Are you looking for a $10000 life insurance policy?

If so, you came to the right place.

In this guide, you’ll find sample prices, policy details, how to find the best plan, and much more.

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40-49 $10000 Whole Life Insurance Quotes

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Age 50-59 $10,000 Whole Life Policy Rates

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Age 60-69 Whole Life $10000 Prices

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Age 70-79 $10,000 Life Policy Premiums

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Age 80-89 Quotes For $10,000 In Whole Life Insurance

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$10,000 Whole Life For Children

If you’re looking for a small life policy for one of your kids, below are the Mutual of Omaha rates.

Both males and females pay the same rate.

Sadly, Mutual of Omaha children’s life insurance maxes out at $50,000.

So if you’re looking for a $100,000 whole life policy for a minor, Mutual of Omaha won’t offer that much.



How Does Whole Life Insurance Work?

Life insurance is a broad term. There are many different kinds; whole life insurance is just one specific kind of life insurance.

Here’s the good news.

Whole life insurance is straightforward. There is no small print that you need to be worried about.

If you buy a whole life plan, here’s how it will work:

  • Premiums won’t increase
  • Benefits won’t decrease
  • The policy won’t expire at any age
  • Builds cash value that you can borrow from

That’s all there is to it in regards to how the policy works. In a nutshell, a whole life policy will be with you forever and will never change in any way.

Ultimately, your plan will pay out a tax-free cash benefit to your beneficiary(s).

So let’s say you bought a $25,000 whole life plan. It would simply pay out $25k to your beneficiary upon your passing.

Since it’s just a cash payout, there are no restrictions on how the money is used. If there’s money left over, that money will stay with your family.


How Your Health Impacts The Cost Of Your 10000 Life Insurance Policy

It probably comes as no surprise that your health will play a big role in the qualification process.

Underwriting guidelines are the same whether you buy a $50,000 whole life insurance policy or one for $10,000.

Every burial insurance company (other than guaranteed issue plans) will ask you a series of health questions. Also, they will analyze your prescription history.

This will give them all the information they need to determine if you are approved.

Here’s the truth about health questions.

If you say yes to ANY health question on any application, it will unequivocally mean you will pay a higher monthly premium. Additionally, it may also mean you have to endure a graded payout of your death benefit, or have to wait two full years.

Here’s the bottom line

To get the best plan where it covers you immediately and costs the least, you want to look for plans where you can say no to all their health questions.

Here’s the rule of thumb to remember.

If any life insurance company does not ask about something, it means they are okay with it!


Underwriting diversity means you win.

There are dozens of funeral insurance companies on the market today with their own unique underwriting, and they are competing for YOUR business. This has resulted in great underwriting diversity.

For example, some companies ask if you have Parkinson’s Disease, and some don’t. If you have Parkinson’s disease, it will behoove you to apply with one of the companies that does not ask about Parkinson’s. Doing so would mean you pay much less, and your coverage would start immediately.

A no-brainer, right?

That scenario with Parkinson’s Disease plays out regularly for all sorts of health conditions.


Here’s the bottom line

At Choice Mutual, we have about a 90% success rate where someone can secure a plan that covers them in full immediately!

That is only possible because we work with so many burial life insurance companies that have different underwriting.

So while your health plays a big role in the process, it won’t matter in most cases. That’s because we can likely find a company that accepts all the conditions you deal with.

It’s awesome being independent 😎, and that’s VERY good for you.

If you are looking for a 10 000 life insurance policy, call us at 1-800-644-2926. We will shop and compare prices from over 20 companies to ensure you the best deal on your policy.


How Choice Mutual Can Help You Find The Best & Cheapest $10K Policy

Here’s the deal

You’re obviously contemplating buying a $10,000 whole life policy, or you wouldn’t be here. Now you need to consult with a company that can help you get it done.

It would help if you worked with an agency with the experience and the tools to ensure you find the best burial insurance plan possible.

That’s where we come in.

Here are the three main reasons why we are best equipped to help you find the best $10K whole life policy for you.

  1. We represent over 15 companies. That means we can shop around for you to ensure you are getting the best rate. We’ll analyze a whole life price chart to find you the best deal.
  2. Our allegiance is to YOU! We will impartially shop around and recommend whichever life insurance company is best for you.
  3. This kind of insurance is all we do, and we’re masters at it. As mentioned earlier, your health is a major factor in this process. In less than 60 seconds, we will evaluate your health and determine which companies are most suitable for you, given your health. Due to our vast experience, we have a masterful knowledge of how each final expense company underwrites.

Super Expensive Companies To Avoid

In every industry, some companies operate outside the competitive boundaries and offer consumers their product or service at a much higher price point.

Usually, the companies that do this will try hard to justify their higher final expense prices.

The truth is, it’s all smoke and mirrors. The companies listed below are all guilty of this. They offer final expense life insurance at rates much higher than other competitive companies.


1) Lincoln Heritage

Lincoln Heritage is actually the largest provider of final expense life insurance in the nation. They sell more of it than any other insurance company. While this sounds impressive (indeed it is), this feat wasn’t achieved because they offer the best funeral insurance policy.

The truth is, they are costly, even for healthy clients.

Basically, they have set up their underwriting, the application process, and an agent recruiting system to benefit the agents and the company. They are not interested in serving the client the best value possible.

It’s essential to note that Lincoln Heritage is almost entirely a captive insurance company. Being captive means, one of their agents cannot represent any other insurer other than Lincoln Heritage.

This is devastating to clients who have health issues that Lincoln Heritage does not view favorably.

There’s a giant list of health issues whereby Lincoln Heritage will charge their applicants 200-300% more and give them a two-year waiting period.

At the same time, other carriers would give these same clients a significantly lower price and coverage with no waiting period.

Please look at how their rates compare to two other companies that offer the same thing.


Now they will claim the price difference is because they offer all sorts of other benefits.

Please don’t believe it!

All the “benefits” they offer are easily achievable on your own for free. Ultimately, they charge these higher prices for entirely self-serving reasons.

You can read our entire Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage here if you want to learn all the details about this company.


2) Colonial Penn

Everyone knows them by their commercials that featured Alex Trebek. They have been in business many years, and they too sell a lot of final expense life insurance.

Here’s the deal

They charge super high prices for two main reasons. One is to pay for Alex Trebek. The other reason is that their business model revolves around making it incredibly simple for their agents.

Think of it this way. Which do you think takes more work. Training insurance agents to learn 15 different burial insurance companies, or learn just one?

A company like us works with many different insurance companies, so we can always find you which company offers you the best deal. It definitely takes MUCH more time and effort to train each agent to become a master of each insurance company.

You don’t get that with Colonial Penn because all they can offer you is their insurance. Their agents only need to learn one company, and that’s a lot easier for Colonial Penn.

Bottom line?

Buying a 10000 life insurance policy from Colonial Penn means you will greatly overpay for what you could be getting elsewhere for much less.



You would think an organization created to advocate for seniors would ensure the products they sell are market competitive.

That is not the case when it comes to AARP’s life insurance.

There are two main reasons we make that claim.

Final expense insurance from AARP is far more expensive compared to most other final expense companies.

In addition to the higher rates, many of their customers are put into a plan that has a 2-year waiting period.

At the end of the day, if you want life insurance (for any reason), going with AARP will ensure you pay way more than you have to.