Yes, you can get burial life insurance for an 89-year-old.

In this article, you’ll learn what policy options you have, available companies, the cost, and how to apply.


Life Insurance Options For 89-Year-Olds

Final expense whole life insurance is the only type of life insurance that is available to an 89-year-old.

Commonly known as “burial insurance” or “funeral insurance,” final expense insurance is a small permanent policy with a fixed premium.

It will last forever and build cash value.

At 89, there is no term life or universal life insurance.

You only need to answer health questions to qualify for final expense insurance. You do not need to take a medical exam.

One of the great features of a burial policy is lenient underwriting. Most seniors will qualify despite prior health issues, but there are some uninsurable conditions.

When you pass away, the insurance company will pay out the death benefit in the form of a tax-free cash payment to your beneficiaries or funeral home.

There are never any restrictions on how the money is spent.


Life Insurance Vs. Burial Insurance

Seniors looking for insurance at 89 often say they only want “burial insurance,” not life insurance.

It’s helpful to remember that a burial policy for seniors is a form of life insurance.

A funeral only happens after someone dies, which is why burial insurance is a type of life insurance.

Burial insurance (aka “funeral insurance” or “final expense insurance”) is just a marketing expression describing a small whole life insurance policy.


How Much Does Final Expense Life Insurance Cost At Age 89?

Due to age alone, life insurance at 89 can get very expensive.

Expect to pay roughly $140-$350 per month for $5,000-$10,000 in coverage.

The cost of final expense insurance is always determined by your age, tobacco usage (if any), health, gender, and how much coverage you want.

There are some example monthly premiums in the table below.


GENDER & RATING$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000
Female Tobacco User$193.59$383.69$573.78$763.87
Male Tobacco User$287.87$572.25$856.62$1141.00


Does Life Insurance For 89-Year-Olds Have A Waiting Period?

Most companies that offer life insurance above 85 do not have a waiting period.

So if you’re approved, it’s likely that your policy will fully cover you for natural or accidental death the day you make the first payment.

Understand that you don’t need to be in perfect health to qualify for no waiting period final expense coverage.

That’s true even if you have pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, COPD, and Lupus, to name a few.

Now there are indeed some health conditions that will yield a waiting period or possibly an outright decline.

You’ll need to speak with an agent if you have any current or prior health issues.

Only an agent can determine what options you’ll qualify for, the cost, and policy terms and conditions.


Age 89 Life Insurance Companies

Only a handful of insurance providers will issue a new policy to seniors over 85.

The table below overviews the available carriers and what they offer.

Please note that you cannot call these final expense companies directly to buy their insurance. They exclusively sell their policies through licensed agencies such as Choice Mutual. If you need life insurance for a senior over 80, call us at 1-800-644-2926. We can assist you with any of these four companies.


Insurance CompanyCoverage Options & Max Age For New ApplicantsPolicy TypeWhen Policy
Can Pay Out
Aetna company logoAge:
Whole Life InsuranceNo waiting period
american home life company logoAge:
Whole Life InsuranceNo waiting period
Security National Life company logoAge:
Whole Life InsuranceNo waiting period
Security National Life company logoAge:
Whole Life InsuranceNo waiting period
Guarantee Trust Life company logoAge:
Whole Life InsuranceRefund of premiums in first 12 months, 50% payout in 2nd year, then full benefits after 2 years


How To Apply For Life Insurance For An 89-Year-Old

Getting life insurance at 89 isn’t much different from buying life insurance for a senior over 70.

First, you must work with a licensed insurance agency such as Choice Mutual.

The insurers at this age do not sell their coverage directly or through the mail.

That said, here’s a breakdown of what the process entails when working with us:

  1. One of our agents will ask the insured the health questions (no medical exam is required).
  2. Your agent will gather all the necessary application information.
  3. After reading a few disclosures and obtaining authorizations from all parties, it will be submitted to underwriting. Generally, we’ll know if the application is approved or declined in less than two business days.

If the application is approved, the insurance company will mail out a paper policy that should arrive within 2-3 weeks.

If you’re an 89-year-old who needs life insurance for a senior citizen, call us at 1-800-644-2926.

Our agents are friendly and will walk you through the entire process.