heavy burden.

Honestly, your loved ones will be going through the ringer. Aside from the tremendous emotional toll they will endure, them having to find a way to pay your funeral will only add to the stress. If you don’t prepare a plan to pay for your funeral, your family will have to. Sadly, most families do not have the money for an expensive funeral. Most likely, your family will have to raise funds. Here are some of the most common fund raising techniques:

  • Donations from friends and family
  • Bake sales
  • Church collections
  • Car washes
  • Your family goes into debt

We know you don’t want your family to suffer any more than necessary. With a burial insurance plan, they will not have to stress about how to pay for the funeral. It’s the ultimate peace of mind.

Here are two key facts to consider:

  1. The median cost of a funeral, including vault, in 2012 was $8343
  2. There are many additional costs to consider. For example: Cemetery plots (which varies by location), monuments, flowers, photos, travel expenses for loved ones, accommodations for guests, obituary or other cash expenses. These all could easily push the total well over $10,000.

Surprised? How will your loved ones pay your funeral expenses if you do not take care of this ahead of time? What about credit cards, medical bills, unpaid taxes, or any other expenses you may leave behind? If you qualify, Social Security will only pay $255 for funeral and other expenses. This is obviously nowhere near enough. A burial insurance plan solves these problems and provides immediate and lasting peace of mind.


Benefits Of A Funeral Insurance Policy

A final expense life insurance plan offers instant peace of mind. You can feel comforted knowing that if something happens to you, it will be there to cover your funeral costs. Some unique features of a burial insurance policy include:

  • The policy will never expire
  • The benefit amount will never decrease
  • The monthly payment is locked in for life, and will never increase
  • Full day 1 immediate coverage with no waiting period
  • Relaxed underwriting so applicants with health issues still qualify
  • No physical or medical exams
  • No money up front required to get approved

Choice Mutual Makes Finding Burial Insurance Simple And Affordable

Choice Mutual is an independent agency that specializes in final expense life insurance. We partner with dozens of reputable insurance companies that provide burial insurance policies. We are not married to any insurance company. We are your servant. YOU are our objective.

We will compare your burial insurance cost from over 25 different final expense insurance companies. Our focus is merely to pinpoint which carrier will offer you the lowest monthly payment. We do not care which one it is. All we care about is getting you the lowest monthly price for your burial insurance policy.

We Are Different

There are three critical elements that make us uniquely qualified to serve you.

  1. Our vast experience
  2. Our extensive knowledge of the different insurers and their underwriting
  3. Our freedom to select whichever carrier is best for you

These three attributes are what allow us to faithfully and objectively serve our clientele. We combine all of this with a commitment to impartially serve your interests. This is the formula that gives us a leg up on the competition. Additionally, we focus heavily on consumer education. We want to empower you with the knowledge we have about this business, so you can make highly informed buying decisions. For example, many people have been duped by AARP and Globe Life. Sadly, many people do not know the truth about these companies. We work hard to educate and inform everyone seeking burial insurance, so they can avoid some of the hidden pitfalls out there.

Now a days, nobody enjoys having strangers in your home. Least of all pushy salesman. We operate entirely over the phone, email, and through the traditional mail. You can obtain peace of mind from the comfort of your own home!

We do not employ any pushy sales tactics. Our expert licensed agents will treat you with the respect you deserve. Your agent will ask you some basic questions to determine your needs. They will then help you secure the most affordable burial insurance policy on the market! One call with us does it all.

Timing Is Everything So Don’t Wait

You are probably visiting our website because you desire a plan that will pay for end-of-life costs. With burial insurance, timing is extremely important. Final expense insurance prices are determined by two major factors. Your age and health both heavily dictate the price.

For starters, all life insurance costs more as you get older. Sadly, nobody has yet figured out how to get younger. Roughly 90% of our applicants are not forced to pay extra because of their health. Also, they qualify for day 1 protection. Their coverage is effective as soon as the policy is issued! However, there some applicants with very serious recent health issues. These folks may be subject to:

  • Increased monthly premiums
  • Waiting periods up to two years

We have been in this business for over five years. We have had tens of thousands of conversations. We have seen too many people put off getting qualified for their plan. Those who choose to wait are usually comforted by a false sense of security. They often believe the risk of dying in the near future is highly unlikely. In turn, they feel they have all the time in the world to put a burial insurance plan in place.

Granted, the prospect of passing away in the near future is indeed very low for most people. On the other hand, there is one overlooked risk that most people fail to think over. What most people fail to honestly consider is how their health will change.

Make no mistake about it. Your health will change. It’s just a matter of when. All too often we have spoken to customers who chose to put off buying for weeks or months. Because they felt they had ample time, they waited. Sadly they developed an unforeseen health condition. Their health complications resulted in increased premiums and/or waiting periods.

We hope you would prefer your family never has to pay for your funeral expenses. If you are eager for peace of mind, don’t wait. Act now and get yourself approved for a final expense insurance plan right away. Even if you choose to buy through another company (although we hope we can earn your business), we plead with you to do it immediately.

Get your plan in place as quickly as you can. It will never be cheaper than it is today. Your loved ones will thank you.