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Getting burial insurance with systemic lupus is hard!

Wait that can’t be right…

Well, it’s not. We are elated to inform you that systemic lupus won’t force you to pay super high prices. Moreover, you are still more than eligible for an immediate benefit.

That’s great right? Here’s the kicker.

In order for this to be a reality, you MUST work with the right kind of company. We will get into that a bit later in this article. Don’t worry, we are going to break it all down for you just like we have for other SLE clients in the past.

You are going to learn how final expense companies react to systemic lupus, and what options you will have. Finally, we will show you precisely how you can find the best lupus burial plan.


The Low Down On Burial Insurance With Lupus

If you have spent anytime searching for funeral insurance with lupus, you have probably noticed that some companies don’t react favorably once they learn about your lupus. It’s quite common for insurance companies to ask about this condition.

The truth is some carriers will ask about and respond negatively to lupus. At the same time, there are a healthy amount of burial insurance companies that welcome systemic lupus erythematosus applicants with open arms. With them, you are still eligible for a level death benefit. They will offer you the same price as a person without lupus and your coverage will start in full on day one.

Burial Insurance With LupusIsn’t that wonderful?

If this comes news is contrary to what you have been told before, it’s only because you haven’t been talking to final expense experts. Choice Mutual specializes in this market, and we are equipped to provide this kind of unique value.

Want to know something else that’s sweet?

Since final expense life insurance plans are simplified issue, you will never have to take a physical or medical exam. You will only answer some health questions.

Due to the advancements in medical technology and treatment, its entirely possible to live a long healthy life even with this autoimmune disease. In regards to burial insurance, lupus won’t hold you back from securing the lowest cost coverage that protects you from day one.


Lupus Underwriting

First of all, the only question at hand is whether or not you have had or been treated for lupus. How mild or severe your case happens to be is irrelevant. When it comes to burial insurance, it’s a simple yes or no. The carriers don’t care about anything else other than if you do or do not have a condition.

Like all burial insurance plans, there are health questions and a prescription history check. Both of these combined will ultimately determine if the insurance carrier accepts you.


The Health questions

Since systemic lupus is a lifelong condition that cannot be cured, you will usually see no specific time frame mentioned when insurance companies ask about it. Some carriers will tie a period of time to the question that mentions this condition, but most will not. Below are the most common ways you will see insurance companies ask about lupus.

  • Have you ever had, been diagnosed with, or been treated for systemic lupus SLE?
  • In the last two years have you had, been diagnosed with, or been treated for systemic lupus SLE?



As mentioned, the insurance carrier will analyze your prescription history as part of their risk analysis. There are different medications used to treat this condition, and the carriers have them flagged.

For the companies that penalize applicants for this condition, here are the most common medications they are on the lookout for.

Burial Insurance With Lupus

If they see these prescriptions, they may view you as a lupus patient and respond accordingly. We say that they might view you as a lupus patient because some of these medications are used to treat conditions other than lupus.

On the other hand, if you apply with a burial insurance company that accepts lupus patients with no penalty, they will not care about these meds.

  • Azasan
  • Azathioprine
  • Benlysta
  • Cytoxan
  • Hydroxychloroquine
  • Imuran
  • Plaquenil
  • Rheumatrex



Okay lets get down to the good stuff. You probably want to know exactly how funeral insurance companies are going to treat you given your lupus.

Well, lets go through it all.

Like we said, there are indeed some companies that do not ask about systemic lupus. That means they have designed their product to absorb the risk of this disease. In the end, your path to the best plan is to find which companies don’t ask about lupus.

At the same time, you may have other health conditions that prevent you from qualifying with these companies. Given that, here are all the possible ways that different final expense companies could react to lupus.


They Flat Out Decline You

There are in fact some companies that want nothing to do with this condition. Thankfully this is rare.


They Offer You A Graded Plan

A graded plan most often means two things. First, the premium is a bit higher (15-30% more). Second, they limit the amount of benefits they are willing to pay out if you die within the first two years of the policy. Usually, they will pay 30-40% during the first year, and 70-80% during the second year. The precise numbers vary by company.


They Will Offer You A Return Of Premium Plan

In most cases, they will call this a “modified plan”. Regardless of the exact title they use to label the plan, these come with two penalties so to speak.

First, there is a two year waiting period. During this time, they will not pay out a death benefit if you pass away. Instead, they will refund all your premiums plus ten percent.

In addition, they will charge you more money. Usually, the premium will be anywhere from 15-75% higher depending on the company.


They Will Do Nothing Because They Don’t Care They Flat Out Decline You

As stated many times now, there are companies that could care less about lupus. With them, having lupus is the same as not having it. You will easily qualify for their lowest rates, and immediate protection.


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance With Lupus

It’s probably painfully clear that your objective is to find which final expense life insurance companies are accepting of lupus. Without question, those are the companies that will ultimately provide you with the best burial insurance plan.

So how do you find them you ask?

To find the best burial insurance with lupus, you absolutely must put your faith in an independent agency that has access to lots of different insurance companies. Furthermore, they need to ample experience specifically in the final expense market.

A company like this will do two main things for you. First, they will have the experience to be very familiar with the underwriting from all the various burial insurance companies. Second, they will compare quotes from all the funeral insurance companies that accept lupus with open arms.

When it’s all said and done, they will shop around and find you which plan is cheapest from whichever insurer it happens to be. That’s how you find the best final expense plan with lupus.

Burial Insurance With LupusWhere do you find an agency like that operates this way?

Great question. The good news you won’t even have to go searching. You may have picked up on this by now, but Choice Mutual is that kind of agency. Not only do we have tons of experience working in this space, but in particular working with lupus applicants. We will find you which insurance company out there will offer you the best deal. You can count on that.