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Worried about how some extra pounds will impact how much you pay for burial insurance? Or maybe you think you are too heavy to qualify altogether?

These are valid concerns, and you aren’t alone.

Here is some reassuring news.

Your weight, no matter how high or low, will very likely have no impact at all.

Now that’s a bold statement, and it may come as a surprise to you, but it’s the truth. There are many reasons for this. Countless times we have helped folks who weighed 300, 400, even 500 pounds! Yes those are real numbers in case you are wondering. We were not exaggerating. Burial Insurance When You Are Overweight

We are going to let you in on some insider information, so you can understand how you can get yourself into an affordable final expense life insurance plan like so many of our other overweight clients.

This article will break down how funeral insurance companies react to someone who is overweight, what kind of plan choices you will have, and our prescription to find the best plan for YOU.


The Lowdown About Burial Insurance When You Are Overweight

The vast majority of burial insurance companies will have some sort of height to weight ratio guideline. In addition, there are  even some carriers that have no height to weight limits whatsoever. When you put these together, your outlook becomes very promising.

The truth is, most burial insurance plans have an extremely liberal height to weight limitation. Most of them will accept applicants that are severely overweight. Honestly, at the top end of their limits, a person would easily be considered morbidly overweight. Even then, if you are above the already tall limits, there are some carriers that have literally no limits at all. With them, you can literally weigh 800 pounds (please don’t ever do this), and they will still approve you, and they won’t even charge you more!

This sounds crazy right?

Well it’s all true. The patent reality is that being overweight will almost never force you to endure a waiting period on your policy or force you to pay an increased premium.

But wait it gets even better if you can believe it.

No matter how much you weigh, you will not have to take a physical or medical exam. There won’t be anyone who comes to your home and weights you or anything like that. With final expense life insurance, there are only health questions.

If you are currently overweight, we hope you put yourself on path to correct it considering how it can affect your health. Having said that, you won’t need to lose weight to be able to secure the most affordable funeral insurance. No matter if you are just overweight, obese, or morbidly obese, we can take care of.


Underwriting For Weight Issues

First of all, being overweight greatly contributes to diabetic and heart issues in many ways. Those are separate issues that have their own individual impact on burial insurance plans. Given that, this section is strictly going to touch on how the extra weight itself comes into play from an underwriting perspective.


What’s A Build Chart?

A build chart is a life insurance guideline that dictates weight maximums and minimums according to each height. For example, if you are only 5’1”, the weight limit for you will be lower than someone who is 5’5”. Every burial insurance company has their own build chart, and then there are some select carriers that have no build chart at all.

This is a SAMPLE build chartBurial Insurance When You Are Overweight

Here is something very promising.

For the burial insurance companies that have build charts, their standards are usually very lenient. This means, they allow applicants to be greatly overweight without any sort of penalty.

This may blow your mind.

There are actually some final expense life insurance companies that have no build chart. With these companies, you can weigh literally any amount. They simply do not care about your weight.


No Health Questions, Medications, Or BMI

When it comes to matters of excess body weight, there will never be a section within the health questionnaire that specifically asks about weight. For example, you will not see a final expense application ask you if you have gained or lost a certain amount of weight within a certain time frame.

Any company that has a build chart will have a section on the application where you need to list your height and weight. It would be up to your agent to be familiar with that carrier’s build chart, so they could inform you whether or not there would be an issue.

There are no prescription medications insurance companies will be on the lookout for either. If they see you taking Phentermine, Adipex, Topamax, Belviq, or anything else you might be taking for weight loss, they won’t care.

And last but not least, you will NEVER see any burial insurance company ever ask you for your latest body mass index. It does not matter how high your BMI might be because it’s not a factor that will ever be asked about or taken into consideration.


What About Gastric Bypass Surgery?

The only way a gastric bypass surgery could become an issue would be if you were looking at one of the companies that asks if you have been hospitalized within the last 12 months (assuming you stayed overnight). Then and only then, would your surgery prevent you from qualifying.

Burial Insurance When You Are Overweight

Now, it’s important you realize that about 98% of funeral insurance companies will not have a health question that asks if you have been hospitalized within the last 12 months. In essence, gastric bypass surgery, whenever you had or have it, is as much of a non-issue as the extra weight itself.


Here’s The Only Way Your Weight Could Become An Issue

Burial Insurance When You Are Overweight

You would need to be heavy enough to the point where you need help with your daily activities like bathing, eating, dressing or toileting. Pretty much every company will ask if you need assistance with your daily activities of living. If you do, most will flat out decline you.

At the same time, there is one burial insurance company out there that is fine with applicants who receive assistance with their daily activities. We do have access to them. However, if you do not qualify with them for some other reason, your only option would be a guaranteed issue policy with Gerber Life.

In most cases, it would take a very extreme case of morbid obesity for someone to begin needing help with their daily activities. If that is you, just know there are options, but they are ultra limited.


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance When You Are Overweight

As is the case with most health factors, being overweight is something that must be assessed from multiple angles. With that, what you need is an experienced agency that is properly equipped to help you find the best plan out there.

To the find the best burial insurance when you are overweight, you must at all costs work with an independent broker that is licensed by lots of insurance companies. Essentially, an agency like this will assess the entire market for you and determine which carrier will offer you the lowest price for the best plan given your unique situation.

Here’s the kicker

You need to put your trust in someone to help you with this. The only real question is who is that going to be? We have a suggestion for you; although we may be bit biased.

We highly recommend you let Choice Mutual be the company that goes to bat for you. We have been doing this for years. We are ultra familiar with the underwriting from all the different final expense carriers, and we work with a lot of them.

After we learn the details about all your health history, we will compare rates and see which insurance company will truly offer you the best plan at the lowest cost.

However, we recognize that not everyone will contact us to help them find their burial insurance. If you choose to work with another agency, please make sure they represent A LOT of companies. This is absolutely critical. In addition, make sure they specialize in final expense life insurance like we do.

It takes years to master the underwriting from over a dozen insurance companies. Only through experience can we possibly know which companies will work with al your health issues.


One More Thing

Regardless of which company you choose to work with, please take immediate action on this. What most people fail to consider is their health. Everyone knows they will likely not die in the near future. However, your health can change at any moment. Often times, it’s just a matter of when.

Have you ever met someone who knew the day before they were going to have a heart attack? Neither have we. We tell you this because there are some health issues that will absolutely cause you to pay more for your burial insurance.Burial Insurance When You Are Overweight

If you know you want, do it now. You and your family will appreciate it. Oh and so will your checkbook.