Find Affordable Burial Insurance In Montgomery Alabama

Written by Choice Mutual | Last updated: September 29, 2016

Burial Insurance In Montgomery Alabama

Please take a quick minute and fill out the quote form on this page to see real prices from many different burial insurance companies that offer plans in Montgomery. There are lots of great companies that provide coverage in Alabama. See which ones are the cheapest!

Being the capital of Alabama, Montgomery stands as one of the most prominent cities within the state. This city is home to the first U.S. flight school, the first open heart surgery, and was arguably the epicenter of the civil rights movement. More than just history however, the city offers many current residents and visitors much to see and do. There are sporting events, historic sites to visit, diverse cuisines to experience, and tons of other family fun activities to partake in. Montgomery, aka Capital of the South, aka Cradle of the Confederacy, aka The Gump goes by so many names because the city has so much to offer both past and present.

Montgomery residents may have much to do in regards to leisure activities, but their options for finding affordable burial insurance can be limited. Quite frankly, this is because there are not many quality agencies that serve this wonderful city. Fortunately, we have a long and rich history of servingĀ  low cost burial insurance in Montgomery Alabama, and we can help you to. Regardless of your past experiences with finding a final expense policy, just know you can get yourself a low cost burial insurance plan. In fact, in this article we are going to show exactly what you must do to find the best policy, and why you should lean on Choice Mutual to help you with it.


Current Funeral Costs From Providers In Montgomery

Service TypeAverage PriceLowest Price
Traditional Burial$6,797$5,275
Cremation Memorial$3,409$2,245
Direct Cremation$1,970$1,970


How To Find The Best Burial Insurance In Montgomery Alabama

So you want to know how you find the best policy. Getting the best burial insurance isn’t art. It’s quite the opposite. It would be more in line with science. You see there is a pretty basic formula that if followed, will surely lead you finding the most affordable plan possible for your individual situation.

To get the best policy, you must rely on the services of an independent agency that has vast experience exclusively in the burial insurance space. In addition, they must represent multiple final expense insurance companies. Ultimately, an agency that is qualified in this manner will be able to shop around for you and determine which insurance company is your best option.

Want to know the best part?

Consulting with an agency, like Choice Mutual, does not cost you a dime. Furthermore, the insurance wont’ cost you extra. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose when you rely on a company like us to shop around for you and help you choose which insurer will truly be your best option.

One other huge benefit to working with a company like us is you gain access to our understanding of how all these carriers underwrite these burial insurance plans in Alabama. Because we know how they all operate, we know which ones will freely accept your health conditions.

This results in two big benefits to you. First, you pay a lot less. And Second, you get yourself a plan that protects from day one instead of having to wait two years. Getting burial insurance in Alabama isn’t hard when you work with an agency like us.


Cool features of a Burial Insurance plan

Easily, the greatest benefit a burial insurance plan provides is the instant peace of mind. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that your plan will ensure your funeral costs are not left to your family. In addition to that, there are some other unique benefits to final expense insurance that you should be aware of.

  • The underwriting is laughably relaxed. Everyone can be approved no matter what health conditions you have.
  • You can buy a super low amount of coverage if you want. You are not forced to buy more than you need or want.
  • Your payments are fixed forever. You will not see an increase one day.
  • The policy will last your whole life no matter how long you live to be. It’s never going to expire.

Essentially, your burial insurance plan will protect you right away and never change or go away on you. It’s the ultimate in permanent peace of mind.


The Choice Mutual Difference

By now you may be wondering why you should work with us. First of all, we don’t feel that we are entitled to your business simply because you are on our website. Just the opposite, we prefer to earn business. There are three Burial Insurance In Montgomery Alabamamain reasons why you should let Choice Mutual earn your burial insurance business. Read them and decide for yourself.

  1. We have access to lots of different insurance companies, and we can place you with any of them. We independent which means we are bound to no one. Ultimately, we shop prices for you to see which burial insurance plan is cheapest for you. It’s that simple.
  2. Our knowledge of underwriting is second to none. Whatever health conditions you deal with, we will know which companies are best for you.
  3. Our pledge each and every day is to you. We are not bound to any insurer, nor will we ever be. We are bound to doing whatever serves you and your family the best.

This trifecta of value is why we have helped thousands of families already. Hopefully you feel the same. However, if for some reason you don’t want to work with us. Please make sure you find an agency that has similar qualifications.


Put your body in motion right away

This is the single greatest tip we can give you: If you want burial insurance, do it as soon as possible.

First and foremost, if you have no protection now, what happens if you pass away? Your family will have come out of their own pocket to cover your end of life costs. Second to that, as you age your insurance will only cost more. Speaking of increased cost, did you know that your health plays a major role in the cost of the insurance?

If your health takes a nosedive, you will pay more and potentially suffer through a waiting period.

Here’s the deal.

We have seen countless people think they can wait and all will be well and right. Unfortunately, God has his own plan, and we never know what He has in store for us. Sometimes, our health goes bad and sometimes He calls us home sooner than we might think. In either scenario, you don’t want to be without your burial insurance plan when those things happen.



Choice Mutual works with all the top burial insurance companies throughout the nation to secure you the best price possible.

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