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In this Aetna senior products review, we’ll show what types of coverage they provide and how each policy works.

In addition, we’ll go over some cost estimates for their funeral expense insurance products and how to sign up.

What Aetna Senior Products Are Available?

Aetna Health and Life Insurance Company offers a variety of products to cover different life events.

All Aetna SSI products are sold through licensed insurance agents. None of their insurance plans are sold directly to consumers via mail or online.

Here’s a complete list of the various SSI products available through Aetna Inc:

  • Whole life final expense insurance
  • Medicare supplement
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Dental, vision, and hearing
  • Cancer insurance
  • Critical illness for heart attack or stroke
  • Home care plus
  • Recovery care
  • Hospital indemnity
  • Prescription drug plan

It’s important to note that not all products are available in all states. For example, Aetna Inc does not offer life insurance in New York.


Final Expense Insurance

Final expense life insurance for seniors is a big part of the Aetna senior supplemental insurance program.

Aetna has two affiliate life insurance companies that issue its final expense insurance.

  • Accendo Life Insurance Company (ACC)
  • Continental Life Insurance Company of Brentwood, Tennessee (CLI)

The Accendo plan was created in partnership with CVS Health. You will see “CVS Health” printed on Accendo applications and policies.

The ACC and CLI plans differ in underwriting and price. Both plans offer a discount if you also have recently purchased any Aetna Medicare supplement plan.

Aetna is typically considered one of the best burial insurance companies because of its pricing, age of availability for new applicants, and favorable underwriting.

One of the other reasons is that they offer life insurance to seniors over 80. The other reason is that Aetna life insurance plans accept many health issues other insurers won’t.

You can get no waiting period life insurance with Aetna for conditions that would get you declined elsewhere.

Below is a table outlining the difference between Aetna’s final expense insurance policies.

Product DetailsAccendo Life Insurance Company
(Subsidiary of Aetna)
Continental Life Insurance Company
(Subsidiary of Aetna)
Policy TypeWhole Life Insurance
New Applicant
Age Range
Death Benefit OptionsAge 40-55: $2,000-$50,000
Age 56-65: $2,000-$40,000
Age 66-75: $2,000-$30,000
Age 76-89: $2,000-$25,000
Health Questions To
Determine Eligibility
Medical Exam RequiredNo
Health RatingsPreferred: No Waiting Period
Standard: No Waiting Period
Modified: 2-Yr Waiting Period
Level: No Waiting Period
Age When The
Policy Expires
How Often
Prices Increase
Does The Coverage DecreaseNo
Terminal Illness
Rider Included At
No Extra Cost
Optional RidersAccidental Death
(2x payout for accidental death)
BrochureAccendo BrochureCLI Brochure
Sample ApplicationAccendo ApplicationCLI Application
How To ApplyThrough licensed Aetna insurance agents
Phone Number To Apply1-800-644-2926
Acceptable Methods
Of Payments
Monthly: Bank Draft (No Direct Bill)
Quarterly: Bank Draft or Direct Bill
Semi-Annual: Bank Draft or Direct Bill
Annual: Bank Draft or Direct Bill
**No Credit or Debit Cards**
How To Get QuotesClick to get a quote for Aetna final expense insurance


Aetna Medicare Supplement Insurance

A Medicare supplement (aka Medigap policy) is an insurance policy that fills the gaps of original Medicare.

A Medicare supplement is not the same as a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Essentially, Aetna Medicare supplemental plans help pay for whatever Medicare will not.

For example, it could pay for things such as:

  • Copayments
  • Coinsurance
  • Deductible
  • Medical care when you travel outside the USA

Aetna offers many different Medicare supplement plans to suit your needs.

The following plans are available to all applicants:

  • Plan A
  • Plan B
  • Plan D
  • Plan G
  • Plan N

These plans are only available if you were first eligible for Medicare before 2020:

  • Plan C
  • Plan F

When you first turn 65, your eligibility for a Medigap policy is assured. You’re guaranteed approval.

However, after your initial Medicare enrollment, you will have to qualify. Depending on your health, you could be denied.

You can view a brochure or an outline of coverage to get more details. Bear in mind that benefits and product availability vary by state.

The cost of each plan varies based on your age, health, and where you live.

If you go to and click on “Explore Plans,” it will eventually direct you to

From there, you can choose your state and see a no-obligation quote.

Once you buy a supplement, you’ll get an ID card. You’ll use that card when you seek medical care.

It’s highly advisable to speak with a knowledgeable Medicare insurance agent specialist.

Price is just one of many factors to consider when shopping for a Medicare supplement.

There are many plans to choose from, and they all have their pros and cons.

It would be best to have professional guidance to find which plan best suits your needs.


Medicare Advantage Plans

Commonly referred to as “Medicare Part C” or “MA Plan,” a Medicare Advantage plan is an alternate way to get your Medicare Part A & B coverage.

Medicare Advantage plans have no monthly out-of-pocket cost. However, there are copays that you will endure when you receive medical care.

One of the main perks of an MA plan is the additional free benefits such as:

  • Resources for living (helps you find local resources)
  • SilverSneakers® fitness membership
  • 24-hour nurse line
  • Prescription home delivery
  • Dental, vision & hearing
  • Flu shots
  • Meal delivery after inpatient hospital or skilled nursing home care
  • And much more

To get even more details about the type of benefits a Medicare Advantage plan offers, check out this sample benefits summary.

Please be aware that MA plans and their unique benefits vary based on where you live in the USA.

Lastly, if you’re deciding between a Medicare Supplement or Advantage plan, you must speak with a highly knowledgeable insurance agent.

If you make the wrong decision, it could cost you thousands of dollars in medical expenses.


Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)

Commonly referred to as “Part D,” a PDP plan provides prescription drug coverage.

Aetna has different plans that vary in cost and the benefits provided. If you pay more per month, you’ll have lower copays when picking up prescriptions.


Dental Vision And Hearing

This coverage helps pay for routine dental, vision, and hearing services. It will also pay for procedures such as fillings, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and much more.

Like all insurance products, there are limitations.

Aetna offers two plans that have different benefits and costs:

  • Dental, Vision, and Hearing
  • Dental, Vision, and Hearing Plus (more coverage)

This product is guaranteed acceptance, so you cannot be turned down. Anyone 0-89 can apply for this coverage. However, the plus version is available to adults 18-89.

You can view a sample brochure or outline of coverage for complete details.


Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke

This coverage will pay a lump sum cash benefit if you are diagnosed with cancer, a heart attack, or a stroke.

The minimum payout is $5,000, and the maximum is $75,000. You choose which payout amount you want when you set up the policy (increments of $5K).

You can read a brochure or outline of coverage to get more details.


Home Care Plus

This coverage can make it possible to stay in your home when you need home health care. It will pay for skilled nursing care to come to your house.

Medicare has restrictions and limitations on skilled nursing care coverage.

Home care plus policies from Aetna will pay cash benefits directly to you so you can remain at home while you recuperate.

Seniors aged 50-89 can apply. You can also add on a cancer rider. This rider will pay a lump sum cash benefit if you’re ever medically diagnosed with cancer.

There is also a hospital ER and ambulance service rider available. This rider will pay a lump sum cash benefit for ambulance services or hospital/ER visits.

When you set up the policy, you choose the following variables:

  • Cash benefit amount
  • Benefit period (how long you receive payments)
  • Waiting period
  • Optional riders

You can view a brochure or an outline of coverage for more details.


Recovery Care

This policy can help you pay for necessary nursing care after an accident or illness.

The cash payout helps you pay for copays and deductibles your health insurance may impose.

It pays a cash benefit directly to you, so you have the freedom to choose where and how to recover. You can even elect to have the benefits paid directly to a provider.

There is an optional home care rider. This rider pays out an additional cash benefit if you receive three or more professional home care visits.

There is a $300 daily maximum payout. When you set up the policy, you will choose:

  • Benefit amount
  • Benefit period
  • Waiting period
  • Optional riders

You can check out a brochure or outline of coverage for more details.


Hospital Indemnity Flex

This coverage will pay a cash benefit if you’re admitted to a hospital for some reason.

There are two plan options. First, you can choose an option that pays a single lump sum benefit.

On the other hand, you can choose an option that will pay a daily amount if you’re confined to a hospital.

There are six optional riders you can add on. These riders will pay out additional cash for events such as skilled nursing care, ambulance rides, doctor office visits, and much more.

When you set up your policy, you will decide if you want a lump sum paid out or daily payments. You’ll also choose the benefit amount.

You can view a brochure or outline of coverage for even more details.


Aetna Family Of Companies

Aetna Inc. is a large insurance company that has multiple affiliates.

Any of the following insurance companies may underwrite products that appear on

  • Aetna Health and Life Insurance Company
  • Accendo Insurance Company
  • Aetna Health Insurance Company
  • Aetna Life Insurance Company
  • American Continental Insurance Company
  • Continental Life Insurance Company of Brentwood, Tennessee
  • Coventry Health and Life Insurance Company
  • First Health Life and Health Insurance Company

Aetna has been in business since 1895 and maintains an A rating with A.M. Best, so you can trust they will be around and able to pay your claim when the time comes.

Also, bear in mind that CVS Health bought Aetna in 2018.

For that reason, you will see the CVS logo on some Aetna policies.


How To Contact Aetna

Aetna has different departments that handle customer service inquiries for each type of policy.

The agent who helped you buy your Aetna coverage can likely be of excellent service to you. It’s recommended that you contact your agent first before contacting Aetna directly.

If you’re an active Aetna policyholder, use the contact info below for service issues:

  • Member website: Secure login
  • Email:
  • Customer service phone number: 1-800-264-4000
  • Technical assistance: 1-800-587-5139

You can also visit their contact page.

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