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It’s common knowledge that people who smoke are charged more for any kind of life insurance. The harsh reality is that folks who smoke tend to not live as long as non smokers.

Here’s the bottom line

Smokers shopping for burial insurance know they will be charged a higher premium. The million dollar question is- Which burial insurance companies are the cheapest for smokers?

It’s a question we get quite often, and today we are going to thoroughly answer it.

In this article, we are going to explain how funeral insurance carriers determine if you are subject to tobacco rates, which companies offer the best tobacco rates for smokers. Lastly, we will also show you how anyone can find the best burial insurance plan.


Non Cigarette Tobacco Or Nicotine Changes Things Big Time

As we all know, there are multiple forms of tobacco and nicotine. This article is specifically about folks who smoke cigarettes. If you use any of the following products and you DON’T smoke cigarettes, the content in this article does not apply to you.

Burial Insurance For Smokers

  • Pipe usage
  • Chewing tobacco
  • E-Cigarettes/Smokeless Cigarettes/Vaping
  • Cigars
  • Nicotine patches
  • Nicotine gum


How Insurance Companies Determine If You Are A Tobacco User

There are very few areas where burial insurance companies all adopt the same underwriting practice. One of those few procedures is how they classify a tobacco user versus a non tobacco user.

Every final expense life insurance company will, at minimum, use the following guideline to determine if you are subject to tobacco rates.

The smoking of cigarettes, in any volume, within the last 12 months.

Basically, if you have smoked even 1 cigarette within the last year, they will subject you to tobacco user rates. Please note, they do not care about volume. They won’t ask how many cigarettes you smoke per day.

It’s black and white when it comes to burial insurance. You have either smoked a cigarette or more within the last 12 months, or you haven’t. There is nothing more to it than that.

Burial Insurance For Smokers

Again, other types of tobacco and nicotine are different. We are only speaking about the smoking of cigarettes in this article.


Get lower rates when you quit smoking

If you ever decide to quit smoking, you could potentially secure a much lower rate. Essentially, once you hit the 12 month mark of being smoke free, we would apply for a new plan with a new company at non tobacco rates.

Burial Insurance For Smokers

If you have no health conditions that get in the way of being approved, your new rate will be much lower even though you will be a bit older.

Try this

Use the quote tool on this page. Check out the difference between smoker and non smoker rates. The difference is huge! See for yourself the kind of rate reduction you would enjoy if you ever do stop smoking.


The Best Funeral Insurance Companies For Smokers

For non smokers, there is actually very little disparity in level death benefit pricing among all the various burial insurance companies (except for some fringe companies like Lincoln Heritage, Senior Life, or Colonial Penn).

Just to be clear, a level death benefit is the lowest rate an insurer will offer. Most carriers will have a low price (level), a medium, and a high. Your health ultimately determines which price you will be offered with any given carrier.

This is interesting

If you were to compare level death benefit rates from 20 or so burial insurance companies, you will notice they are all typically within a few dollars of one another. This is not the case when it comes to smoker rates.

The truth is, smoker rates vary quite a bit. Make no mistake, every single final expense life insurance company will charge a smoker more. With that, some companies charge smokers less of a surcharge than others. Here are 4 carriers that offer folks really good smoker rates.


American Amicable Life Insurance Company

Burial Insurance For Smokers

American Amicable is has been in business since 1910. They have excellent financials, and maintain an A rating with A.M. Best. Without question, they are one carrier that offers really good tobacco user rates. Here are some sample tobacco rates with them.

American Amicable smoker rates for $10,000 in coverage


AssurityBurial Insurance For Smokers

Unquestionably, this company has probably the best smoker rates on the market. For over 100 years, Assurity has been offering folks quality life insurance products at competitive rates. Below are some of their smoker rates.

Assurity smoker rates for $10,000 in coverage



Mutual of OmahaBurial Insurance For Smokers

Mutual of Omaha is easily one of the most well known and respected insurance companies in the world. Their name alone speaks enough about their creditability.

Truthfully their rates for their burial insurance are fantastic for both smokers and non smokers. You can see some of their smoker rates below.

Mutual of Omaha smoker rates for $10,000 in coverage



Gerber LifeBurial Insurance For Smokers

First of all, Gerber Life only offers what’s called guaranteed issue burial insurance. That simply means there are no health questions or medical checks. Although that may sound impressive, it comes at a cost.

Basically, a guaranteed acceptance plan (with any insurance company) will always cost more, and it won’t pay out benefits during the first two years. Whereas, with Assurity, Mutual of Omaha, or American Amicable, they all have plans that cover you in full right away.

The reason we have Gerber in the mix for good smoker rates is because smokers tend of have health issues. Some of which are pretty serious like COPD. It’s not at all uncommon for smokers to have health issues that force them to endure a waiting period of some kind.

In those circumstances, Gerber Life’s no health question policy offers unparalleled pricing for smokers. Below you can see some of their pricing. Prices with them are actually the same for smokers and non smokers.

Gerber Life Rates for $10,000 in coverage



How To Find The Best Burial Insurance For Smokers

First and foremost, your health plays a massive role in what you will pay for your burial insurance. Without knowing anything about your health, there is no way we could ever recommend which insurance company would give you the best deal.

If you want to find the best plan out there, you need to rely on the services of a company that is properly equipped and experienced to do so. It’s kind of like working with a CPA. You rely on their professional knowledge to do your taxes properly. It’s the same with final expense insurance.

To find the best burial insurance for smokers, you need to consult with a seasoned independent broker that represents lots of insurance companies. An independent broker will get quotes from multiple life insurance companies to see which one offers you the cheapest and best deal.

As long as you work with a company like that, you stand a very good chance of getting a very well priced burial plan.

Burial Insurance For Smokers

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In addition to our experience, we work with over 10 different funeral insurance companies. We are not married to any one of them. In the end, we can freely select which one is truly going to serve you the best.

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