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Historically, being in disability means life insurance companies don’t want to deal with you. However, times have changed…

You might be wondering, what’s the bottom line with being on disability and final expense insurance?

Folks who are receiving SSDI can absolutely get affordable burial insurance from many different companies.

Burial Insurance On Disability

Insurance companies have realized this traditional gap in the market. Now there are multiple carriers that will gladly take you even if you are on disability. Honestly, we have helped hundreds upon hundreds of clients on disability secure low cost final expense life insurance.

Today, we are going to show you how being on disability could have on effect on burial insurance, and how you can find the best burial plan for you and your family.


The Blunt Truth About Burial Insurance On Disability

Every insurance company has their own underwriting process. No two companies are the same because they all prefer to decline and accept different health conditions and lifestyles. With this ind mind,  life insurance companies all respond in their own way in regards to disability.

The reality is disability is not something the majority of burial insurance companies will even ask about! This essentially means that these carriers don’t even care if someone is on disability. To them, being on disability is the same as not being on disability. There are tons of funeral insurance companies like this by the way. In today’s age, being on disability will not at all impact your ability to secure an affordable burial insurance plan.

Oh and here is something else that is great

Final expense policies will never ever require you to go through a physical or medical exam to qualify. The only thing you will ever do is answer some basic health questions. Just as a reminder, there is about a 98% chance that you WON’T be asked if you are on disability.

Getting Social Security Disability benefits can absolutely have a mega impact on traditional life insurance. In contrast, it will in no way have any effect on your ability to get burial insurance. These funeral insurance companies simply don’t care if you are on disability.

Burial Insurance On Disability

Simply Being On Disability Does Not Matter

There is virtually no burial insurance company that will ever take issue with someone that is receiving SSDI. Most insurance companies won’t even ask you if you are working, retired, or disabled. There are some that do, but they don’t care how you answer.

Honestly, you would have to look far and wide for a very long time to find a funeral insurance company that even asks if a person is on disability.

Trust us. Merely being on disability is a complete non issue.

Burial Insurance On Disability

The Cause Of Your Disability Is The Only Thing That Needs To Be Considered

To get the lowest rates and instant coverage that fully protects you from day one, you must apply for a burial insurance plan that has underwriting. Having underwriting simply refers to the fact that the insurance company asks you health questions.

Someone could be classified as disabled for all sorts of reasons. In truth, most conditions that cause folks to be disabled will not pose a problem when it comes to burial insurance. Although being classified as disabled will certainly not pose an issue, the health issue that caused you to be disabled could be.

Here is something really cool

At Choice Mutual, over 90% of our clients are approved with a company that gives them a full day 1 benefit.

Ultimately, whatever caused your disability, we likely have a final expense company that will take you with open arms.


Here Are The Leading Causes Of Disability In The USA

Take a look at some of the most common health issues that cause americans to become disabled. As you can see by the description below each condition, they are rarely an issue.

Burial Insurance On Disability

1) Arthritis

Arthritis is flat out not an issue with every burial insurance company. The only circumstance where it may become a potential issue would be if your arthritis caused you to need home health care or if you needed assistance bathing, eating, toileting, or dressing.

2) Back Pain

Back pain is about as much of an issue as is drinking too much water. The only way it could ever be a problem would be if your back was so bad that you needed home health care.

3) Heart Disease

Heart disease is a very general term that encompasses many different specific heart conditions. It could mean hypertension, heart attack, or atrial fibrillation. The truth is, the majority of the conditions that are classified as heart disease are no issue with lots of burial insurance companies. While there are some heart disease issues that are more challenging than others (like CHF for example), there is usually at least one or two insurance companies that will accept your conditions.

4) Cancer

Cancer is about the only condition that causes disability where it could present some challenges. First and foremost, regardless of your cancer status, we can get you covered. With that, depending on when you had cancer and what kind it was, you may have to pay a bit more and endure a waiting period.

5) Depression

There are tons of burial insurance companies that accept folks with all sorts of mental health issues. You could have depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia, and there would still be plenty of insurance companies that will accept you with open arms.

6) Diabetes

Diabetes is easily accepted by multiple final expense insurance companies. You could even have complications like neuropathy or rethinopathy, and still secure immediate coverage at a low rate. In the end, regardless of how good or bad your diabetes is, it won’t matter.


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance On Disability

Clearly being on disability won’t be a problem. Honestly, even if it was, the formula to find the best burial insurance would still be the same. Ultimately, you need to rely on an expert to find you the best plan just like you rely on a lawyer’s expertise for legal advice.

To find the best burial insurance on disability, you have to work with an independent burial insurance agency like Choice Mutual that represents lots of insurance companies. At the end of the day, a company like this will evaluate all your options from multiple providers to see which insurance company will give you the lowest rate.

Do you like shopping around?

Of course you do. We all do. Shopping around usually means you save money because you find the best deal. Well when you work with an independent agency like us that represents over multiple insurance companies, you are shopping around. The only difference is, your agent will run all the quotes for you.

Here Are The Leading Causes Of Disability In The USA

You won’t need to personally call 10-20 insurance companies for individual quotes. Your Choice Mutual agent will do that for you in minutes.

If you are on disability and need a final expense plan, give us a chance to earn your business. We will absolutely save you time and money by doing all the heavy lifting for you. We will compare prices for you from many top rated carriers to find you the best deal.

Fill out the quote form with your phone number and we will be in touch shortly. You can call us too if you like. Our toll free number is 1-800-644-2926.