Final Expense Insurance

Partnership Inquiries

Interested in partnering with us in some fashion? We’re flattered you would consider a relationship with us 🙂

That said, please read the questions below because whatever is on your mind is likely addressed here.

You’ll notice a lot of direct answers here. We are not trying to be off putting to anyone, so please don’t take it that way. Our belief is that being forward is the best policy. We’d just rather not waste your time or ours.

If your inquiry is not addressed on this page, your best bet would be to email us at info @ If your inquiry is something we want to pursue, we’ll be in touch.

Thanks in advance!


Are you an IMO I can contract with?

No. We only hire internal agents who report to our local office in Reno NV. We do not offer contracting services like most IMOs.

If you’re interested in becoming an internal agent here in Reno NV, go to this page.


I have quality final expense leads, would you be open to buying them?

No. Please do not bother calling or emailing. We do not buy leads under any circumstance. We generate all leads on our own.

Even if you offered the leads for free indefinitely, we still would not accept them.


Do you sell your leads?

No. There is no amount of money you could pay where we would sell our leads.

All our leads go to our agents. Plus, we specifically tell every client that their information will never be sold or shared with a third party. We would never violate that promise.


I’m an NMO. Can I talk with you about contracts I can offer you?

No. First, we already have NMO level contracts with our carriers because of our production.

That aside, we have a long standing committed relationship with our current NMO and would not be willing to change that even if you could get us more points or some other benefit.


Can I hire you for final expense telesales training?

Sorry no. We are a sales organization not a training company.


Can I pay you to help me build a site like you did?

Sorry no. We are a sales organization not a training company.


I want to build a website like you did, can I just talk with you for 5 minutes to get some pointers?

Sorry but no. Even if the call was eight hours long, we just couldn’t adequately give you all the info you would need to build a site and have it rank highly in Google.

That said, if you want to get a life insurance website to rank in the search engines, buy Jeff Roots book. It’s a really good foundation for how you would do it.

He also built an amazing website theme designed specifically for insurance agents. You can get details about it and buy it here.

Jeff has ample experience helping many people build successful life insurance websites. His content is spot on.


I read about Anthony in Forbes; can I talk with him to pick his brain about some stuff?

Sorry but no. As is, Anthony gets a lot of calls about selling over the phone, website development, SEO and a host of other questions.

With all due respect, Anthony just cannot take these calls because there are too many. It’s nothing personal. He just has to protect his time.

The only chance you would have to pick his brain would be at the next Digital Mastermind Event in 2020.


I represent a carrier and would like to talk to you about adding our product to your portfolio.

Email the product details such as rates, state availability and underwriting to info @ along with your contact information.

We’ll review it and contact you if we feel it has a place in our carrier lineup.


I’m also in the final expense business; can we talk because I think we can help each other?

No. Here’s the thing. This is a list of all the things we are not open to:

  • Selling a portion of our company
  • Partnering with someone even when it doesn’t involve purchasing shares of our company
  • Selling our leads
  • Contracting with another NMO
  • Working your leads
  • Contracting remote agents

Here’s the thing. When we need something, we find it. Please know; it’s nothing personal.


I don’t work in the insurance or lead business, and I think we can mutually benefit from one another. Can we talk?

Possibly. It all depends on what you had in mind. The best thing to do is to email us at info @ with your name, company name, and how our companies could mutually benefit from one another.

If it is something we want to explore, we’ll be in touch.


I work for a company that has a great CRM; want to check it out?

Thanks but no thanks. If we weren’t currently in the process of developing our own custom CRM, we would probably say yes. But since that is the case, we will continue with our current CRM until ours is published.


Can we talk with you about our SEO services?

No. We handle SEO internally.


Can we talk with you about our link building services?

No. Since link building is a critical part of SEO, we handle that internally.

Also, it would be impossible for you to convince us that you build links in a white hat way. We would never risk getting a manual penalty from Google.


Do you hire any freelance writers?

Sorry we do not. All content is created and managed internally.


Our company sells medicare supplement and advantage plans over the phone. Is there any chance we could partner with one another to cross sell each other’s client base?

No. There are many reasons we wouldn’t entertain this concept.


Do you have any interest in offering other insurance products such as accidental death, disability, cancer plans etc?

At this time we don’t.


I have a website(s). Would you like to pay to have an article posted on our site so you get a contextual back link of your choice?



Do you accept guest posts?

Not anymore.