If you just want quotes, fill in your information. The next page will show you real prices from multiple burial insurance companies. If you have some serious health issues, call us at 1-800-644-2926 for an accurate quote. More than likely, we will have a carrier that won’t hold your health conditions against you.

Having asthma sure can make cardiovascular exercise difficult. What it won’t do is prevent you from finding affordable burial insurance.

Throughout the years, we have had hundreds of happy customers secure the lowest rates on their final expense life insurance. Today we are going to shed some light on this matter, so you can see the path to the cheapest funeral insurance plan possible.

In this article, we will reveal just how burial life insurance companies underwrite asthma, what your expectations should be, and how YOU can find the best price possible.


Here’s The Blunt Truth About Burial Insurance With Asthma

Every burial insurance plan that has underwriting with have health questions. It’s in these questions where you find if a company takes issue with certain health conditions.

Let’s just get to the bottom line about asthma…

Burial Insurance With AsthmaThere is almost no circumstance where your asthma will have ANY effect on what your pay for burial insurance plan. It’s incredibly rare for any company to ask or care about this condition. We can easily get you day one coverage and access to the lowest rates with virtually every company.

What about medical records or exams?

Good question.

There won’t be any. Burial insurance plans for seniors only have health questions. That’s it.

When it comes down to it, people with asthma don’t have a significantly lower life expectancy than people without it. That’s why these final expense companies don’t care about it.


Asthma Underwriting

As previously stated, it’s ultra uncommon for life insurance companies to view asthma in a bad light. There are literally like one or two insurance companies out of hundreds that take issue with it.

When you apply for a funeral insurance plan the carrier will compile data about you to complete their risk analysis. Once they have all the information about your health, they will be able to render a decision about your eligibility.

They will take following 2 things into consideration:

  1. Your answers to their health questions
  2. Your prescription history

Don’t look at this stuff and think you have to figure it out on your own. Your Choice Mutual agent will figure this out for you. Once you tell you agent all about your health, they will KNOW which companies will approve you and what the exact prices will be.Burial Insurance With Asthma

Health questions

If you see a burial insurance application ask about asthma (which you probably never will because it’s so rare) answer yes. However, you can and should apply with one of the dozens of companies that don’t ask about asthma.



In conjunction with their health questionnaire, the insurance carrier will run a prescription history check on you. Basically, they want to make sure you honestly don’t have the conditions they ask about.

For example, let’s say you had a stroke last month. If you answered no to the health question that mentions strokes, they won’t believe you once they see that you were recently prescribed medication to treat a stroke. In the end, your pharmacy report would override your no answer.

They do this to ensure they don’t get defrauded by applicants who are on their death bed.

So what does this have to do with asthma?

Having asthma means you are probably taking steroids, inhalers, pills or maybe a combination of them. With that, here is a list of the most common asthma medications. By far, the majority of burial insurance companies are absolutely okay with these prescriptions.Burial Insurance With Asthma

  • Advair
  • Albuterol
  • Azmacort
  • Beclomethasone (Qvar)
  • Budesonide (Pulmicort)
  • Ciclesonide (Alvesco)
  • Dilor
  • Flunisolide (Aerospan HFA)
  • Fluticasone (Flovent HFA)
  • Formoterol (Foradil, Perforomist)
  • Mometasone (Asmanex Twisthaler)
  • Montelukast (Singulair)
  • Proventil
  • Salmeterol (Serevent)
  • Serevent
  • Symicort
  • Theodur
  • Theophylline
  • Tilade
  • Ventolin
  • Xopenex
  • Zafirlukast (Accolate)
  • Zileuton (Zyflo)


What you should expect

You are easily going to be approved for a level death benefit. You will be fully covered on day one, and you pay the lowest cost offered by the insurance companies.


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance With Asthma

As you can clearly tell by now, asthma is essentially a non issue. Even if it was, the formula to find the best final expense plan would still be the same.

To find the best burial insurance with asthma you just need to work with an agency that represents lots of different insurance companies. A company like this will compare prices for you to identify which carrier offers you the lowest price.

Want to know something else really cool?

You don’t even need to look for an agency like this. You already found us! This is exactly how we operate.

In the end, once we know all the details about your health, we will shop around for you to see which burial insurance company offers you the sweetest deal.


Your overall health is a component too

Please remember that your entire health profile is ultimately what determines what you qualify for. Every company will ask about multiple health conditions.

This article clearly states that asthma is a total non issue. However, this does not mean you don’t have other health issues that could get in the way.

Check this out.

At Choice Mutual, over 90% of our clients are matched with a company that is totally cool with all their health conditions.

Burial Insurance With Asthma

We tell you this stuff in the interest of full disclosure. The vast majority of clients have no problem getting qualified for an immediate death benefit and low rates. That’s only because we have access to so many companies.

Just make sure you are thorough and completely honest with your Choice Mutual agent when they ask you about your health. Doing so will ensure they match you with the best company that has the best price.

For expert help, fill out the quote form with your phone number. You will see quotes from many different funeral insurance companies. An agent will contact you to make sure we find you the best deal. If you prefer to call us, that’s cool too. Use our toll free number which is 1-800-644-2926.