A Complete List Of Burial Insurance Costs By Age

Written on September 17, 2016 by Choice Mutual

Burial Insurance Costs

You can also use our quick and easy quote tool on this page to retrieve custom quotes. Just fill out your information and you will see a list of rates from all the various burial insurance companies in your state. If you deal with any major health problems, give us a call at 1-800-644-2926. We will give you an accurate quote and let you know which insurers accept the conditions you deal with.

Purchasing a burial insurance policy can be done for any number of reasons. In most cases, its specifically to pay off end of life costs. However, sometimes there are other bills to taken care of such as debts or medical bills. Whatever the reason, final expense life insurance is designed to pay for any and all costs you may incur whenever you pass away.

In most circumstances, insurance companies offer burial insurance coverage to anyone who is between 50 and 85. However, those who are younger than 50 are still more than eligible to apply for these plans. Thankfully, there are plenty of carriers who realize people under 50 want final expense coverage too. Having said that, if you are younger than 50, please use the quote tool on this page to see what burial insurance will cost you.

On the other hand, if you are 50 and older, this article has a convenient list of quick links to articles where you can see real final expense insurance prices by age.


Burial Insurance Costs By Age | Tips & Suggestions

When it comes to burial insurance costs, age and health are the biggest factors that determine your exact price. With that, the younger you are, the cheaper it will be. Similarly, the healthier you are, the less you will have to pay.

In general, the vast majority of our clients are able to qualify for a burial insurance plan that has no waiting period whatsoever. This means their coverage is active in full on the very first day. This is a true statement even for those who deal with some pretty major health conditions.

Burial Insurance Costs

We are able to deliver these kinds of results because we have access to dozens of different insurers. In the end, we find which companies accept all the health problems you deal with. Not only does this result in immediate protection, but it’s the surest path the cheapest price as well.

You might be wondering how you get the best prices on your burial insurance, and what it will cost. It turns out, most of our clients have this very same question. Well, in this article we give you quick links to articles that show you what final expense will cost at each age. In addition, there are many helpful tips and tricks to assist you in getting the best plan possible.


Affordable Burial insurance For People In Their 50’s

You will probably agree with us when we say that getting burial insurance in your 50’s puts you ahead of the majority. We say this because the average age of those who buy burial insurance is 63. The good news for you is that doing this in your 50s while you are young will save you a lot of money. Not to mention, you be protected against leaving a large bill to your family. Above all else, you will have access to much lower prices because you are taking care of this at such a young age.


Burial Insurance For People in their 60’s

Getting yourself new final expense policy in your 60’s doesn’t have to be a complicated issue. For some reason, many people think there is no way to obtain affordable burial insurance in this age bracket. The reality is, nothing could be further from the truth. All the major carriers will still offer you fantastic rates even in your 60’s.

Remember, if you deal with some major health issues, it could have an effect on the price. Because we work with so many different insurance companies, we can likely find one of them that will accept every condition you deal with. However, it’s probably best to call us if you feel you have some major medical problems.

Just below you will see a handy list of articles that show you what most people pay for burial insurance for every age in your 60’s. In addition, each article also come with some helpful tips on pitfalls to avoid, best practices, and how you can get the best burial insurance policy

Burial Insurance Costs


Actual Final Expense Costs For Those In Their 70’s

If you are in your 70’s and looking for a burial insurance plan, do not fret. There are still plenty of affordable options for you in this age bracket. In fact, major of our clients in this age bracket came to us frustrated and discouraged. This happens primarily because most companies have very limited options which can make it difficult for someone in their 70’s

Take a look below and you will see a bunch of articles we complied to make it easy on you to see final expense prices in your 70’s. All the articles have insider tips that you won’t find elsewhere on the internet.


Lowest Cost Burial Insurance For 80-85 Year Olds

You may be thinking that getting burial insurance in your 80’s is next to impossible. We have had many 80 something’s come to us seeking help. It can be a difficult task to acquire a new final expense policy in your 80’s, but it doesn’t have to be.

We have already helped hundreds of seniors in their 80 get into a new final expense plan. Furthermore, most of them were able to qualify for an immediate benefit. They did not have to wait two years before their policy would pay benefits.

Take a look below. You will see links to articles that show you very clearly what you should expect to pay for burial insurance in your 80’s. It gets even better though. Every article contains helpful advice and insider tips that we know will assist you on your search for burial insurance.

  • Burial Insurance For A 80 Year Old– Real prices for 80 year olds and tips on how to find the best burial insurance policy.
  • Burial Insurance For A 81 Year Old– Learn about final expense prices for an 81 year old and see what it takes to get an immediate benefit.
  • Burial Insurance For A 82 Year Old– Check out these prices, and read about the good and bad parts of guaranteed acceptance burial insurance plans.
  • Burial Insurance For A 83 Year Old– It’s still not too late to get into a new policy even at 83. Check out the costs, and read about how easy it is to find the best policy.
  • Burial Insurance For A 84 Year Old– You are close to running out of time. Check out what final expense will cost you at 84, and why working with Choice Mutual is the surest path to saving time and money.
  • Burial Insurance For A 85 Year Old– This is it. You are essentially out of time if you don’t take immediate action. If you don’t put your plan in place before you turn 86, your chances of getting new coverage decrease by about 98%.


Finding The Best Burial Insurance Costs At Any Age

If you search this topic online, you will find the same old advice that side steps the truth. Typically, the author of the article will have you qualify a company using the following criteria.

  1. Length of time the insurance company has been in business
  2. Their rating with A.M. Best

It’s definitely true these two elements are important in regards to the overall equation that decides which company has the best burial insurance plan. With that, these two attributes comprise maybe 10% of the important factors to consider when determining which burial insurance plan is best for you. Allow us to explain why this is, and how you truly can find the best final expense insurance plan.


Why Years In Business And A.M. Best Ratings Don’t Mean That Much

First of all, almost every insurance company today has a good rating with A.M. Best. Having an A rating or higher is extremely common and not something noteworthy anymore. Furthermore, even B rated companies are considered extremely stable. At the end of the day, insurance companies are so heavily regulated that it’s statistically impossible for insurers to go under. Even then, there are protections in place to ensure you, the policyholder, aren’t left out to dry.Burial Insurance Costs

At the same time, the length of time an insurer has been in business is indeed something important to take into account. However, much like their A.M. Best rating, their time in business should not be granted very much weight. Truthfully, most insurers in the final expense business have been operating for anywhere from 50 to 160 years. They have all been around a really long time, and quite frankly can all be trusted to pay their bills.

If a company first opened its doors a year ago, maybe then it would be cause for concern. However, that isn’t the cast for 99% of the insurance companies out there. So if they have all been around for a really long time, it becomes a constant value that doesn’t really need to be considered any more.

By now, you can see that these two factors comprise such a small portion of the overall equation. You must be thinking, so what do I look for to find the best burial insurance plan? Well, we are going to show you.


The Real Secret To What Makes The Best Burial Insurance Policy

Above all else, you getting the best burial insurance is going to come down to two main factors.

  1. Underwriting
  2. Price

That’s it. Nothing more, and nothing less. These are the two ingredients that will ultimately determine which plan is best for you. The best burial insurance plan for you will be one with a company that looks at your health most favorably. In addition, if at all possible, your plan will come with no waiting period.

Now, there may be multiple companies that look at you this way. On the other hand, there may be only a few or none at all. There are some health scenarios where no company will look at you favorably which means you are going to pay more and be stuck with a waiting period. However, that is rare.

Once you have identified which companies accept your health conditions from an underwriting perspective, it’s just a matter of sorting them by price to see which one is cheapest. Whichever insurer happens to charge you the least, is the company that has the best burial insurance plan for you. It’s that simple.


When it dust settles, here is what you will be left with:

  • The insurer will have a good rating. In 2016, almost 100% of them do.
  • The insurer will have been in business for a long time. The average time in business for most final expense companies is around 75 years.
  • The insurer will charge you less money than any other insurer.
  • Your policy will be effective immediately unless you truly have a health profile where this is impossible (again this is rare).

Is there anything else you could ask for? Honestly what else is there to consider? That about covers everything you could ever ask for.

At Choice Mutual, we say, why pay more for the exact same thing? Waiting periods aside, the insurance itself is the same with every company! For example, a $10,000 level benefit with Mutual of Omaha is the exact same thing as a $10,000 level benefit with Aetna. The only difference is the price. Both companies have great ratings and both haveĀ  been operating for a very long time. The only elements of significance that separates them is price and underwriting.


How You can Find The Best Burial insurance Plan

At this point, you have to be wondering how you can find these magical companies that accept all your health conditions. This means they would charge you the least, and not impose a waiting period upon you. We are going to give you an insider’s take on exactly how you can find the best burial insurance plan.

The cold hard truth is, you alone can’t find these companies that are going to look at you favorably and offer you the best price. You may not like hearing that, but there is a really good reason we say that.

First of all, insurance companies will not sell these products to you directly. If you call them, they will refer you to an agent or agency. If you call that agent or agency, they will give you that one quote from that one company you called. You would then need to repeat this process dozens of times.

Can you see how time consuming this has become already? But wait, there’s more. In addition to spending literally days on the phone getting all these quotes from agents that will try to sell you their plans, you still have no clue which of these companies accept your health conditions. To know this, you would need to have intimate knowledge of their health questionnaires and their underwriting guidelines. Honestly, there is no chance in this world you will ever gain that knowledge without become an agent yourself and selling final expense for years.

Here’s the kicker in all of this. You can accomplish all this work with one single phone call. All of that work can be equated by utilizing the services of an independent final expense agency like Choice Mutual that works with all the top burial insurance companies in your state. One call with us is equal to having a burial insurance expert compare prices on your behalf with dozens of different final expense insurance companies.


An Independent Agency Is so critical

An independent agency is one that can freely choose which insurance company to put you with. They will unbiased shop and compare rates for you to identify which carrier offers you the best deal. In addition, since they are and have been in the business, they already have all the necessary underwriting knowledge. They will know which companies will accept all your health conditions. As we already said, this is key to you getting the best price possible.


Choice Mutual Is The Most Trusted Burial Insurance Resource On The Web For A Reason

At the end of the day, we exist to serve YOU. We have no special affiliations with any particular insurer. All we do is find our clients which insurance company offers them the best deal possible regardless of which one it happens to be.

This is all we do, and we have helped thousands of families already. Let us help you. You won’t be sorry.

About ChoiceMutual.com
About ChoiceMutual.com

Choice Mutual works with all the top burial insurance companies throughout the nation to secure you the best price possible.

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