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Lots of folks believe that having diverticulitis will prevent them from qualifying for an affordable burial insurance plan.

This is simply not true.

We have ample personal experienced helping diverticulitis clients secure very low cost burial insurance. In addition, not a single one of them was forced to endure a waiting period.

Today we are going to shed light on this matter, so you can find the most affordable burial insurance with diverticulitis. We will show you how funeral life insurance companies underwrite this condition, realistic policy options, and how to find the best plan.

The Truth About Burial Insurance With Diverticulitis

This may come as a shock to you, but it’s the truth.

We aren’t aware of a single burial insurance company that asks about this health issue in their health questionnaire. Because they don’t ask about it, it means they don’t care if you have it! You will easily qualify for a level death benefit with every company you apply with. Your coverage will go into full effect immediately, and you will be eligible for the lowest prices with every carrier.

But wait there’s more

With burial insurance you never have to take physicals or medical exams. You only answer some health questions. In most cases, you will know if are approved within 15 minutes.

Life with diverticulitis can be painful at times and very uncomfortable. Thankfully, this is a highly treatable condition. When it comes to burial insurance, diverticulitis cause even the slightest complication.


Burial Insurance Underwriting For Diverticulitis

Underwriting is the process insurance companies use to determine if you are eligible for coverage. Every burial insurance company will ask you certain health questions, and they will check your prescription history.

After they have all this information, they can conclusively decide whether or not to approve you. Final expense life insurance companies don’t really care about the severity of health issues. To them, it’s a simple yes or no. You either have the conditions they ask about, or you don’t.

Burial Insurance With Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis In The Health Questions

Good luck finding a single burial insurance company that asks about this condition. Seriously, you won’t find a single one.

Like we said at the start, funeral insurance companies simply don’t care if you have diverticulitis.


Medications For DiverticulitisBurial Insurance With Diverticulitis

Final expense companies review your medication history, so they know what health issues you have.

The truth is there aren’t any diverticulitis specific drugs out there. You might have taken some antibiotics for your diverticulitis or some over the counter pain relievers, but those are used for all sorts of medical conditions.

Here’s the bottom line

Any medication you could ever take for diverticulitis will not be a problem with any burial insurance company.


Surgeries For Your Diverticulitis

Although uncommon, it may become necessary to have surgery to treat your diverticulitis. According to, there are two main types of diverticulitis related surgeries.

  1. Primary bowel resection
  2. Bowel resection with colostomy

Here’s the deal with these surgeries

They won’t matter. While there are a couple burial insurance companies that ask about any recent surgeries or hospitalizations, most do not. Having any surgery due to your diverticulitis will not have any effect on your ability to secure the lowest cost plan and instant coverage.


Realistic Policy OptionsBurial Insurance With Diverticulitis


Since no burial insurance company cares in any way about diverticulitis, your options are endless. You will absolutely qualify for a level death benefit with every single company.

A level death benefit means two things:

  1. Your coverage goes into full effect on the very first day.
  2. You will pay the lowest premium offered by the insurance company.

If you would like to know exactly what you will pay, run some quotes right now. See that quote form on this page? Fill it out, and you will see real prices from lots of final expense life insurance companies.

The rates you see are realistic since none of the carriers care about this health condition.

Insider Tip: If ANY agent, company, or agency ever tries to tell you that you will have to endure a waiting period because of your diverticulitis, run away as fast as you can! They are only lying to you to get you to sign up for their policy.

How To Find The Best Burial Insurance With Diverticulitis

Since this health condition is a non issue, it’s just a matter of finding which burial insurance company has the cheapest price. After all, why pay more for the exact same thing?

You can do one of two things:

  1. You can personally call anywhere from 10-20 final expense life insurance companies getting quotes from each one.
  2. You can allow an independent agency like Choice Mutual to instantly get all those same quotes from the same companies for you (free of charge by the way).

Here’s the real deal

To find the best burial insurance with diverticulitis or any health condition for that matter, all you need to do is enlist the service of a qualified independent agency that represents lots of burial insurance companies.

An independent agency like us exists only to help you find which insurance company will give you the best deal. We aren’t married to any particular company. All we care about is helping you find the best plan at the best price.

Burial Insurance With Diverticulitis

The Value Of Time

If you know you want a burial insurance plan, please take immediate action. There are two main reasons why we say this.

  1. If you have no coverage now, your passing would result in a huge financial burden on your family.
  2. Your qualification for a burial insurance plan is largely determined by your health. Although diverticulitis is no issue whatsoever, a heart attack, stroke, or a bout with cancer will significantly change things.

If you wait for whatever reason, you risk your health changing in a negative way. This could result in much higher premiums or waiting periods before your coverage goes into effect.

Even if you don’t buy from us, take immediate action with someone! Your burial insurance will never be cheaper than it is today.