Looking for instant quotes for burial insurance in Mississippi? Just fill out the quote tool on this page, and you will see real prices from many different insurance companies.

If you are looking for final expense coverage in Mississippi you are in luck.

Living in the hospitality state means you have plenty of options. There are tons of companies that offer great coverage in this state.

In this article, we’ll show you important facts about MS, teach you how to find the best policy and more.

Leading Causes Of Mortality In 2013

RankCause of DeathTotal Deaths
1Heart Disease7,715
3Lower Respiratory Disease (COPD & Emphysema)1,755
6Alzheimer's Disease925

As you can see by that list, heart disease is the leading cause of death in Mississippi. Cancer and COPD also cause most of the deaths.

Here’s the bottom line when you look at that list.

We can cover every single one of those conditions. Furthermore, most of those conditions are still eligible for full first day coverage with some insurance company. We’d just have to find which one it is for you 🙂


Mississippi Life Expectancy

Unfortunately, The Sip ranks dead last in life expectancy. The average resident lives to be 75 years old.

Remember this

You won’t pay more for you insurance because you live in Mississippi. The rates are the same for all states.

Regardless of your age, you should put your plan in place asap. Doing so will lock in a much lower rate and ensure you have the means to pay for your final expenses so you family does not have to.

Source: List of U.S. states by life expectancy


The Free Look PeriodBurial Insurance In Mississippi

Sadly, Mississippi residents are not entitled to a free look period. In most states, the free look period entitles a person the opportunity to review their insurance contract and decide if they want to keep it.

If they choose to return it, the insurer must cancel the contract and issue a full refund of any monies paid.

However, most insurers will gladly issue you a refund if you decide to cancel a new policy as long as you notify them within the first 30 days. In addition, you can cancel a life insurance policy at any time for any reason regardless of how long you have had it.

Sometimes it makes sense to replace a policy, so just know you have the option to do that anytime you please. You just won’t get a refund of the premiums you have paid.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing because you were insured and had you died the insurance company would have had to pay the claim.

To learn more about insurance law in MS, visit their website.


Burial Insurance Explained

It’s quite common for us to get asked what makes burial insurance unique or how it works.

The first thing we want to be very clear on is that burial insurance is still life insurance. It’s just a specific type of life insurance.

A burial policy is always whole life. Because they are whole life, the following is always true:

  1. The monthly payments cannot increase
  2. The death benefit cannot decrease
  3. The policy can’t expire at any age

Another thing to remember is that burial insurance is also commonly referred to as “final expense insurance” or “funeral insurance”. All three terms mean the same thing. It’s like the words attorney and lawyer. Sure they are different words, but they mean the exact same thing.

You should know that there are companies like AARP for example that will attempt to sell you fake burial insurance. What we mean by that is they sell a life insurance plan that expires at age 80.

They aren’t the only ones that do this. There are other insurance companies that will try to sell you temporary life insurance, and they will try to pass it off as burial insurance. Don’t be fooled by these marketing tricks. Final expense insurance is always whole life, so it can’t expire.

Burial Insurance In Mississippi

Incredibly Unique

There are two main features that make funeral insurance policies incredibly special.

First of all, the face amount options are super low. You can buy as little as $2,000 in coverage if you like. Most traditional life policies mandate that you buy no less than $25,000 or $50,000 in coverage.

The second and most notable feature is their incredibly super duper relaxed underwriting. These burial policies were designed to absorb the risk of very serious health issues.

For this reason, seniors will health conditions can still qualify for plan no matter what. Everyone is insurable. Most of the health issues insurable by final expense would get you declined with traditional life insurance plans.


Steps To Get The Best Policy

You have to know what you are looking for if you are to find it. With that in mind, here’s the ultimate goal when searching for the best burial insurance. Look for a policy that has the following:

  • It covers you as much as possible as soon as possible.
  • It costs the least.
  • The insurance company is financially stable.

Is there anything more that you could ask for?

As long as you find a policy that has the above attributes, you should jump on it as soon as possible.

Now let’s talk about how to find it.

Most people don’t realize that 98% of life insurance companies don’t sell their insurance directly to the consumer. They only offer their insurance through agents and agencies.

If you were to call them to get quotes or sign up for a policy, they will merely defer you to an agent.

So here’s how you find the best deal.

To find the best burial insurance in Mississippi you need to work with an independent agency that specializes in final expense insurance, and represents at least 10 different insurance companies.

Going this route will ensure they find you which burial insurance company has the best deal for you.

For example, we are an agency like this. We work with well over 15 different final expense companies. All we do is compare quotes from all the companies we represent to ensure you get the best deal.

That’s the power of working with an agency.

Burial Insurance In Mississippi

How Choice Mutual Can Help You Big Time

It’s no secret that you have plenty of options when buying burial insurance. There are many companies all over the nation that will sell you a policy.

Here’s the deal

Most companies are not setup to really ensure they do what’s best for you. There are many reasons why that is, and they all result in you paying the price.

But not with us

We know with absolute certainty that we are best equipped to assist you with your funeral insurance needs. Below are the three main reasons why we say that.

  1. We are beholden to no insurance company. We do represent over 15 companies, and we are not partial to any one of them. In the end, we will match you with whichever one is best for you.
  2. You are our only objective. It’s pretty simple with us. Our goal is to ensure that when we are done helping you that no other company will be able to come in behind us and offer you a better plan.
  3. Our experience is far reaching. Over many years and thousands of applications later, we know the underwriting like the back of our hand. This knowledge of how each company underwrites is key to identifying which burial insurance company will be best for you.