For anyone taking nitro pills or anything else meant to treat chest pains, please call us for accurate quotes. Having chest pains will greatly impeded your ability to qualify with most companies. We will let you know which companies are your best options and exactly what they would charge you. If you haven’t had any chest pains recently and don’t take any nitro pills, use the easy quote tool for rates in your state.

Have you ever tried to get burial insurance when you deal with angina? If so, you are probably all too familiar with how difficult it can be. From declines to ultra high prices, most companies will not react favorably to this condition. Many people are often left wondering:

“Is there affordable final expense insurance when you have had chest pains?”.

Here’s the good news.
Burial Insurance With Angina

If have yet to find an affordable burial insurance plan it’s because you have yet to deal with a professional high risk burial insurance agency like Choice Mutual. It’s for that reason that you have not yet been able to secure a funeral insurance plan that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. We will show you all you need to know about burial insurance with angina, and how you can secure the lowest cost coverage possible.

This article will clearly show you everything there is to know about chest pains final expense life insurance. Not to mention, you will walk away knowing exactly how you can find the best policy, so you can finally attain the peace of mind you are looking for.


The Unfiltered Reality Of Buying Burial Insurance With Angina

If you have had or been treated for angina within the last 2 years, it will make your burial insurance cost more in most cases (it’s very rare that it will not). Your options are going to depend on the details of your condition.

All things considered, the worst case scenario is having to little bit of a higher premium along with a two year waiting period. No matter what, you can get insured and at an affordable price. In some very very select cases, it may be possible to secure coverage that comes with an immediate benefit and at a level rate (basically the same cost as a healthy person). However, that is extremely rare.

Here is something really amazing: In no scenario will you have to take a physical or medical examination when you apply for a burial insurance plan. You won’t even need to provide medical records. There will only be questions about your health.

Our job at Choice Mutual is to gather all the information about you, so we can give you an honest risk assessment. When it’s all said and done, we will sort through every company and let you know what your best and cheapest options are.


Chest Pains UnderwritingBurial Insurance With Angina

First of all, EVERY final expense life insurance application with every company will absolutely ask about chest pains in some capacity. Furthermore, any plan that has underwriting (health questions) will also be on the lookout for any medications that specifically treat angina.

Here’s the bottom line

The underwriting of angina chest pains will be very similar with each company. It will only vary slightly from one company to the next.  There are two different elements to consider when underwriting this condition.

  • There is the event which is the chest pains themselves.
  • There is the treatment of angina via medication.

The exact circumstances for both of those elements will ultimately determine what your options will be.


What Do They Mean By Treatment For Angina?Burial Insurance With Angina

When funeral insurance companies refer to treatment of chest pains, they are only referring to one thing. The filling of certain prescriptions constitutes treatment. Notice that we did not say “the taking of prescriptions”.

Remember, the application will have health questions and a prescription history check. More specifically, they will analyze when you filled whatever prescriptions you ordered. Basically, they assume you are or have taken any prescription that you have taken the time to have a pharmacist fulfill.

It is quite common for doctors to hand out a prescription for nitro and tell people to keep it on hand in case they need. Although they never actually take it, the filling of that drug inherently places them in the category of someone who has been treated for chest pains (at least that’s the conclusion the insurer will come to). Unfortunately, there is no explanation you can give them about why you fill it but never take it. It’s black and white to them. If you fill it, there is good reason for it in their eyes.


Let’s Talk About The Angina Prescriptions They Will Look For

As stated, there are certain angina drugs that treat only this condition. Here is a pretty exhaustive list of all the various chest pain medications you could be on that they will be monitoring.

• Amyl Nitrate
• Dilatrate SR
• Imdur
• Ismo
• IsoDitrate
• Isochron
• Isordil
• Isosorbide Dinitrate/Mononitrate*
• Minitran
• Ranexa*
• Ranolazine
• Monoket
• Nitrek
• Nitro-bid
• Nitro-dur
• Nitroglycerine
• Nitroquick
• Nitrostat
• Nitrol
• Nitromist
• Vascor








How They Ask About Angina

In regards to the health questions themselves, questions about angina will always be tied to a specific period of time. In most cases, you will see the questions appear in one of the following formats:

  1. Have you had or been treated for angina (chest pains) within the last 2 years?
  2. Have you had or been treated for angina (chest pains) within the last 12 months?

Just below you will see a breakdown of what your options will be based upon how you answer those questions. Before you read them, please understand that treatment for angina is usually the factor that causes issues for most people.


You Have Had Or Been Treated For Chest Pains In The Last Year

First, if you have legitimately experienced chest pains within the last 12 months, it’s impossible for you to receive a plan that does not have a waiting period. Additionally, your burial insurance will cost more compared to what a healthy individual would pay. In the end, a guaranteed issue plan by Gerber Life will be your best bet because it will be cheapest. It will have a two year waiting period before your benefits will be payable.

The truth is, having chest pains is serious because it’s indicative of an overall larger issue. For this reason, funeral insurance companies have to put this condition in a higher risk category that warrants a waiting period and a higher monthly premium.


You Have Had Or Been Treated For Chest Pains Within The Last 2 Years, But Not Within The Last 12 Months

In this circumstance, your options expand and get better. There are absolutely companies that will only ask about chest pains within the last year. If it’s been over a year since you last had any chest pains, you could essentially qualify for a plan that costs the same as person in perfect health. In addition, if approved, you would be fully covered from day one.


Your Chest Pains & Treatment Were Over 2 Years Ago

There is almost no final expense life insurance company that will ask about chest pains beyond the two year mark. If this is you, pretty much every insurance carrier will give you the same price as a perfectly healthy person with no issues whatsoever.


What If Your Chest Pains Were Years Ago, But You Still Take Angina Medications?

In this circumstance, it will usually result in you falling into the same category as someone who actually experienced chest pains last week (The highest risk category). However, there are certain angina medications where it may be possible to qualify for a level premium without a waiting period. Basically, we have access to a certain insurance company where some specific chest pains medications are not flagged as treatment for angina.

In that medication list above, there are some medications with an * beside them. If you have been taking only those medications for angina and have not actually experienced any chest pains within the last 2 years, we can get you qualified for a level benefit. This means instant protection, and the lowest price possible. You will pay the same rate as a marathon runner.


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance With Angina Burial Insurance With Angina

As you can tell by the underwriting for angina, there is a lot to know. The truth is that most health conditions are complicated in regards to how insurers respond. Furthermore, knowing the details for each condition is just not something any one person not in this business could ever know. With that, you are going to need to rely on the services of a burial insurance professional to find your best plan.

To find the best burial insurance with angina, you absolutely must work with an independent brokerage like Choice Mutual that has access to lots of funeral insurance companies. Additionally, they need to have ample experience placing high risk cases like people who deal with angina. Essentially, a broker can utilize their experience to know which carriers will look upon your favorably, and have the freedom to compare prices to see which one is best for you.

A the end of the day, you could decide to forgo working with us and still be in good hands if you truly find a company that operates similar to us. Make sure they represent lots of insurance companies, and make sure they have lots of experience dealing with people who have had chest pains.

We sincerely hope you will give us the chance to earn you business. Regardless, we hope this guide helped you on your search for burial insurance. If you would prefer to let us go to work with you to find you the best final expense life insurance policy possible, give us a call at 1-800-644-2926. You can also let us call you if you like. Just fill out a quote form with your best phone number and we will be in touch shortly.