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Being depressed and getting burial insurance doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it’s incredibly easy to find the lowest cost final expense insurance even with depression.

Over the years, lots of our clients came to us with a history of depression.

Want to know something great?

Not a single one of them paid a higher premium for their burial insurance due to their depression.

Pretty awesome huh?

We have helped countless others, and we can help you too. In this article, we will show you how depression could affect getting funeral insurance, and how you can find the best burial insurance with depression.


The Truth About Burial Insurance With Depression

The vast majority of burial insurance companies are perfectly fine with someone who has depression. In fact, it’s incredibly rare to find any company that asks about depression in their health questions. If you have depression, you will EASILY qualify for a level death benefit with virtually every final expense company. This means you will pay the lowest price offered by the insurance companies, and you will be fully protected from day one.

It gets even better though…

Because funeral insurance policies are simplified issue, you will not have to provide your medical records or take any kind of exam. All you will ever do is answer some health questions. We can receive an official approval from the insurance company within just minutes!

Because funeral insurance policies are simplified issue, you will not have to provide your medical records or take any kind of exam. All you will ever do is answer some health questions. That’s it.

Depression is a serious matter that affects many Americans. It can make the daily routine of life difficult. At the same time, what it WONT do is affect your burial plan. There are so many companies accepting of this condition that having it is essentially the same as not having it.


Depression Underwriting

With funeral insurance, the carriers will assess your health in the two main ways listed below.

  • Health questions
  • Prescription history check

Your answers and whatever medications you take or have taken will give them all the information they need to render a decision regarding your eligibility.

Here’s something you may not know.

There are some burial insurance policies that have no health questions at all! This may come as shock to you if this is the first time you are hearing this, but it’s true. These life insurance plans are incredibly unique. You will hear them referred to by two common names. One is Guaranteed Issue, and the other is Guaranteed Acceptance.  It’s kind of like the words “attorney” and “lawyer” Both words mean the exact same thing.Burial Insurance With Depression

They truly do have no health questions, and they DON’T check your medical history in any way. The guarantee they will issue the policy to anyone who applies.

But here’s the catch with these…

A no health question plan always comes with a two year waiting period. If you pass during this time, they will simply refund 110% of your premiums (which is nice that you can’t lose money). In addition, these kinds of final expense plans do cost more compared to plans that have health questions.

Here’s the bottom line with no health question life insurance policies.

They are NOT the best option for most people. The vast majority of people can and should get a policy that has health questions. Doing so will result in immediate protection and a lower monthly price. Your Choice Mutual agent will faithfully advise you about which type of plan you should go for.

Don’t think it’s on you to figure this out. Over 90% of our clients are placed with a plan that DOES HAVE health questions because it was cheaper to do so and it afforded them instant coverage.


The Health Questions

Honestly, you really won’t find a health questionnaire ask about depression or the use of antidepressants.

For 99% of the burial insurance companies out there, they will not ask about depression in any way. If you do see one mention depression, they will typically use the words “major depression”. The point is in case we still need to beat this dead horse, depression is a non issue!



Along with the health questions, every burial policy that has underwriting will include a prescription history check. They do this as a way to verify your health status. For example, if a person treated for cancer this year said no to the cancer question, the prescription history check would prove them wrong.

In the end, all the burial insurance companies have all kinds of medications flagged for various conditions. Some prescriptions can lead to insurance companies viewing applicants as higher risk. This can lead to higher prices and waiting periods depending on the carrier and the medication.Burial Insurance With Depression

Having said all of this, here is a pretty comprehensive list of antidepressant medications. If you are taking any of these, we have companies that are perfectly fine with all of these. You can be on one or many of these prescriptions, and still easily qualify for a rock bottom rate and instant protection from multiple companies.

  • Abilify
  • Amitriptyline
  • Amoxapine
  • Bupropion (Wellbutrin, Forfivo, Aplenzin)
  • Citalopram (Celexa)
  • Clomipramine (Anafranil)
  • Desipramine (Norpramin)
  • Desvenlafaxine (Pristiq, Khedezla)
  • Doxepin
  • Duloxetine (Cymbalta)
  • Escitalopram (Lexapro)
  • Fluoxetine (Prozac, Sarafem)
  • Fluvoxamine (Luvox)
  • Imipramine (Tofranil)
  • Isocarboxazid (Marplan)
  • Levomilnacipran (Fetzima)
  • Mirtazapine (Remeron)
  • Nefazodone
  • Nortriptyline (Pamelor)
  • Olanzapine/Fluoxetine (Symbyax)
  • Paroxetine (Paxil, Pexeva, Brisdelle)
  • Phenelzine (Nardil)
  • Protriptyline
  • Selegiline (Emsam)
  • Seroquel
  • Sertraline (Zoloft)
  • Tranylcypromine (Parnate)
  • Trazodone (Oleptro)
  • Trimipramine (Surmontil)
  • Venlafaxine (Effexor XR)
  • Vilazodone (Viibryd)
  • Vortioxetine (Brintellix)


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance With Depression

Many people often ask us, what defines the best burial insurance? Honestly, if you search online for an answer to this question, you will find a varying answers. It’s quite sad too because the answer is very simple, and it’s not debatable.

The best burial insurance is a policy that has the following characteristics:

  1. It costs the least and covers you as soon as possible.
  2. The insurance company has stable financial record.

Given this, the next logical question is, how do you find the best final expense life insurance?

To find the best burial insurance with depression, you need to work with a highly experienced independent brokerage that represents lots of different insurance companies.

Burial Insurance With Depression

Only an independent broker, like Choice Mutual for example, can freely shop the market for you to see which insurance company will offer you the best price. Every insurance company has different underwriting which is why it’s important you have free access to all of them. Only an independent agency is able to do this.

In the end, if you have depression, we can help you. We have lots of carriers we work with that freely accept applicants with all degrees of depression. We can help you pay the least and get you covered in full on day one of your policy.

Call us at 1-800-644-2926 or fill out the quote form with your phone number, and we will call you.