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Want to know a secret about burial insurance with hepatitis?

Most agencies represent burial insurance companies that will make you wait years before your policy pays a death benefit due to your hepatitis.

Here’s the good news

We aren’t most agencies!

Burial Insurance With Hepatitis

We are happy to report that we access to a burial insurance company that offers first day coverage to hepatitis applicants. Furthermore, we have many other companies that will offer you a plan with partial coverage in the beginning instead of a full waiting period.

No matter what, we have many great options for you.

More times than we can count, we have provided this amazing value to our clients. Today, we will are going to give you a behind the scenes look at what to expect when buying burial insurance with hepatitis.

In this post we will explain how final expense life insurance companies react to hepatitis applicants, what kind of options you will have, and how you can find the best policy.


Here’s The Inside Scoop Regarding Burial Insurance With Hepatitis

Be careful what you read online about this subject. There are very few websites that specialize in burial insurance. Consequently, their information is often misleading.

Fortunately, you found us and burial insurance is all we do. We are experts in this space, so here’s the truth.

If you have hepatitis C, you will have to pay 20-50% more on your monthly premiums. There is no burial insurance company that will not charge hepatitis C applicants extra money each month. However, if you have Hepatitis A or B, there are companies that will offer you a plan without charging you extra money. No matter what kind of Hepatitis you have, we have companies that will offer you full protection from the very first day. In the end, insurance companies all react differently to Hepatitis. We will sort through them all to find you which one will best suit your needs.

Oh and check this out

When you apply for burial insurance you only answer some health questions. You won’t ever have to allow a stranger in your home to complete the application, and you won’t need to take a physical or medical exam.

Treatment for hepatitis has come a long way in recent years. This is especially true when it comes to Hepatitis C. Harvoni has a 97-100% rate of success. When it comes to burial insurance, your hepatitis won’t lock you out of a quality plan at an affordable rate.


How Final Expense Companies Underwrite Hepatitis

Underwriting is the process of evaluating your level of risk. Burial insurance companies do this in two main ways.

First, they will ask your a series of health questions. Your responses to their questions can trigger a variety of responses. Second, they will also electronically analyze your prescription history. Your medications will give them a clear picture about what health issues you may have.

It’s important to note that every burial insurance company has their own underwriting standards. They will all react to hepatitis (A,B, & C) in their own way.

Burial Insurance With Hepatitis

Hepatitis In The Health Questions

Every burial insurance company will ask about hepatitis in their own way. It’s important to understand the differences, so you can make the best selection for you. All questions about hepatitis will fall into one of the following two categories:

  1. They will ask if you have ever had it at any point in your life
  2. They will only ask if you have had or been treated for it within a certain number of years

Oh and don’t forget this

Some companies will not even use the word “Hepatitis”. Some burial insurance companies will merely ask about “liver diseases”.

Here are some common examples of how companies reverences hepatitis in their health questions

Have you ever had or been treated for any form of hepatitis?

Have you ever had or been treated for any liver disease or condition?

Within the last 24 months, have you had or been treated for hepatitis?

And then there is this

Some final expense companies will specifically only ask about hepatitis C. This means, they don’t care about hepatitis A or B.

If any company asks only about Hepatitis C, you can absolutely say no if you have A or B.


Hepatitis Medications

There are lots of hepatitis medications. Burial insurance companies are well aware of all of them. Below is a list of the most common hepatitis medications. If you are on any of these, you should expect to be viewed as a person with hepatitis.

  • Boceprevir
  • Daclatasvir
  • Harvoni
  • Incivek
  • Infergen
  • Interferon Alfacon
  • Intron-A
  • Olysio
  • Ombitasvir
  • Pegasys
  • Rebetron
  • Ribasphere
  • Ribavirin
  • Roferon
  • Simeprevir
  • sovaldi
  • Telaprevir
  • Victrelis
  • Zepatier

There may be other hepatitis drugs out there. Just know that if you are taking any medications for any form of hepatitis, they will know about it when you apply. There really is no hiding a hepatitis diagnosis.

Burial Insurance With Hepatitis

How Final Expense Companies React To Hepatitis

To begin with, it’s important to understand that the summary of your health issues will dictate what options you will have. With that, below are all the possible outcomes you could experience when applying for burial insurance with hepatitis.


• You’ve Had Hepatitis C Within The Last 24 Months

At best, you will be offered a plan where you simply pay a higher premium. Your policy would still pay a full death benefit starting on the very first day. Liberty Bankers Life offers this incredible value. We represent them and Burial Insurance With Hepatitiscan help you secure a policy. Not only are they the only carrier that offers full immediate protection, they would also be the least expensive.

If you don’t qualify with Liberty Bankers, you are looking at a policy where it costs extra and it pays some benefits during the first two years. Most companies will call it a “graded plan”. These kinds of plans usually pay 30-40% of your death benefit if you pass during the first year. During the second year, they pay 70-80% of your death benefit. There are many companies that offer hepatitis applicants a graded plan.


• You Had Hepatitis C Over 24 Months Ago

More than likely you underwent a Harvoni treatment. Being hepatitis C free is a reality for many people because of this drug. If you are in this situation, your options become considerably better now that it’s been over 2 years.

There are burial insurance companies that only ask about hepatitis C within the last 2 years. Since you would say no to this question, you become eligible for a level death benefit. To clarify, a level death benefit is one that protects you immediately. It also comes at the lowest rate offered by the insurer.Burial Insurance With Hepatitis

Essentially, your price would be equal to someone who is in pristine health. Royal Neighbors and Transamerica both only ask about hepatitis within the last 2 years.


• You’ve Had Hepatitis A Or B Within The Last 24 Months

It may be possible for you to qualify for a level death benefit. There are companies that specifically ask about only hepatitis C. This means they don’t care about hepatitis A or B. Mutual of Omaha is one such company that does this.Burial Insurance With Hepatitis

Transamerica only asks about hepatitis B & C, but not A. This means you could have hepatitis A and still be eligible for their level death benefit.


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance With Hepatitis

Ultimately, you need an experienced professional to help you with this. All your health issues combined will determine which company is truly best for you. In essence, you need to rely on a burial insurance professional just like you rely on a doctor to advise you medically.

To find the best burial insurance with hepatitis, you absolutely must work with an independent brokerage that represents multiple life insurance companies. They will compare prices from lots of providers to see which one is truly best for you based on your individual situation.

Here’s the best part

Working with an independent agency is free! That’s right. It won’t cost you a dime. Furthermore, your insurance won’t cost more simply because you bought it through an agency.

Burial Insurance With Hepatitis

Choice Mutual specializes in burial insurance, and we have extensive experience helping hepatitis patients. Allow us to do the heavy lifting for you, and we will surely find you the best policy at the best price.