Please feel free to use the quick and easy quote tool to see prices from insurers that operate in your state. If you have dealt with insulin shock at some point, it’s best to call us at 1-800-644-2926. There are final expense insurance companies that will work with you, but some will not. We will chat with you, and let you know the best companies given your individual situation.

Point blank, insulin shock is a diabetic emergency. It should not be taken lightly. Diabetes is a frightful disease because of the overall havoc it wreaks on your entire body. It can lead to all sorts of complications that can dramatically affect your quality of life and over all life expectancy. Essentially, insulin shock occurs when there is an imbalance between the amount of insulin in your system, the volume of food you eat, or your level of physical activity. If you were to not respond to the symptoms of insulin shock, you could eventually go into diabetic coma, experience brain damage, and even death. It’s a serious deal.

Hopefully, you are on top of managing you diabetes via diet, exercise, and whatever prescriptions your doctor may have you on. More than likely, you already know how difficult it can be finding affordable burial insurance for people with diabetes. Add insulin shock on top of that, and you are really looking at an uphill battle with most companies. This article will detail everything you could possibly need to know about finding burial insurance when you have had insulin shock. We will go over your options, what to look for, and how to find the best policy.


With Insulin Shock, Here Is The Cold Hard Truth

First and foremost, there are always options! By and large, what options you will have and what your burial insurance will cost depends entirely on when you last experienced insulin shock. But again, no matter what you your situation is, just know there are options for you.

Here’ the real deal.

You really need to work with an agency that is highly experienced at dealing with diabetics. Furthermore, they need to be properly equipped to assist with people with all sorts of diabetic complications especially when it comes to insulin shock.

So now you are thinking, where do I find an agency like that?

You don’t even need to look because you already found us! We have helped a lot of people secure final expense polices with insulin shock. Some had it recently, and some had it long ago. Regardless of your particular situation, we have the experience and tools to help you.

One thing to remember. Regardless of which options are out there for you, none of them will ever require you to take a physical or medical exam to qualify.

To be perfectly frank about this, you should just call us if you have ever had insulin shock. It will save you a ton of time by doing so. The reality is some insurance companies won’t accept you if you have ever had insulin shock. On the other hand, there are lots of companies that will. What options you have with those companies depends on when you last experienced it. That’s why we recommend you call us. However, if you still want to learn more before you chat with us, please keep reading.


Time can be your friend or your enemy

When it comes to final expense life insurance and insulin shock, time is the factor that will influence everything. With that, there are two basic scenarios that might apply to you as it pertains to insulin shock. Which category you fall in will determine what options you have and what you should realistically expect to pay.

Your Insulin Shock Was Over 2 Years Ago

Burial Insurance With Insulin Shock

Here’s the great news. You have lots of wonderful options that won’t require you to pay a higher premium or have to endure a waiting period. Albeit, it’s true that lots of burial insurance companies will not touch you simply because you experienced insulin shock at one point in your life. Nevertheless, there are still companies out there that will essentially view you as a champion athlete. You’ll have access to the lowest rates, or be have any sort of policy restrictions.

Your Insulin Shock Was Within The Last 2 Years

Here’s the direct and honest truth about this. In this scenario, you will have to pay a higher monthly premium for your insurance. Unfortunately, there is no escaping this reality. Every application with health questions will always ask about insulin shock (it might be phrased as uncontrolled diabetes). Assuming we are looking at an insurance company that does not decline people for insulin shock, the question will be tied to the prior two years. If you say yes to that question, they are going to require that you pay a higher premium.

And it can potentially get worse.

Depending on what state you live in and your overall health profile, you might have to endure a two year waiting period. It’s rare, but there are some companies out there (and we have access to them) that will simply charge you more money and not impose a waiting period. However, that is very uncommon. The majority of insurers that ask about insulin shock within the last two years require you pay more, and they include a 2 year waiting period on your policy. During the waiting period, they will not pay out the death benefit if you pass away. Instead, they will refund all your premiums plus interest. Usually, it’s 10% interest.

Here’s the bottom line.

Even if you have had this in the last two years, you have choices. What company will be cheapest for you given the insulin shock depends on a variety of factors. This is why we recommend you speak with us so we can assess your entire health history, and make the proper recommendation. We will show you all your options. No matter what though, if you have had insulin shock within the last two years, you are going to pay more money. That is a fact you will have to accept.


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance With Insulin Shock

If you follow our advice, you will win the game. You will find the whatever your best option is given your particular situation. Conveniently, the prescription we are going to give you is incredibly simple. In reality, it requires very little work on your behalf. This is a time tested, and proven formula.

To find the best and most affordable burial insurance with insulin shock, you must utilize the services of a professional independent agency that is highly experienced at helping people with high risk health issues, and they are properly equipped to shop the market for you to find you the best deal.

That’s it. Are you thinking that sounds too easy? If so, allow us to explain why we recommend this.

For starters, working with an independent agency is beyond critical. This means they are not bound to any particular insurance company. The freedom to choose among dozens of final expense insurance companies means they can compare prices from all the various companies to see which one is going to offer you the cheapest plan.

Second, their experience helping people with insulin shock is also very important. Here’s the thing about burial insurance companies. They all have different underwriting practices. That means they all respond to health conditions in their own way. One of the major keys to getting you the best deal given the insulin shock, is by knowing which insurers respond the best to this event. Only through experience can an agency know which carriers will react most favorably to insulin shock.

Obviously, we recommend you let us help you because we are extremely qualified to do so. However, you probably figured that out by now. ☺


Why you need to Lean on a professional for help with this

Think of it this way. When you need your eyes check, who do you turn to? You go to the optometrist right? Of course you do because they are a professional and you trust them to do right by you. Well, its the same deal here. Independent brokers like Choice Mutual are professionals at this business. We have the expertise needed to assist you with burial insurance like a lawyer would help you with a legal matter.

You won’t find insurance sold at the grocery store. Do you know why that is? It’s because insurance, burial insurance in particular, is not a one size fits all thing. In fact, it’s a very complicated diverse product that takes into account dozens of variables. That’s why best and lowest cost plans are sold through professional agencies like us.

Here’s some really great news.

This is not hard or time consuming for us because we have been doing this for so long. In addition, we are properly armed with the right insurance companies to help you. In minutes we can quickly determine what your best options are, and help you get approved. Putting your faith in an agency like us saves you a ton of time and lot of money. Even if you don’t work with Choice Mutual, we still want you to follow our formula. Doing so will ensure you pay the least and get the best burial policy.

Burial Insurance With Insulin Shock

One final thought

As is the case with every burial insurance plan, insulin shock is just a piece of the overall puzzle. It’s important to remember that every application with every insurer will assess your health in multiple ways. While we have insurance companies that will work with you given your insulin shock, that does not mean that your other health issues (if any) aren’t going to be an issue.

You may be wondering, why are we telling you this?

We believe in being totally forward with you. We don’t like to give people false expectations. Please don’t misunderstand this message. Our intent is not to make you think doom and gloom. The biggest reason why we encourage everyone to speak with us is so that we can gather all your health information and give you a solid recommendation with accurate prices.

Here is the best news.

At Choice Mutual, over 90% of our clients are approved for a policy that has no waiting period whatsoever. This usually means they pay the lowest price as well. We are only able to achieve these results because of our experience and our free access to dozens of burial insurance companies. As you can see, there is a good reason to have a good outlook on your situation, even with insulin shock in your past.