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Lots of people living in the Sunshine State have been contacting us looking for burial insurance.

Burial Insurance In Florida

Here’s the bottom line.

Florida is really competitive, and that’s great for you! Insurance companies are tripping over themselves to get into this state. All these companies competing with one another drives the prices down, and relaxes the underwriting even further.

In the end, all this competition means you can probably find at least a few insurance companies that will gladly accept all of your health issues. This will result in low prices and first day coverage.

We have helped Florida residents in every county secure really affordable funeral insurance, and we are going to show you how you can too.

In this piece, we will show you some pertinent facts about Florida, talk about how a burial policy is so unique, and teach you how to find the best policy regardless of your health.

Leading Causes Of Death In Florida In 2013

RankCause of DeathTotal Deaths
1Heart Disease42,656
3Lower Respiratory Disease (COPD & Emphysema)11,379
6Alzheimer's Disease5,093

Don’t be discouraged by anything on that list.

Here’s the thing

We can cover anyone! In most cases, we can find you a final expense carrier that welcomes you with open arms in spite of your health issues. For nearly all of those conditions on that list, we have companies that will accommodate you.

The key thing is to not assume anything on your own. Let a professional independent agency like Choice Mutual evaluate your health to determine if there are any companies that will take you. In the rare occurrence there isn’t one, we still have guaranteed issue plans that take everyone guaranteed!


Life Expectancy In Florida

Florida ranks 22nd in the nation for life expectancy. The average resident lives to 79.4 years.

Don’t fret if you are close to this age or even over it. There are dozens of burial insurance companies that will still issue you a new policy with immediate coverage for anyone up to the age of 85.

Whether you are close to 79.4 or not, you should secure yourself a plan as soon as possible. This way you are covered and not at risk of leaving your family with the burden of unpaid funeral costs.

Source: List of U.S. states by life expectancy


The Free look period

In Florida the free look period lasts 30 days. During this period you can return your insurance contract for any reason without having to provide a reason, and the insurer must return any monies paid.

If you keep a life insurance policy after the free look period has expired, you can still cancel. However, you would not be entitled to a refund of any premiums that you had paid.

Burial Insurance In Florida

Lots of people think that once they are in an insurance that they must stay with it. You cannot be charged money when you cancel, and they cannot lock you into a contract for any period of time.

We tell you this because sometimes it is necessary and advantageous to replace a life insurance policy. Just know that if you can improve your situation, you are free to cancel any policy at any time.

For more information on the free look period or any other insurance matter visit your state’s department of insurance.


What’s Special About Final Expense Insurance

Many people approach us not knowing exactly what final expense insurance is or how it works. In fact, one of the most common questions we get it- What is burial insurance?

Simply put, burial insurance is a simplified issue whole life insurance policy. They have smaller face values, and they don’t require physicals or medical exams when you apply.

They were created specifically to cover a person’s end of life expenses. The insurance companies designed these plans in a very unique way that you won’t find with traditional life policies.

  • The monthly payments cannot increase for any reason.
  • The death benefit is guaranteed to never decrease.
  • The policy cannot expire due to age.
  • The face value options go as low as $1,000.
  • The underwriting is greatly relaxed to accept many major medical issues.

When you combine all these features together you get unparalleled value and peace of mind.

Since it’s quite common for people to develop health issues as they age, traditional life insurance plans are all but unavailable due to the underwriting restrictions. This is one area where final expense insurance provides unequaled value. They enable folks with very serious health conditions to secure coverage they couldn’t get otherwise.

The underwriting is unquestionably the most unique element. There are very few medical issues that cause a person to not qualify for an immediate death benefit burial policy. Even then, there are some policies that have no health questions whatsoever, so no matter what you can be approved.


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance In Florida

First and foremost, you must understand that a $20,000 funeral insurance policy from Mutual of Omaha is no different than a $20,000 policy from Royal Neighbors of America (other than the fact that you probably have never heard of Royal Neighbors).

They both pay out $20,000 upon your passing. The only measurable difference is the monthly premium.

That's right; the price per month is all that separates 99% of burial insurance policies.

Ultimately, you are looking for whichever financially secure insurance company can give you the best price on the death benefit you are looking for.

So here’s the deal.

To find the best final expense policy, you absolutely must allow an independent broker like Choice Mutual shop your case around to the many insurance companies they represent.

That’s all there is to it.

A company like us works with lots of insurers specifically so that we can compare quotes from multiple providers to see which one is best for YOU.

You are relying on a professional to assist you with this. It’s no different than seeing your doctor or lawyer. You expect that their expertise will help you achieve your goal much faster and cheaper than if you were to attempt to do it on your own (except working with us if free).

Even if you don’t decide to work with us, please just work with an agency that has lots of insurance companies to choose from. Those who attempt to do this on their own always over pay. Agencies like us exist to serve you the best deal. We get paid by the insurance companies, so our services are completely free.

Burial Insurance In Florida

Why Work With Choice Mutual Anyways?

If you searching online for burial insurance, you will likely run into lead aggregators. These are sites that exist solely to capture your contact info, so they can sell it to dozens of insurance agents and companies.

We don’t sell leads, so your information will never leave our office.

We know without a doubt that you will not find a better equipped and more qualified agency to help you secure the most affordable burial insurance policy possible.

Below are the three biggest reasons why you should allow us to help you.

  1. We only sell burial insurance. We do not sell any other line of insurance. Our goal is to be exemplary at this product so we can always deliver amazing value to our clients.
  2. We are independent which means that we can represent as many insurance companies are we please. This is an integral part of our business model, and is critical to our goal of ensuring we find you the best deal. We compare prices from dozens of burial insurance companies, so that we can find you which one will give you the best deal.
  3. Our mission is you. We are not married to any of these insurance companies. We are only committed to ensuring that when we are done helping you that no other agent or agency will be able to come in after us and offer you a better deal.