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Written on October 4, 2016 by Choice Mutual

Burial Insurance In Elizabeth City North Carolina

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Being ranked by Money Magazine as one of the best places to live on the east certainly speaks volumes about this city. Elizabeth City has even been named one best small towns in America. Given these points, is it any wonder why so many residents of this city stay for life? This is a city home to the largest US Coast Guard base in the nation. Being so close to the water also affords its resident great views of the ocean and plenty of seafood options from many different restaurants. All in all, Elizabeth City offers a laid back lifestyle with much to see and do when the urge strikes.

Residents of Elizabeth City can rest assured knowing that affordable final expense insurance is out there. In fact, it’s much easier to find than you might have assumed. We have personally helped lots of North Carolina residents find a burial insurance plan, and we are going to let you in how you can too. We are going to give you a bullet proof recipe about how you can find the best policy in Elizabeth City North Carolina, why funeral insurance is so valuable, and why Choice Mutual is the most trusted resource in the burial insurance business.


Current Funeral Costs From Providers In Elizabeth City

Service TypeAverage PriceLowest Price
Traditional Burial$5,801$5,220
Cremation Memorial$2,945$2,395
Direct Cremation$1,211$995


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance In Elizabeth City North Carolina

If you were to listen to the various articles online about how to find burial insurance, you would certainly end up paying a lot more than you need to. The problem with most online articles is they are written by authors that have little to no experience in the final expense market. Burial insurance is all we do, and this formula is time tested and proven over many years.

To get find the cheapest burial insurance in Elizabeth City North Carolina, you need to allow an independent agency, like Choice Mutual, to help you. The agency must be able to place you with lots of different insurance companies, and they need to have a long history of helping people specifically with funeral insurance policies.

Easy enough right?

Basically, you are allowing a professional to do the heavy lifting for you. If you want legal advice, you ask a lawyer. When it comes to burial insurance, you lean on a qualified agency for their help. In essence, they will compare prices from literally dozens of insurance companies to see which one is the lowest cost for you. In addition, due to their experience (make sure they have it), they will be  familiar with how each carrier underwrites. This means they will be able to make the proper recommendations according to your individual health profile.

In the end, it all results in lower prices and coverage that comes with no waiting period. This is just not something you could achieve on your own. That’s not a bad thing. You are merely allowing a professional to help you. You are the true beneficiary because you save a ton of time and money by doing it this way.


How burial insurance is different

Many people think a burial insurance plan just pays money to ensure your funeral costs are not left to your family. While this is the truth, there are much more to them. These policies have certain valuable attritubes you should not overlook. Consider the following:

  • They have payments that cannot increase.
  • The underwriting is ultra relaxed to the point where everyone can qualify.
  • The benefits will never cancel due to age. Your policy will be there even if you live beyond 100.
  • You can buy as little as $1,000 in coverage. Traditional life insurance plans force you to buy no less than $25,000 in protection.

Altogether, these plans never change and they don’t go away. Additionally, everyone can qualify due to their underwriting accepting all the major medical conditions seniors deal with. These final expense policies offer truly unparalleled peace of mind you can count on.


We are the most trusted resource online

It’s no secret that there are many companies that will sell you a burial insurance policy. However, have you thought about why you should allow a company to service you? Chances are, you could search far and wide and not findBurial Insurance In Elizabeth City North Carolina a company that is better equipped to help you with this than we are. Like the title says, there is a reason why we are the single most trusted resource on the internet for final expense insurance. Here are the main reasons for that.

  • Our agency is independent which means we can place you with any company we choose. Not to mention, we have lots of companies to choose from. Ultimately we will compare rates for you and recommend whichever carrier offers you the best deal.
  • At Choice Mutual, our formula for success is incredibly simple. It’s to do whatever is best for you. We don’t push people into any particular insurer. It’s all about you.
  • Over the years we have helped thousands of clients. This means we have a complete understanding of how each insurance company underwrites. Ultimately, this means we have the ability to place you with the proper insurance companies that will accept your health conditions. This boils down to low prices and instant first day coverage when possible.

Elizabeth City residents have long enjoyed the service we provide. Give us the chance to help you with this, and we won’t be sorry. If you live outside of Elizabeth City, that’s okay too. We assist folks everyday find affordable burial insurance in North Carolina.


Why you shouldn’t wait

Have you made the decision that you want the peace of mind that a funeral insurance policy provides? If you have, we urge you to take immediate action. Obviously, we recommend you allow us to help you. However, we still want you to move on this right away even if you decide to go with another company.

You are probably wondering why we say this..

First, as you age the cost goes up. More importantly is your health. Your health is the single greatest element that influences to the cost of a your final expense policy. If your health becomes bad, and one day it will, it will cause you to pay more. Additionally, you could be forced to endure a waiting period.

No matter what, your policy will never be cheaper than it is today. We have personally encountered many folks who called us back after deciding to wait. Unfortunately they experienced a health complication that resulted in higher prices and in some cases, a waiting period.

Don’t allow this to happen to you. Do it now.



Choice Mutual works with all the top burial insurance companies throughout the nation to secure you the best price possible.

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