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Getting diagnosed with diabetes is a life changing event. Drastically altering your diet, exercising regularly, and possibly taking new medications are all common life changes that come with a diabetes diagnosis. Thankfully, treatment of diabetes has come a long way, and the outlook is very promising for those who take their treatment seriously. Although developing diabetes might mean less chocolate cake and more exercise, it does not mean that you have to accept expensive rates and waiting periods on your burial insurance.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Well here is the direct and honest truth. If you have diabetes, controlled or not, you can secure affordable burial insurance that doesn’t break the bank.

We have spoken to many clients with diabetes that found great difficulty obtaining final expense insurance. All too often we speak with people who were declined elsewhere or were told they would have to suffer through waiting periods on top of really expensive rates. It’s no wonder so many diabetics get discouraged when looking for a final expense policy. Thankfully, we have helped hundreds upon hundreds of diabetic clients before, and we are beyond confident we can help you too.

Want to know the best part? Burial Insurance For Diabetics

With us, we can almost certainly put you in a burial insurance plan that comes with immediate protection and comes at rate consistent with what non diabetics would pay.

This sounds crazy right?

Well, it’s the truth, and our experience is proof. If you are one of those people who have had trouble finding affordable final expense insurance for diabetics, just know that you aren’t alone. In all honestly, your prior difficulties are the direct result of the who spoke with. Moreover, they couldn’t assist you properly because they did not have access to companies that were friendly to diabetics.

Remember, final expense life insurance policies never require medical exams.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything diabetics will encounter when buying burial insurance. We will cover what final expense insurers might ask about, how they respond to diabetes, and how you can find the best policy.


What Final Expense Companies Might Ask About When You Have Diabetes

When it comes to burial insurance, the insurance companies are going to be on the lookout for certain things. Every burial insurance plan will have different underwriting. Across the board, the list below covers the various diabetic issues insurance companies may ask about.

Please keep this in mind.

None of these issues mean you can’t qualify for affordable burial insurance. In fact, just the opposite is true. No matter what you have dealt with in regards to your diabetes, we have companies that will work with you!

Stuff they may ask aboutBurial Insurance For Diabetics

  • Were you diagnosed prior to age 50?
  • What medications are you taking?
  • Have you ever had an amputation due to diabetes?
  • Have you have gone into insulin shock?
  • Have you ever been in a diabetic coma?
  • What’s your height and weight?
  • Is your diabetes type 1 or type 2?
  • How many units of insulin are you taking per day?
  • Do you have neuropathy (nerve/circulatory issues due to diabetes)?
  • Do you have retinopathy (eye issues due to diabetes)?
  • Do you have nephrophy (kidney issues due to diabetes)?

Stuff they will almost never ask about

  • Your A1C levels
  • How many years you have been diabetic
  • Family history

In the end, these are all the possible questions different burial insurance plans might ask about. We would ask you questions about your diabetes, so we could determine which burial insurance company would be the best fit for you and offer the lowest price.


How Burial Insurance Companies Respond to Diabetes

In this day and age, diabetes is an extremely common condition. For this reason, most burial insurance companies have designed their plans to accept people with diabetes. Furthermore, there are even final expense life insurance plans that accept serious complications that were the result of diabetes.

One key thing to remember is that these burial insurance companies all have different underwriting guidelines. To put it another way, every carrier will accept and decline different diabetic issues.

For example, company A might be perfectly fine with you taking insulin daily. However, company B might completely decline you because of it. This scenario is basically true for all the issues any diabetic might face.

Here’s the bottom line:

No matter how mild or severe your diabetes, no matter what complications you have or don’t have, there are affordable options for you! If you deal with some major diabetic issues, please refer to the list below. These are links to detailed articles about each diabetic condition. Check them out if you want a more thorough explanation for each of these issues.

Remember, affordable burial insurance for diabetics is available even if you have some of these serious complications.

The key thing to remember is that some insurance companies are OK with the above items and some are not. You will greatly overpay if you limit yourself by working with an agency that has only a small amount of insurance companies to choose from. In all honestly, people with diabetes, more so than any other health condition, need an agency that has access to multiple carriers if they want to have any shot at getting an affordable plan.


Tips To Find The Best Burial Insurance For Diabetics

If you are diabetic and have looked for burial insurance before, you probably know how challenging it can be. Usually, most agents and agencies are not experienced enough to be able to properly assist you with this. Furthermore, the vast majority of agencies out there are not at all equipped with the right burial insurance companies that can suit you given your diabetes.

Fortunately for you, Choice Mutual provides you a bulletproof path to getting an affordable burial insurance plan. You want to know how to find the best burial insurance for diabetics? It’s quite simple actually.

To get the best final expense insurance policy for diabetics, you must work with a highly experienced independent agency that has access to many diabetic friendly insurance companies.

First, the agency needs ample experience helping people of diverse diabetic backgrounds. This is key because only through experience can you attain the knowledge of how each carrier underwrites diabetes. Every person has their own individual and unique experience with diabetes, and knowing which carrier suits your situation is paramount.

At the same time, the agency must have free access to many different insurance companies that respond favorably to diabetes. The thing is; diabetes comes in many different forms. In addition, every carrier responds differently to every health issue a diabetic could face. Ultimately, the only way to ensure an agency can you get the best deal is by having many companies in their bag where one of them accepts the all the diabetic conditions you deal with.

Choice Mutual is that agency

At the end of the day, these two attributes in an agency are absolutely critical if you want to get the best burial insurance with diabetes. And make no mistake, both elements are equally important.

You may have figured this out already, but Choice Mutual is just that kind of agency. We have lots of companies that accept all the various diabetic issues anyone could ever deal with. In addition, we have over 6 years of exclusive experience in the burial insurance business. Hundreds of times now we have helped people with all sorts of diabetic issues.


One final thing to remember

As is the case with every burial insurance plan, your entire health profile must be taken into consideration. Having said that, your diabetes is just one piece of the overall puzzle. Although there are many insurance companies that will give diabetics a great deal on a final expense policy, you could have other health conditions that could get in the way.

We tell you this because its important to remember that every insurer will look at all your health conditions in addition to your diabetes. We can recommend lots of companies that will give you a very affordable burial insurance plan in light of your diabetes, but that does mean your other health conditions, if any, won’t present a problem.

But here’s the kicker.

In our experience, we are able to help over 90% of our clients secure an affordable burial insurance policy that has no waiting period. We are able to achieve these kinds of results specifically because we have lots of experience and because we work with lots of different burial insurance companies.

The key thing for you is to be up front an honest about all your conditions. We will in turn use our expertise and thorough underwriting knowledge to find you a company that suits you well given everything you deal with.