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Written by Choice Mutual | Last updated: September 29, 2016

Burial Insurance In Tuscaloosa Alabama

You can use the quote form on this page to see a list of prices for burial insurance plans available in Alabama. If you live in Tuscaloosa and have some major medical conditions, please call us at 1-800-644-2926 for an accurate quote.

The Druid City, or referred to as T- Town by some residents, is home to Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide. College football is unquestionably at the heart of Alabama. This is particularly true for the city of Tuscaloosa. From the sunny days along the Black Warrior River, barbecue being its own food group, to the locally famous Taco Casa serving amazing Mexican food. The town is synonymous with winning, and its residents couldn’t be prouder.

Unfortunately for many Tuscaloosa residents, they have not been winning the burial insurance game. This is sadly the result of people not working with the right companies that are properly outfitted to help them in regards to final expense insurance. Many of our clients experienced this difficulty first hand before they came to us. Just know. You can find quality low cost burial insurance in Tuscaloosa Alabama. In this piece, we will show you actual data on funeral costs in the city, why you should let Choice Mutual be your burial insurance champion, and how exactly you can find the best policy possible.


Current Funeral Costs From Providers In Tuscaloosa

Service TypeAverage PriceLowest Price
Traditional Burial$6,895$5,900
Cremation Memorial$3,500$2,750
Direct Cremation$2,771$1,925


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance In Tuscaloosa Alabama

One thing you must know is that finding the best burial insurance is not done by calling many different insurance companies. Many people get confused because they think they need to talk to agents for months or even a year before they pull the trigger. Most people falsely assume they need to speak with multiple people before they realize what they should expect to say. This process will only cost you time, money, and ensure you pay more for your policy than you need to. Finding the best policy is done by doing the following.

To get the best and most affordable burial insurance policy, you must utilize the services of an experienced agency, like Choice Mutual, that has free access to multiple insurance companies. This freedom to choose, means a company like us can evaluate prices from many different carriers to find you the best deal.

In essence, working with a company like us is shopping around. We work with all the major final expense insurers in Alabama. Not to mention, we know how each company handles their underwriting. We can very quickly determine which companies will accept all your health issues, so you get the best price.

Our experience helping people in Tuscaloosa goes back many years. Contact us to see what we can do for you.


Burial insurance is unlike anything else

A burial insurance does one thing exceptionally well. That is to say it provides superior coverage for ensuring your final expenses are taken care of in the event of your passing. In addition to this, there are some amazingly unique attributes to burial insurance plans that you may not be immediately aware of. Take a gander at some of these wonderful benefits.

  1. As these are whole life policies, they cannot expire.
  2. Being whole life, the prices are fixed forever.
  3. The face value minimums are incredibly low.
  4. They accept many major health conditions.

For most seniors, they are looking to buy just enough coverage to pay off their funeral costs. In addition, they need a plan that accepts medical conditions that naturally occur with age. Only final expense insurance policies can take care of these needs.


Choice Mutual leads the way

When it comes to burial insurance, there are many insurers to choose from. However, there are not many agencies that you can consult with in Tuscaloosa that are properly prepared to help you get the best plan. Make no Burial Insurance In Tuscaloosa Alabamamistake. Which company you work with will absolutely determine how good of a deal you get. With that, we ask you to consider these three reasons why you should let Choice Mutual help you with this.

  1. Our knowledge of underwriting for each insurer in Alabama is thorough and complete. We have literally had over ten thousand conversations, so we have already dealt with virtually every health condition. This experience means we know which carriers will be serve your individual health profile. Ultimately, that leads to the lowest prices and coverage that has no waiting period.
  2. We work with lots of various burial insurance companies. We have no special agreement with any particular insurer. Our job is to compare prices from them all to see which one will give you the best deal. If we only had one or two companies to choose from, we couldn’t ensure we are getting you the best deal.
  3. You are our sole objective. We serve no other master. Your best interest is all we care about.


Tomorrow Is Not Promised

This is the key point we encourage you to take away if nothing else. If you choose to wait before you put your final expense plan in place, you will suffer the consequences. Please consider these three things:

  • Waiting means you get older. The older you are, the more life insurance costs.
  • Your health plays a huge role in the cost for any form of life insurance let alone burial insurance. With that, if you should experience a downturn in your health, expect to pay more and potentially be stuck with a waiting period. Here’s something else to remember as well. Your health will change. It just a matter of when. It happens to all of us at some point, and often without warning.
  • If you currently have no plan in place that will pay off your funeral expenses, your family is currently at risk. Nobody knows when their day will come. It could technically happen anytime.

Here’s the deal.

If you know you want the protection of a burial insurance plan, do it now. It will never be cheaper than it is today. Call us and we will get you the best deal possible. You won’t have to worry if you overpaid or not. We will ensure that you won’t.


Choice Mutual works with all the top burial insurance companies throughout the nation to secure you the best price possible.

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