If you currently have diabetic neuropathy, please call us to receive accurate quotes. There are many companies that will offer you great rates, but some will not. You can use the quote form on this page to see real quotes from actual final expense insurers in your state, but some of them won’t accept neuropathy. However, the prices you see should not be too far off from what you will pay in the end with which ever company we find that best suits you.

When, for whatever reason, you blood sugar is out of control for a period of time, you may develop various diabetic complications. One of which is extremely common is called neuropathy. Essentially, this condition boils down to damaged nerves. It most often manifests itself in the form of tingling or pain in your hands, feet, or legs.

Technically, the nerve damage can extend to your internal organs like your stomach, bowels, bladder, heart, or other parts of your body, but this is rather uncommon. For most people, they only experience the numbing and pain in their feet and legs.

Regardless of where exactly you have sustained nerve damage, having diabetic neuropathy will greatly affect your ability to get burial insurance. In fact, if you deal with this condition now and have been shopping for a final expense policy, you are probably all too aware of how challenging it can be to find affordable coverage. At the same time, finding affordable burial insurance with diabetes is difficult for most people even when you don’t have complications. The thing is; most insurance carriers do not at all respond favorably to neuropathy. In fact, some of them will out right decline you. However, most insurers will accept you with strings attached.


When It Comes To Neuropathy, Here Is The Bottom Line

You can absolutely get quality affordable burial insurance even when you have neuropathy. In addition, there is a really good chance that you will pay just the same as someone who has no diabetes at all!

But wait, it gets even better.

Not only can you secure a low cost burial policy, but it’s also very possible for your coverage to come with immediate first day protection. That’s right. You can get a policy that has no waiting period whatsoever.

As is the case with all burial policies, physical or medical exams are never required.

You see the issue most diabetics face is they work with agents or agencies that lack two main things. Both of these elements are critical to being able to truly assist a diabetic let alone one who has neuropathy.

  1. Extensive experience helping people with diabetic complications
  2. Complete and unfettered access to many different insurers that are friendly to people with diabetic neuropathy

To be blunt, Choice Mutual is an agency like this. We have previously helped people all over this nation secure affordable burial insurance with neuropathy. In this article, we are going to go over how companies respond to this condition, what they look for, and how you can find the best policy given your neuropathy.


The various actions insurers will take in response to this diabetic complication

As you may or may not know, every insurance company responds to all health conditions differently. One company might be perfectly fine with you taking Gabapentin while another might charge you more because of it. In the end, there are some specific actions final expense life insurance companies will take due to your neuropathy.

1) They will decline you altogether

Truthfully, some insurance companies don’t want to deal with the risk of someone who has neuropathy. In doing so, they outright decline you because of it. Don’t worry about it though because there are many more fish in the sea.


2) They will impose a waiting period on your policy

This is extremely common. A waiting period is simply a set period of time where your policy will not pay out a death benefit if you pass away from a non accident. If you do die due to an accident, they will pay out the full death benefit.

Most insurance companies have various risk classifications for their final expense policies. With most companies, their most risky rating is one that comes with a waiting period. Usually, the waiting period is two years. In the case of neuropathy, most carriers that take issue with this condition will place you in their highest risk category that inevitably results in the waiting period. Typically, this category will be called a “Modified” plan.


3) They will charge you more money

This is fairly straightforward. Some companies will issue you a policy in spite of your neuropathy, but they will charge you more per month compared to someone who didn’t have this condition.


4) They will impose a waiting period and charge you more money

This is the most typical response insurance companies will take. Usually, you get charged a premium that is anywhere from 20-50% higher in conjunction with a two year waiting period. Quite honestly, most insurers don’t want to fool with handling the risk of neuropathy clients which is why they resort to charging you more and imposing the waiting period.


5) They look at you just like someone in perfect health

This may sound crazy, but it’s the truth. There are indeed some burial insurance plans that won’t charge you more or require you to endure any sort of waiting period. Essentially, the burial insurance companies that do this built their plans to absorb the risk of neuropathy clients.

This is a massive benefit to you. In effect, you are able to obtain coverage that costs the same as what it would cost a marathon runner.

That’s crazy right?

It’s the absolute truth too, and we have many companies that operate this way. Granted, there aren’t many of them out there that do this, but there are enough. Fortunately, we partner with them, so we can provide people like you with this amazing value.


As you can tell, final expense companies take a multitude of actions due to neuropathy. The key for you is to find which ones operate like #5. They are out there, and we can help you get their coverage. Below are three good companies that have no issue with neuropathy.

Burial Insurance With Neuropathy

medications they are going to watch for

If you want a plan that comes with a rock bottom price and immediate coverage, you are going to have apply for a plan that has some underwriting. Don’t worry, that does not mean you will have to take a physical or medical exam. Essentially, it just means you will answer some basic health questions.

In addition to health questions, the insurance company will analyze your prescription history. Their goal is to verify your health status. In the case of neuropathy, they will be on the lookout for certain medications.

If you are on any of these prescriptions, there is a really good chance you will be viewed as a neuropathy client. However, most of these medicines are also used to treat other conditions in addition to neuropathy.

For example, Gabapentin is sometimes used to treat seizures or restless leg syndrome. Although the presence of these drugs in your prescription history would like indicate a neuropathy diagnosis, it’s not definitive.

All things considered, if you are on these medications in addition to other diabetes medications like Metformin, Glyburide, or Glipizide, you almost certainly have neuropathy (or at least the insurance companies will view you as such).Burial Insurance With Neuropathy

  • Carbamazepine
  • Carbatrol
  • Depacon
  • Depakene
  • Epitol
  • Gabapentin
  • Lamictal
  • Lamotrigine
  • Lyrica
  • Neurotin
  • Tegretol
  • Valproic Acid


Again, these prescriptions will only suggest that you have neuropathy. If you believe you don’t, but are on these medications, we can help you figure it out. However, if you have diabetes and are on these meds, you really should expect to be viewed as a neuropathy patient.

Remember, having neuropathy shouldn’t worry you at all because there are still affordable burial insurance options comparable to what someone without diabetes would pay.


Securing The Best Burial Insurance With Neuropathy

This really is the meat and potatoes. Everyone, you included, wants to know what they must do to find the best burial policy given this condition. Well, its much more simple than you might think. Our advice is the same as it would be for a simple diabetic trying to find final expense insurance.

To get the best burial insurance with neuropathy you absolutely must work with an agency that has the following two key ingredients:

First, they partner with multiple insurers that accept a wide variety of diabetic complications including neuropathy. Second and equally important, they have a long and rich history of serving all kinds of diabetic issues. This is true for both controlled diabetics and for people who have developed some serious complications.

Together these two attributes boil down to one thing. Low prices and immediate coverage. In essence, a company like this (wink, wink, Choice Mutual) will identify all the various insurance companies that freely accept neuropathy. Then it’s just a matter of sorting them by price to see which one is cheapest.

Allowing us to help you with this will save you a ton of time and money. We work with all the right companies and have vast experience serving people with neuroapthy. Let us go to work for you. We will ensure you spend the least amount possible, so you can attain the peace of mind you are seeking.